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FLOAT on Monday!

So, Float has been one of the highlights of the past 3 summers in Beirut. First year we were like 50, then the second year like 150 and last year more than 400 folks showed up. It all started with the guys at Beirut in the Mix, and at first it was just friends and […]


Weighing in on the Blue Gold Project and Lebanon’s Imminent Water Shortage

What Water? Privatizing our water? I’m sure it’d make a lot of people gasp in shock. But, wait a minute, I’ve never, in my entire life in Lebanon, gotten a single drop of water from the state run water company. Not. A. Single. Drop. Every house I’ve lived in, we either had an artesian aquifer (beer […]


Jon Stewart Brilliantly Sums Up The Israel-Gaza Discussion

I love Jon. I adore Jon. Him and Stephen Colbert are arguably my ultimate idols. The comedic gold he crunches out 4 times a week always blows my mind away. The nice thing about The Daily Show, is that it’s not mindless toilet humor (for the most part =P), but it’s also extremely insightful, super-well-researched […]


Forest Frequencies 2014!

Imagine this: a venue located in a gorgeous green area surrounded by mountains on three sides, and a view to the Mediterranean on the fourth. Two large stages with dancefloors. A chillout area. A market. Dozens of tents. Away from the bustling city and coastal heat. All that, for four days brought to life by over […]


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Disturbing Christian Cult Leader Sends Innocent Women to Mental Asylum

This is disgusting on so many levels, it hurts. 1- Delusional Cult Leader Ok, religion all in all is a group of delusions, but this guy has got a particularly terrible case of them. He thinks the “Virgin Mary” is “inside him”, and has somehow managed to brainwash the faithful in his town, including the […]


A Friendly Post to Muslims About Ramadan

I’m a very outspoken, irreverent atheist. This makes a lot of people dislike me, and I don’t have a problem with that. I am wholeheartedly convinced religion is not only wrong, but very detrimental to our lives and humanity’s progress. However, please put this aside for this post, and I promise I’ll be as respectful […]

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Nouwweb by SMEX and Lamba Labs: For a More #OpenLeb

Access to information is extremely hard and tricky in Lebanon. We don’t even know which MP voted for what, much less how to get in touch with them. The guys and gals at SMEX and Lamba Labs have started an online tool that will hopefully snowball into the kind of information we demand becomes available, and […]

Syrian presidential elections in Lebanon

Actions by Pro-Assad Syrians in Lebanon Today Were Unacceptable

Today was a dangerous, disgraceful, distasteful, rude, disruptive and ungrateful display by the tens of thousands of alleged “refugees” on one of Lebanon’s main thoroughfares and areas. 1- Ungrateful and Hypocritical Lebanon has been the absolute most generous host of Syrian refugees around the world. Almost 2 million Syrian citizens flood Lebanese territories. Despite minor […]


Comments on the Rai Visit to Jerusalem

The recent uproar about the Maronite Patriarch’s visit to the Palestinian territories is yet another installment of the painfully hypocritical ideological stances political and religious figures in Lebanon take.  Before we begin, let me be clear this is no way an endorsement of the Maronite church and its patriarchy, just common sense. The critics of […]