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The Perfect Campaign Ad for Lebanon’s “Presidential” Elections

The above illustration depicts the two main runner-ups in Lebanon’s alleged upcoming presidential elections… No further comment to avoid slander and libel, but I’m sure you all got it =P It was done by Noura Andrea Nassar, who did the hilarious “If Lebanese Restaurants’ Names Were Honest“


Safineh: Years of Footage from a Beirut Rooftop

Safineh from Gab Ferneiné on Vimeo. It took almost 6 years of footage from one particular rooftop in Ashrafieh, to create this gorgeous, nostalgic and very trippy project by Gab Ferneine. I enjoyed the scenes, their edits and the accompanying soundtrack. It’s a nice reminder of how beautiful Beirut can be, and a silent protest […]


Ex-Tourism Minister: Legalize Marijuana and Prostitution

Finally. That’s the only think I could think of when I was reading this Daily Star article. I have been an advocate of legalization of both these activities in Lebanon for quite some time. Marijuana especially. I am very open about my pro-marijuana stance, and I’ve written about it and lobbied for it offline extensively. […]


Heartwarming “Grandparents Frame” by Johnson’s Baby

It’s rare for a brand to really hit close to heart. The marketing world is one I’ve been in and out of over the past few years, and apart from witnessing countless large-scale campaigns, I helped make a handful of them over the past 3 years. So, it’s natural I’m usually unimpressed or unfazed by […]

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FASHAL – URGENT for Christians Only!

In Lebanon, what’s seen as “land-grabbing” by people from a different sect is a real fear for communities that feel they are on the fault lines between the different regions of Lebanon that often have a majority from a certain sect. This is a real estate ad, with the title that roughly translates to: “URGENT […]



8 Life-Changing Bills the Lebanese Parliament Buried in Drawers

1- Retirement Benefits Bill We’re all going to get old. A civilization is only as good as its treatment to its elders. Of course, this doesn’t mean we let our lives get governed by old men in black robes, but it means we make sure our senior citizens have everything they need once they retire, […]


Lebanese “President” Equates Atheists to Terrorists

The million dollar quote is: “Peace will defeat war. Faith will defeat fundamentalism and atheism.” [0:30-0:34] Wow… Just wow… The so-called President of the most “open and free” country in the Arab World just equated filthy religious extremist terrorists who kill our soldiers, to me, and people like me: those who don’t believe in his […]


Pessimism On This Once Beautiful Memory

Today is the anniversary of that beautiful day when for a couple of hours, many Lebanese people had hope, and put aside their political and sectarian egos to fight a common enemy: the Syrian regime that had occupied Lebanon for almost 3 decades. But, after those couple of hours, the political “leaders” of March 14, […]


11 Reasons Why Weed Needs to be Legal in Beirut + Video

It is no secret I am a huge proponent of marijuana, cannabis, hashish, pot, dope, buddha, ganja, pot, hisham, walid or whatever the hell you call what you smoke. It is no secret either that I don’t smoke or eat marijuana plants in Lebanon, for fear of brutal, human-rights abusive and inhumane treatment by Lebanon’s […]