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Remember SKYBAR Sundays? Well, Meet O1NE’s Fridays.

  So, after years of trademark SKYBAR nights, the Beirut rooftop, began to appreciate the evolving audio culture of Beirut’s party animals. With a focus on more underground, music-oriented acts like HVOB, Sunday became the it-night last summer, with the posh club turning into a chillaxed, apres-beach spot with shorts and flip flops on grass […]


This Weekend is Massive: Uberhaus Presents Solomun at the Bus Station Hangar

This Independence weekend, we won’t be celebrating officially cause there’s no president to preside over the ceremony of reviewing our troops… But, that’s ok, it means roads won’t be closed and you can party as long as you want. It embodies the essence of all that is good in Lebanon: everything is broken, but somehow […]


Lebanon: 10th Most Inspiring City, 14th on Global Terrorism Index

It couldn’t be truer really. As observers, commentators and above all taxpayers in Lebanon, it’s often hard to figure out where we stand. We’re abysmal on so many fronts like corruption, lack of basic necessities like electricity and water and the constant threat of escalating violence. But, we’re also pretty fucking awesome. We put most […]

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Share a Coke with Personalized Names Finally in Lebanon

It’s finally here, when the official campaign’s already over. Now, Lebanon is a tough one to crack. With so many folks with non-Lebanese or Arabic names (like myself) sometimes depending on what sect you were born in, it’s hard to find a “Gino” along with a “Ali”. But, I’m sure we can make due with the […]


GTA 5 for PS4 BANNED in Lebanon

After hearing rumors that GTA V’s PS4 release was banned in Lebanon, I called the Sony stores in ABC Dbayeh and ABC Ashrafieh and got confirmation that they’re not gonna get it, because “el dawle mana3eta” (the government banned it). GTA V is one of my favorite console games, and playing it on my PS3 […]



Lebanon Now Officially a Failed State

On Wikipedia, the definition of a failed state is when a government: Loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force therein Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions Inability to provide public services Inability to interact with other states as a full member of the […]


Ashoora in Nabatieh: One Year Later

Last year, when I went down to Southern Lebanon to witness first hand the Ashoora commemorations in Nabatieh, it sort of awakened in me the love of exploring misunderstood rituals, people and places and sharing that experience from my personal point of view. This year, I wanted to go back, given that the sectarian tensions in […]


NDU Should Not Have Canceled the Elections, but Learn from AUB

Yes, that’s in NDU, not a zoo somewhere where a piece of meat was thrown into a holding area with dozens of carnivorous animals. The difference here is that this is a university campus, not a zoo, and the animals are actually loyalists of Geagea and Aoun, two of the warlords Lebanon was never really […]


Sukleen Worker Forced to Kneel, Cheek Cut in Dekwene

The look in this teary-eyed man’s bloodied face is enough to tell you that something aweful had just happened. I’ll quote what the original poster, Anastacia, had to say: This morning while I was on my way to work, a man was hysterically yelling at a Sukleen worker on the side of the road in […]

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British Ambassador Tom Fletcher was a Domestic Worker Today

There is no love lost when it comes to me and politicians and diplomats in Lebanon. All of our warlord-feudal-chieftain-turned-corrupt-oligarchs aren’t worth much when it comes to self-respect, respect to Lebanon and above all, respect to other human beings. Their motorcades drive you off the street when they’re not closing it, their thugs intimidate you, […]