Carl Cox Review

As the big man himself would say “Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes!” would best describe last night at the new DownTown Outdoors Space next to BIEL.

Carl Cox began has DJing back in the 80s, with hardcore Acid House earning him the nickname “Wizard of the Decks”. He is truly one of Electronic music’s legends, and being the first ever DJ to be voted number one on the DJmag Top 100 is testament to his firm standing in the world of House and Techno.

Renowned for his large stature, kind voice and interactive stage presence, Coxy fell in love with Lebanon back in 2006. His much-anticipated return attracted thousands of clubbers who witnessed the spectacle four years ago, and those who didn’t and needed to redeem their sins. And, I’m glad to say that MixFM’s ‘filtration’ of the crowds through their MyMix ticket outlet, has paid off, with each event having less and less tektonik garbage and retarded whistle-blowers.

The setup was brilliant, with the theme being something straight out of a comic book, giving the atmosphere a feel of geekiness and techie-fantasy, mixed with gritty 21st Century Sounds of Cox. In other words, technological prowess in music was celebrated instead of considered taboo, and exaggerated glam and glitz were absent from this event, because in the end, that’s the real turnoff, not the technology and computer generated sounds.

Superman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, and other superheroes flanked the DJ booth, with one of the VIP areas containing a stencil-image of the man of the night, which, as the event progressed, was skillfully painted to transform the stencil into a colorful painting of Coxy.

maDJam’s warmup was one of his best so far in my opinion, rivaled only by his Paco Osuna opening. Then, Coxy quickly took the decks and restarted the night at his own pace, with solid House for a good hour, then his trademark 21st Century Sounds set with robots, aliens, and everything cool throwing the crowd into a dancing frenzy led by the big man himself.

Last night was another succes in Mix’s long line of good events. It was a welcome change though from the usual glitzy and glam sky-bar-style events, and a perfect way to celebrate Germany’s 4-0 decimation of Argentina. Don’t worry though, Guetta’s right around the corner for all you glam-baskers.

Links to Murder Time

Here’s a few links i stumbled upon in the past few weeks which I found very fun

  • Incredibox – Make your own beatbox or capella group =D
  • FlurriousCreate a snowflake in a very elegant flash application
  • Bubole – A hilarious monster-building site, with amazing flash and funny sounds. Let your freak fight other monster by other players
  • Kill the Beans – After demolishing their can, crush the annoying screaming beans
  • Soundtrack of a Book – turn the book cover into a lovely soundtrack