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7 English Names of Food You Just Know in Lebanese

Sometimes, when you’re trying to remember the name of something we eat in Lebanon in English, it’s kinda hard. Ashta, Janerek, Borghol are the worst for me, and I could never guess. I saw a post on the /r/Lebanon asking what the name of janerek is, and when I read the answer by @practo, I […]


What To Do This Weekend

Thursday Beirut Jam Sessions: We Are Match – WonderGaap – PhilVader Beirut Jam Sessions always host intimate nights that cater for folks with a musical palate that’s a bit more demanding than the usual lineups. Tonight, at The Grand Factory, they’re getting We Are Match all the way from France, WonderGaap, an up and coming […]


Stop Drinking and Driving: Call A Cab

Excuses are awesome. In Lebanon, we have a handful of excuses that work for almost everything. If you look at the political realm, the two main camps in Lebanon both have extremely convenient excuses for their failure to do anything meaningful, and their prowess at being corrupt criminals. March 14 always use the excuse “Hezbollah […]


So, Haifa Just Dropped This English Music Video

When my sister sent me the link via YouTube to a VEVO channel for Haifa Wehbe, I was like, wuuuuuuuut?! The full video on here VEVO channel seems to have disappeared though while I was writing this post. Luckily, I did find the full one again posted by someone else (embedded above). To be very […]


Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Beirut on April 26

Women’s rights in Lebanon are abysmal. It’s bad across the board: whether it’s protection from domestic violence, harassment, the right to pass the Lebanese citizenship to spouses and kids and representation in government. But most importantly, a toxic macho-patriarchal mentality that has somehow survived in Lebanon into the 21st Century, despite the country dubbing itself the […]



قانون سير أفضل لضمان سلامة المواطن اللبناني

بعد القرار في بدء العمل بقانون السير الجديد في لبنان، قررت وضع قانون سير لبناني من نوع أخر نحن بحاجة إليه، هو لضبط مخالفات المسؤولين وقوى الأمن في وطننا الحبيب دركي على الخليوي بدل تنظيم السير: ١٬٠٠٠٬٠٠٠ دركي عكس السير: ١٠٬٠٠٠٬٠٠٠ دركي صافف على الرصيف أو نصف الطريق: ١٠٬٠٠٠٬٠٠٠ موكب أمني يسبب زحمة سير للمواطنين: […]

“Ask An Israeli” Video Shows Interesting Opinions on Lebanon

I came across the video below on Reddit, and watched the entire 15 minutes and jotted down some notes which I found interesting. Now, before we continue, I ask of you to put aside the political, historical, ideological indoctrination and focus for a second on what it actually is: unedited videos of normal Israelis. The […]


Oh BTW, Zahleh Now Has 24H Electricity

What happened in Zahleh is both extremely encouraging, and awfully scary. Encouraging because it’s been almost 50 fucking years since the war started, and we still don’t fucking have fucking electricity in 2000 fucking 15. Scary because the politically-backed “moteurs” gangs are shooting transformers to stop EDZ from supplying 24 hours of electricity a day. And the […]


Why the LBC Fadl Shaker Interview Was Actually Good

I’ve followed the hurricane of criticism hurled at Edmond Sassine and LBC for the interview with notorious pop-star-hearthrob-turned-filthy-islamist-terrorist Fadl Shakr, or Abou Whatever according to his terrorist pet name. It was amusing, to say the least. I loved the March 8 team of conspiracy theorists, especially Al Akhbar who turned into an international, best-selling thriller. […]


25% of Lebanese Left, 35% Leaving Soon

The Lebanese Emigrant Statue in Beirut [image source] A Real Crisis There are 5 million people around the world that have the Lebanese passport. 25% have already left and reside in other countries now. Whereas another 35% are either waiting for their papers, or are expecting to emigrate from Lebanon soon. That’s not taking into […]