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Ellie Goulding Tomorrow!

I don’t endorse single events much anymore. With so much going on, it’s hard to zero in on the stuff you shouldn’t miss. I’ve been a fan of MixFM since I was a young teenager, long before I became friends with the entire MixFM team. I’ve clocked in so many hours at their events, that […]

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Disturbing Christian Cult Leader Sends Innocent Women to Mental Asylum

This is disgusting on so many levels, it hurts. 1- Delusional Cult Leader Ok, religion all in all is a group of delusions, but this guy has got a particularly terrible case of them. He thinks the “Virgin Mary” is “inside him”, and has somehow managed to brainwash the faithful in his town, including the […]

DSC Lebanon’s New Campaign: SIGN UP AND SAVE LIVES!

I’ve been in DSC since the very early days, and even though I admit I haven’t been as much help as I’d like to be, DSC’s always had a special place in my heart. Since its humble beginnings with one man’s wish to make people dying because lack of available donor blood a thing of […]


Is There Life After Kids? By MamaRowana

This post was written by one of the coolest moms I know, and her column will feature on Mondays on Gino’s Blog! Being a mom of 2 and in Beirut, the topic of discussion is always kids kids kids. When are you getting them? Why not? How many? Bla blah… Growing up in the Middle […]


Evolution Graffiti in Verdun Vandalized

After memos banning public eating and a string of religiously fueled suicide bombings, coupled with scathing criticism and absurd allegations towards Lebanese nightlife and beach parties, the putrid hand of religious intolerance strikes again, and this time on an iconic piece of graff in Verdun. It’s actually kind of funny, given that the person who did […]



A Friendly Post to Muslims About Ramadan

I’m a very outspoken, irreverent atheist. This makes a lot of people dislike me, and I don’t have a problem with that. I am wholeheartedly convinced religion is not only wrong, but very detrimental to our lives and humanity’s progress. However, please put this aside for this post, and I promise I’ll be as respectful […]

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Nouwweb by SMEX and Lamba Labs: For a More #OpenLeb

Access to information is extremely hard and tricky in Lebanon. We don’t even know which MP voted for what, much less how to get in touch with them. The guys and gals at SMEX and Lamba Labs have started an online tool that will hopefully snowball into the kind of information we demand becomes available, and […]

Syrian presidential elections in Lebanon

Actions by Pro-Assad Syrians in Lebanon Today Were Unacceptable

Today was a dangerous, disgraceful, distasteful, rude, disruptive and ungrateful display by the tens of thousands of alleged “refugees” on one of Lebanon’s main thoroughfares and areas. 1- Ungrateful and Hypocritical Lebanon has been the absolute most generous host of Syrian refugees around the world. Almost 2 million Syrian citizens flood Lebanese territories. Despite minor […]


Comments on the Rai Visit to Jerusalem

The recent uproar about the Maronite Patriarch’s visit to the Palestinian territories is yet another installment of the painfully hypocritical ideological stances political and religious figures in Lebanon take.  Before we begin, let me be clear this is no way an endorsement of the Maronite church and its patriarchy, just common sense. The critics of […]


Cowardly Parliament Paralyzes Capital Every Week for Theatrics

If you see this photo, and the roads closed on a 2-kilometer radius, you’d think that Lebanon was at war and suffering from an invasion, necessitating the barricading of parliament in such a desperate manner. This is something no one addresses, but it’s something thousands of us suffer from every single week. It might seem […]