ABANDONED: Mystery Building Off CityMall’s Shore

Abandoned places fascinate me, as I’m sure they fascinate a lot of you guys too. Whenever I find the time and place, I go discover theses abandoned buildings, houses and factories, think of what might’ve been, what was and what probably would become of them.

I have several picture sets ready, and feel a series of them called “ABANDONED” would be appropriate. Here’s one from August 2010, with a review about the play held in an abandoned train station.

As for the photo gallery below, it is taken by my dear friend Sally Maalouf (which is why photo quality is better than usual), but using my average point-and-shoot Nikon. It’s of the abandoned building just off the coast near CityMall. I didn’t inquire further about it, but from the looks of it, it was meant to be offices for some freight company or governmental naval agency. Today, it stands as a proud public toilet for fishermen, and somewhat of a “love nest” for the bottom-feeding section of our society.


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