Treesome Review

My over-zealous taste for music that is generated on computers might lead some of you to assume I am not human and thus do not visit places normal humans would go to for a drink. Well, you are mistaken.

Treesome, to me, can best be described as comfortable. I don’t worry about how to get in or paying too much or wearing too fancy or listening to music that will make me cry.

The pub is probably the hottest one in Gemmayzeh for the time-being and a regular spot for many AUBites and LAU students. So, whenever I go down, there’ll always be people I know that will make the drinks more interesting.

There is a dead olive tree in the middle of the bar, on the left of which is a long bar and facing couches, and on the other,  roomier section with several tables.

The music is pretty versatile, and showcases crowd-pleasers in the rock, pop, rnb and electronic genres.

The drinks are not too pricy, but they’re also not too cheap. So, if you have nothing to do on a weeknight, Treesome is perfect for you. If you wanna kill time before going out on Saturdays or Fridays, Treesome is the perfect place to grab a couple of drinks before you go to the pricier clubs to get you in the mood.

Pub: Treesome Gemmayzeh
Location: Gemmayzeh (in the street facing Mandaloun grill)
Music: Commercial Rock, RnB, Pop and a sprinkle of House
Price: $15-20 should be enough for you and your date and a couple of drinks
Door Policy: 18+
The Verdict: Well, I am the mayor of Treesome on =P

Located in Yousef el Hayek, Gemmayzeh, Beirut
Phone: 01569494
Smoking Area
No Wifi available
Open Mon―Sun at 6:00pm