ArabNetME’s Community Day: Everyone’s Welcome on March 25th

We’ve already discussed the ArabNet Shift Digital Summit program and how every tech-savvy student, professional or user can benefit from the diverse workshops, debates and presentations. Read up on it here

The culmination of this 4-day digital summit though, is Community Day on March 25. The main objective of this day is to educate and engage the public about the Arabic web. On the day, access will be free of charge and open to all visitors. Special sessions will be held for the public to provide them with a better understanding of the digital future and make sense of the tools and networks that have been the main tool and catalyst for recent changes and uprisings.

Community Day will kick off with a discussion panel on the state of technology in the Arab world and the technology of the future. Later, presentations on social media and digital activism led by local organizations are another issue ArabNet Shift Digital Summit participants are looking forward to. Talks by several young entrepreneurs on the challenges and rewards of starting a business will also be featured, alongside career talks given by leading executives from top internet companiesto give direction to attendees interested in a career in the tech industry.

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