Let’s Send the Mighty Bytes from AUB to NYC

As you all may (or may not) know, national Microsoft Imagine Cup competitions are starting to take place in several countries to determine which team will represent every country in the finals that will take place this July in New York City.

What is the Imagine Cup?

Simply put, it’s worlds ‘premier student technology competition. Beginning with local and regional competitions, Imagine Cup 2011 comets to an exciting finale at the Worldwide Finals held this year in New York City, United States. Want more chance to win? Overall, the idea is to show technology can help solve the world’s toughest problems. The theme of this competition is to achieve the United Nations Millennium Goals, which include tackling poverty, pollution, diseases, etc…

Imagine Cup has been taking place since 2003, as a way to get students involved in the connection between people, information and systems. Lebanon recently started participating in this competition, with team USEK winning the national competition last year and represented Lebanon in the finals in Poland.

This year, the competition is wider, with universities like AUB participating this year (after it didn’t do so last year). AUB is being represented by a team named Mighty Bytes, which is made up of 5 computer science students: Amine Takieddine, Evangello Flouty, Houry Hera Margossian, Kareem el Chaar, and my friend Joseph Saba. They designed an educational game called A Better City, which its initiative is to let a child know how to better his city by playing the video game. A Better City teaches the player several valuable messages about improving the environment around him, such as installing filters in factories, how to evade diseases, sorting garbage to recycle and other valuable messages.

The game has several levels, each having a valuable message after its completion. In order for the project to prosper, this team needs your votes in order to represent Lebanon in the worldwide finale in New York.

The way to vote for them is the following:

Go to this link: http://www.imaginecuplebanon.com/Vote.aspx?Register=true

Fill out the fields. A Hotmail/Live email address is required to vote.

After creating the account, you’ll receive an activation email from Microsoft (either Junk Mail or Inbox). Click on the link in it, and log in with the account you just created.

Click on Mighty Bytes. Click on the button Vote under the YouTube video. THANKS =D

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