Chaos Reigns with Matta and Acousmatik System

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After Niveau Zero back in April, the guys at Acousmatik System flew in Matta straight from the UK.  The result was an unadulterated night of worshiping the music, and the music alone.

The British duo are big in the dubstep and break scene on the island and their Lebanon debut after the massive April Niveau Zero experience, was definitely much anticipated. Favorites like “Release the Freq” along with dozens of other amazing tracks you can listen to, and download for free from their soundcloud page, were performed live. Matta didn’t just stick to their own productions though, and featured tracks like “First” by Niveau Zero and Unik, much to everybody’s delight.

The same atmosphere I fell in love with back in April, was very much revisited and even surpassed last night. When elsewhere in Beirut, the underground scene is characterized by excessive efforts to differentiate and define one’s “uniqueness” or whatever you want to call it, the music lovers that attend Acousmatik System’s events religiously, honestly couldn’t care less about the identity crises other self-proclaimed ravers fall into. The focus is on one thing, and one thing alone: the music.

The entranced state of Acousmatik ravers starts early and doesn’t expire until the next morning. Every person can anticipate the flow of the raw beats and synths blaring from the speakers, and the dancing is almost coordinated, as if the whole venue was one fluctuating entity. I am sounding a bit too poetic, and I know you guys aren’t used to that from me, but it’s as close as possible to properly describing the experience.

Another bonus that helps the music lovers present get into their meditative states is the immaculate coordination between visuals and sounds. We’re used to a programmed sequence of lights and strobes, that sometimes haphazardly reflect what the speakers are communicating. Last night, XnX Glitterpill , OFFWHITE and Ramy Sabbagh succeeded massively in syncing what the visual and auditory cortices in the brain were receiving, perhaps creating the elusive state some like to call synesthesia.

Acousmatik System’s nights are also not so frequent, keeping the magic and anticipation alive. They’re also very affordable and usually just one-drink, allowing less-annoying ways of altered states of consciousness that involve no shoving, no drink-spilling and definitely no falling over from too much alcohol and too little happiness. If you still haven’t experienced it, and are liking what you’re seeing, then book yourselves for the next one (which I definitely will be telling you about).

All in all, it was a perfect night of celebrating electronic music. The much-needed escape lived up to expectations and the serotonin and dopamine receptors were definitely on fire in the goo inside my skull. The devotion and passion demonstrated by the people organizing it, only added to the fun of it all.

Flip through the images fast, they’re a cool sequence!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guys at Acousmatik System for allowing me to share with you these images and videos. I know for a fact that many others were denied access for mistakenly categorizing Chaos Reigns with Matta as just another “elite night” in some sleazy club. I cover these experiences not to advertise it, but rather to get the word out to people like me, who had always searched for something like Acousmatik System’s events but didn’t know any such thing existed.
i.e. If you’re more of a table-reserving, open-bar type of person, these events are definitely not for you. If you’re into getting dolled-up, dressed-up and heeled-up, these events are certainly not for you. If you firmly believe you need to be noticed by everyone around you, theses events are unmistakably not for you. If you think Sky Bar is the best club in Lebanon, these events are absolutely not for you.


  1. Abdelrahman Chehab says

    And The Owl Hits Again!!! Crazy Night, Great atmosphere ad sick beats !!! Love your post man!

  2. says

    I don’t know if it’s intentional but the image/reputation Acousmatik System built for themselves is insanely professional.


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