Last Call for Donner Sang Compter’s SUNDAY Record-Breaker + Details You’ll LOVE

Donner Sang Compter is probably the adopted NGO for this blog. It is one very dear to my heart and I always make sure you my dearest readers are up to speed about what we’re doing and how you can help.

If you read this post, you’ll know that THIS Sunday June 26, DSC will be shattering a Guinness World Record at my old school, Saint Joseph School Cornet Chehwan. To get there, simply exit the Beirut-Tripoli highway at Antelias, and keep going towards Bikfaya. 7-8 minutes later, you will see several signs “Saint Joseph School” and “Saint Joseph School Theater” follow them and you’re there!

The details have been finalized and we’re glad to share with you the following:

  1. If you still haven’t, please do RSVP on Facebook
  2. The event is of course for FREE.
  3. It will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 12:30 PM
  4. Wear some sneakers and jeans, we will provide you with RED tshirts once you get there (and yes, there are large enough sizes for people like me! =D)
  5. We know you’ll all get thirsty and hungry, so plenty of free drinks and snacks will be distributed throughout the event
  6. We know you don’t need one, and that you’re doing this out of the kindness and compassion in your heart, but each and every participant will get a certificate of participation in this record-breaker
  7. A sneak-peak of DSC’s upcoming movie will be screened
  8. A short presentation will introduce the event and elaborate on blood donation topics
  9. And last but not least, the AUBMC crew will be on-site, accepting donations from whoever is willing. The blood bags gathered on the day will go to Saint Jude’s Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon
Thanks in advance guys, and REMEMBER we’re not actually making a large drop of blood from blood. It’s US standing in the SHAPE of a blood drop!


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