Electronic Music for Dummies – Techno Edition

Everyone you know (who knows electronic music) will tell you it is an American genre. It’s appearance at the peak of the House and Acid movements in the US and Europe can be credited to one city: Detroit.

Techno is the term that was best recognized my lay people who were not yet familiar with the electronic music revolution. Everything synthetic was referred to as ‘techno’. The misused term today has changed though, and is now ‘trance’ or worse yet ‘tiesto’.

This type of music can be described as very primal. It is a DJ’s heaven. Why? Because it focuses on the instrumental aspect of music and rarely, if ever, has lyrics. Not only instrumental, but also very percussive. By percussive, I mean rhythm is god in techno music. The bassy music, described as ‘tribal’ in its earliest forms (similar to ancient tribal beats, only more high-tech) usually is pretty steady, without the ups and downs of other electronic genres, such as Trance. However, the changes are minute and evenly spaced, appreciated by true electronic music connoisseurs.

Techno and minimal had a nice visit in Beirut last weekend, with Spanish DJ Paco Ossuna gracing the decks at Roger Moukarzel Studios on March 6th.

Beats Per Minute: 120 to 150 BPM (pretty varying between one song and another)
Famous DJs:
Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Deepdish, The Prodigy
Famous Classics:
Cafe Del Mar – Energy 52, Felix – #1, 8PM – Faithless, The Drill – The Drill
Famous Clubs:
Tresor – Berlin
Samples I Recommend:
Say Hello (Club Mix) – Deep Dish and  Geht’s Noch – Roman Flugal
Some DJs in Lebanon Who Spin Techno: maDJam, Ronin’n’Nesta


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