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A New Level of Absurdity for Censorship in Lebanon #SenselessCensorship

At March, we’re used to the impolite and juvenile way the General Security’s Censorship Bureau deals with us. The former chief, upon banning our play satirizing the bureau’s work, made it his sacred mission to go on every talk show in Lebanon and elaborate how “stupid” “childish” “uneducated” and “far from reality” our work was. […]

Boubouffe new logo

Boubouffe Opening 6 Branches in the UAE!

So, Boubouffe, the shawarma icon in Ashrafieh, has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. Two years ago, it switched venues and identity, becoming “A Lebanese Brasserie”. Now, it looks like the restaurant famous for its shawarma wraps, is setting up shop in the UAE. The first of 6 branches is […]

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Beautiful Animated Short on Lebanon by Marilyn Haddad

This beautifully, hand-drawn, animated short movie by Marylin Haddad perfectly sums up a lot of the hardships and inconveniences we all face in Lebanon. From the wazawez, to the hellish traffic, electricity cuts and of course, constant war. It’s about a young woman who just wants to dance like there’s no tomorrow, and sadly, sometimes […]


Where to Party This Weekend

So, the holidays fatigue is finally over, and we’re back on schedule when it comes to big names and big parties in and around Beirut! ODYSSEY Presents: Kate Simko (LIVE) at Concrete 1994 Few folks combine so many things I love in one person. Kate Simko is from Chicago, where House music took its first […]


To Lebanese Christians: Please Stop Being Stupid Hypocrites

As a recovering Maronite, when Christians in Lebanon behave in a stupid, naive way, it makes me exceptionally sad. After all, even if you don’t identify with a group anymore, you still hold them dear to your heart and care about the mistakes they do more than you would a group you never belonged to. The […]



When We No Longer Feel Safe in Lebanon. #JusticeForYves

This has been an exceptionally tough topic to write about. I won’t pretend Yves was one of my best friends, he was an acquaintance. But, his cold-blooded murder shook us all. Of course, my first instinct was getting the actual story, from eye witnesses and victims of the barbaric attack, and I did. But, right […]

Charlie Hebdo Massacre from One Arab’s Point of View

artwork by @SabineDaou We’re a generation with no purpose. We don’t have world wars to fight in, we don’t have an industrial revolution to initiate and the common denominator of all the verdicts on a generation like ours, is: “obsessed with their Facebook profiles”. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth… Our generation’s duty is […]


Why We Don’t Want Weed Legal in Lebanon (YET), Just Decriminalized (NOW)

I have been a very vocal advocate of decriminalization of marijuana in Lebanon for years. If not for my personal appreciation for the plant, for the extremely brutal, vicious, barbaric and sometimes even deadly reaction by Lebanon’s super corrupt judiciary and police force. The horror stories I hear every day from busted pot smokers and […]


Lebanon: 10th Most Inspiring City, 14th on Global Terrorism Index

It couldn’t be truer really. As observers, commentators and above all taxpayers in Lebanon, it’s often hard to figure out where we stand. We’re abysmal on so many fronts like corruption, lack of basic necessities like electricity and water and the constant threat of escalating violence. But, we’re also pretty fucking awesome. We put most […]


Lebanon Now Officially a Failed State

On Wikipedia, the definition of a failed state is when a government: Loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force therein Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions Inability to provide public services Inability to interact with other states as a full member of the […]