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Fattouch on Wikipedia: “Animal Sauvage et Gros Cochon de Zahle”

After his disgusting crime and even more filthy press conference, it’s sort of like beating a dead horse now. But, the Wikipedia page of the Lebanese Cabinet has been edited to read “Nicola Fattoush Animal Sauvage et Gros Cochon de Zahle, and his religious sect as “Animalism and Frustrated Hayawein”. I think it’s insulting to animals to call […]


CN: Beirut 14th Top City in the World Ahead of San Francisco, Sydney and Chicago

Exactly one year ago, I wrote about Beirut being named the 20th best city, ahead of cities like Paris, Barcelona and Venice. That post got shared a whopping 12 thousand times on Facebook, despite it’s somewhat wonky criteria. After all, no matter how much I love Beirut, it’s hard to justify how it can beat cities […]


26 Ways Living in Lebanon Can Kill You – Construction Sites

Third in a series by Noura Andrea Nassar titled “26 Ways Living in Lebanon Can Kill You” Usually, noise, pollution, dust, basic safety, etc. are integral when it comes to a construction site in a densely populated area. All those things are rarely ever enforced in Lebanese construction sites. But, that’s not really the only […]


What To Do This Weekend

We all need a breather from all the crap happening around us. So, here’s my suggestion for this weekend’s coolest parties and places to be: THURSDAY  Uncensored Play on Censorship in Lebanon – AUB West Hall After a months long struggle, we finally were able to approve our play at the General Security’s censorship bureau. We’re […]


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British Ambassador Tom Fletcher was a Domestic Worker Today

There is no love lost when it comes to me and politicians and diplomats in Lebanon. All of our warlord-feudal-chieftain-turned-corrupt-oligarchs aren’t worth much when it comes to self-respect, respect to Lebanon and above all, respect to other human beings. Their motorcades drive you off the street when they’re not closing it, their thugs intimidate you, […]


To Our Countries

It’s hard not to shed a tear or two in those deeply moving 8 minutes and 44 seconds. If not for Rihan’s gut-wrenching words, then for Faia’s heart-piercing voice and the medley of song verses and anthems from the Levantine’s absolute best. I adore my country. I love Syria and Iraq, and some of my fondest […]


Alleged Photo Two Innocent Lebanese Were Sued For

The above photo was apparently enough to unleash the wrath of the Lebanese Forces MPs against two Lebanese citizens, who carried it in a protest condemning the plans to extend for parliament, yet again, thereby violating the constitution and robbing Lebanese taxpayers of their right to vote for their elected members of parliament for the […]

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GCR: Lebanon Among Best in Education, Absolute Last in Trust in Politicians + More Numbers

So, the World Economic Forum published its Global Competitiveness Report, and Lebanon got some interesting number I’ll highlight here: Stuff We Sucked At In public trust in politicians, we ranked ABSOLUTE LAST. We ranked 148 out of a total of 148 countries… We’re next-to-last at 147/148 for “favoritism in decisions of public officials” For cost […]


The Invalid Excuse: Child Pornography Threat

In Lebanon, we have a history of corrupt politicians and authorities who commit heinous crimes and put up some noble cause as their excuse. Remember when the MPs decided to cross off the word “woman” from the women’s right’s law that would protect from rape and abuse? Do you remember what the FPM MPs cited […]