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Tripoli’s Massive Peace Stairs Renovation Project

In our fast-paced life that’s usually stuck in traffic, we often forget how vital stairs are in our urban areas. Lebanon’s cities’ topography is rarely flat, and before automobiles congested our neighborhoods, stairs were a vital connector between different areas in a city. Tripoli is no different, but the stairs there do have a different […]

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The Lebanese Army’s First Tweet

Allow me to be the first to welcome our Lebanese Armed Forces to Twitter. The video below was the first tweet, in a remarkable move by the often traditional institution, one of the only institutions most Lebanese trust and have faith in. Their handle is @LebArmyOfficial, and I am excited they finally decided to join […]


A Few Thoughts on the Torture of Islamist Terror Suspects in Roumieh

These inmates are the vilest of vile creatures in my honest personal opinion, or at least most of them, since I’m sure the horrible performance by our broken and corrupt judiciary and police force, have locked up innocent people with the terrorists that have wrought so much havoc in Lebanon. But, I am extremely against […]


The Weekly Leaks: Seven Sisters Opening End of July at Beirut Waterfront

It’s been a while since I’ve leaked something. Perhaps it’s because very few new venues and events have been in the pipeline. But, when I saw the teaser campaign for something called “Seven Sisters” on Instagram, I just had to know more. Seven Sisters is going to be Beirut’s newest nightlife venue. It’s located on […]


Love and War on the Rooftop’s Resounding Premiere

The idea was simple really: write and produce a play. The catch was that the actors and writers were young men and women from Tripoli’s notorious Beb El Tebbene and Jabal Mohsen districts. The minute the guns were finally silenced, we (as in MARCH) partnered up with locals and held auditions in Northern Lebanon’s capital. […]



Thoughts on the Issam Maalouf Issue

I’ve been silently watching all of this unfold over the past few days, and all I could think of is how emotional everyone is being, and how everyone involved completely divorced themselves from rational thought and got married to their elitist leanings. Scandal TV shows in Lebanon are very much like Televangelists: corrupt, manipulative experts […]


A Must-Read About Aarsal

I know most of you had never heard of Aarsal before 2011 or 2012 maybe, but that’s really part of the problem. Aarsal and its hinterlands are a very sizeable portion of our 10452 square kilometers. A portion that extends along an important corridor between Lebanon’s Bekaa and Syria. There is so much misinformation and […]


A Few Thoughts on the SKYBAR Incident

Woke up to the unfortunate news that a good part of SKYBAR has burned down overnight. I found out from the sarcastic statuses and conspiracy theory blog posts, not the news. For one thing, I’m sad we’re gonna miss this Sunday, after a turbulent few years with the guys at SKYBAR, I was happy to […]

This his picture taken in June 2003 shows former Lebanese Information Minister Michel Samaha, an ardent supporter of Syrian President Bashar Assad and for whom has long acted as his unofficial media adviser. Samaha was arrested in a dramatic, high profile police operation on August 9, 2012 and subsequently indicted for plotting terror attacks in Lebanon at Syria's behest. The civil war in Syria is affecting its fragile, tiny neighbor Lebanon in countless ways and has already spilled over into sectarian street clashes, kidnappings and general government paralysis. (AP Photo)

Thoughts on the Michel Samaha Scandal

The humiliating verdict and the reactions to it over the past few days have been extremely enlightening when it comes to the fundamental problems in Lebanon: we’ve forgotten what a democracy means, the irrational political ideologues that will gladly dismiss hard evidence to back their political camp, a severely corrupt and decaying judiciary and most […]