The Weekly Leaks: Apology for the Lil’Wayne Mistake

My Dearest Readers,

After several of you were kind enough to point out, and as I later double-checked after my arrival back to Beirut today, I have to retract last week’s weekly leak about Lil’Wayne’s July 26 appearance at Pier 7. The reason is simply because he has a pretty full tour schedule, which includes July 26, when he will be performing in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

I was deeply dismayed after getting my hopes, and yours, up. For that, I am deeply sorry. From this, I have learned two things. First, to never trust a source blindly, even after being tested and proven right several times before. Second, to never blog whilst I’m on vacation where researching and double-checking aren’t really on the top of my priority list.

That’s why, I would like to sincerely apologize to all my readers. I promise you this won’t happen again. Out of all the leaks I’ve posted though, the overwhelming majority did come true, so thank you for not judging me too harshly on that specific leak. Also, remember that the places and people I leak about, have no idea what I’m doing, so I will never have 100% confirmation on anything. Just connecting the dots and doing field recon myself.

On the bright side, Pier7 might still be trying to get hold of lil’Tunechi, but maybe at a more feasible date.

Oh, and to try to make up for this, I’ll be giving one ticket for David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous event to the angriest comment below. So bash away, but no cursing =P

Poll of the Week: Mac or PC? And MTV is Lebanon’s Favorite TV Station

The traditional view is that Macs just look better and that Windows-powered machines are for the business stuff. That macs are for hipster and PCs are for more down-to-earth people.

I disagree though. I love my mac, it’s survived over 4 years of hardship with me, and I can safely say it has never crashed and I have never had to “format” it. I also never see a virus or worm anymore, and for me, that’s just what I’m looking for in a laptop: no worrying. Even though that might have a price, I feel it’s worth it even though Steve Jobs might be asking for a bit too much.

Others disagree though and still think PCs offer a much more versatile platform and more possibilities. They also blame the viruses and worms on the fact that 89.2% of the world uses PCs, which makes writing viruses for them more worthwhile. Windows makes us buy antivirus protection though, and that sucks. They promised to remove that in Windows 8, but a Mac already protects itself within the package.

Anyway, it would be cool to find out what the majority of this blog’s readers use, so thanks for voting and commenting on why or why not!

Favorite Lebanese TV Station?

  1. MTV: 54%
  2. OTV: 25%
  3. LBCI: 10%
  4. Al Jadeed: 5%
  5. Al Manar: 2%
  6. Tele Liban: 2%
  7. Tele Lumiere: 1%
  8. Future TV: 0%
  9. NBN: 9%
Which brings the tally to 64% pro 14 March (LBC, MTV, Future) and 32% pro 8 March stations (OTV, Manar, Jadeed, NBN). I guess we now know who puts on a better and more entertaining show =P The non-partisan TVs (Tele Lumiere, Tele Liban) got a mere 3% though, which is sorta sad,  but also deserved…
I guess MTV’s live-TV concept is a truly winning one, with shows like Helwe w Murra trying to imitate it on other stations. I guess we like to see organic broadcasting with all its bloopers and unreadiness, which makes us feel its recent and real, versus scripted and by now dated!