Blogger’s Choice Awards 2010 Nomination

My Dearest Friends,

It seems like only yesterday I was launching the blog for some extra credit in my ENGL 236 course…

But, it’s been 7 months already! 26,000 hits later, I am humbled by the success of the blog and the feedback I have been generously given by all of you. This has only made me focus more on what;s worth writing about and what would interest you (and me of course). In the process, I’ve also tried to brainwash some biological sense into you, but that needs a bit more work =P…

I am happy to tell you that Gino’s Blog has been nominated (by me) for the Blogger’s Choice Awards 2010.

If you could spare a few minutes of your time to vote for the blog in the 4 categories it is nominated under, I would be much obliged =)

Catch is though, that you gotta sign up for the awards site. Don’t be too discouraged though, it’s a simple registration process which should take you half a minute if you’re not uploading your photo =P

The categories are:

Thank you in advance,