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It’s Actually Rifi’s Fault Fattouche Wasn’t Arrested…

via Sakker El Dekkene Ok, after the horrendous Nicolas Fattouche scandal, a lot of talk has been going on about what should have happened legally, especially with Daou’s “reconciliation” with the disgraced MP. I don’t like speculation, so, I consulted one of my dear lawyer friends on the matter (being sued so much helps you […]


New Solar-Powered Lights on the Dora-Karantina Highway

Road and traffic conditions in Lebanon are appalling. When there isn’t choking traffic, there’s no lighting (ma fi kahraba!), massive potholes, deep lakes and crazy drivers letting out the traffic’s frustration by zig-zagging and speeding to their dooms and the dooms of others. One THOUSAND people die every single year in road accidents in Lebanon. That’s […]


26 Ways Living in Lebanon Can Kill You: A – Arguileh

First in a series by Noura Andrea Nassar titled “26 Ways Living in Lebanon Can Kill You” Noura is a good friend, and I am a huge fan of her work. Her witty doodles always pack a good punch. You can find some she’s done for the blog here. Over the past few weeks though, […]


Manale Daou: Hero That “MP” Nicolas Fattouch Punched Today

READ THE FOLLOW UP HERE I would insult and call the “man” above names, but, I’m sure he’ll want to file a lawsuit and I don’t want him to beat up any more folks at the Justice Palace. So, I’ll refrain from using any insults, but will allow you to make up your own. Key words: […]


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British Ambassador Tom Fletcher was a Domestic Worker Today

There is no love lost when it comes to me and politicians and diplomats in Lebanon. All of our warlord-feudal-chieftain-turned-corrupt-oligarchs aren’t worth much when it comes to self-respect, respect to Lebanon and above all, respect to other human beings. Their motorcades drive you off the street when they’re not closing it, their thugs intimidate you, […]


To Our Countries

It’s hard not to shed a tear or two in those deeply moving 8 minutes and 44 seconds. If not for Rihan’s gut-wrenching words, then for Faia’s heart-piercing voice and the medley of song verses and anthems from the Levantine’s absolute best. I adore my country. I love Syria and Iraq, and some of my fondest […]


Alleged Photo Two Innocent Lebanese Were Sued For

The above photo was apparently enough to unleash the wrath of the Lebanese Forces MPs against two Lebanese citizens, who carried it in a protest condemning the plans to extend for parliament, yet again, thereby violating the constitution and robbing Lebanese taxpayers of their right to vote for their elected members of parliament for the […]

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GCR: Lebanon Among Best in Education, Absolute Last in Trust in Politicians + More Numbers

So, the World Economic Forum published its Global Competitiveness Report, and Lebanon got some interesting number I’ll highlight here: Stuff We Sucked At In public trust in politicians, we ranked ABSOLUTE LAST. We ranked 148 out of a total of 148 countries… We’re next-to-last at 147/148 for “favoritism in decisions of public officials” For cost […]


The Invalid Excuse: Child Pornography Threat

In Lebanon, we have a history of corrupt politicians and authorities who commit heinous crimes and put up some noble cause as their excuse. Remember when the MPs decided to cross off the word “woman” from the women’s right’s law that would protect from rape and abuse? Do you remember what the FPM MPs cited […]