Blimp’s Spectacular Debut

At some points in my life, I wonder if I have allowed Electronic music consume me too much. I’m kidding, electronic music is the best thing that ever happened to me. But on a more serious note, I’ve been venturing into the underground scene of other music genres and my favorite band so far is Blimp.

My testimony might be tainted, because the band members are people I grew up with, or saw grow up. But the fact that I enjoyed my time will prove to you how amazing Blimp really is. I never understood the art and talent involved in fingering strings or banging drums, but watching the band practice endlessly and seek higher levels of mastery of their respective instruments, and band as a whole, made me realize that I owed the traditional music industry some respect.

Being an inexperienced Rock critic myself, I had to support my “Blimp is awesome” theory ¬†with the opinion of my seasoned Rock-connoisseur friends. The performance was solid yet dynamic, which kept on strong song after song. Some 20 Rock classics were seamlessly fused into a crowd-pleasing showcase of the creme de la creme of classic rock, progressive rock and even jazz.

Ralph’s captivating vocal and string talents fit perfectly with Highsam’s finger-magic, Antonio’s steady bass-line and Jawad’s calculated drum beats. The crowd sang, jumped, threw their hands in the air ecstatically… Activities I thought were exclusive to my world… Who knew?

I will leave you with some pictures of the first of hopefully many more Blimp gigs:

Highsam and Ralph on Guitars, Antonion on Bass

Ralph, the vocals and guitar guy

Jawad, the drummer

The Groupies