One of the Two Poems I’ve EVER Written: Ehden

I lost a bet over the weekend, and as result, I’m publishing something I would prefer to keep locked up forever: poetry… I really don’t like poetry, but we had to write a couple for our ENGL 236 course at AUB (the course that pushed me start my blog! =D).

A handful of people apart from my classmates have read this, and one of them is an absolute ass (not one of the classmates =P). It was a bet on a piece of lyrics. Apparently, I mistook “voice in my head” for “voice in my yell” =

Anyway, I wrote about a few stuff I like, such as clubbing and Ehden, so here goes nothing!


It’s 4.30AM in Beirut

I climb up the stairs between White Club and Beiruf

It was another night in the Basement volume 2

Followed by the traditional Freddy’s hotdog or two

I tip the valet and climb into the Renault

When asked if anyone would be home, my parents suggested no

Why go back to Awkar I thought

As the urge to sleep closer to heaven I fought

Ehden is but a 100 kilometers away

Ehden is better than heaven by the way

I stop by the nearest Medmart

Teasing the sleepy cashier, I push around a shopping cart

A four-pack of ice-cold energy is what I buy

The sugar-free Red Bull cooled my insides as it went by

My weary eyes widen and my legs regain control

I grasp the steering wheel and switch to tiptronic control

Four cans equals one liter

Enough to get me to the 100th kilometer

I encounter little traffic

But the most treacherous kind of traffic

Drunk Beirutis and Tripolitan bus drivers

I sweep by them, through them, and around the drivers

My foot barely touching the brake pedals

My driving undoubtedly deserved several medals

The two-hour drive was abruptly cut short

I was forty minutes in when I spotted the beautiful court

It was the brightly illuminated complex

Which few shrines could compare in contest

It was the pyramidal Lady of the Garrison and its orange tint

Which garrisons Ehden from the brutal Northern wind

I had arrived at my forebears land

Much sooner than I had planned

It took less than an hour and a little more than one can

I could boast getting to Ehden in 45 minutes, oh yes I can

I drove through the exquisite new part of town

The one built by the many entrepreneurs from my own town

I drove past the sleepy army barracks

The ones tasked with unsuccessfully warding off so many attacks

Into the tiny street we call main-street

Actually, it’s called Midan Street

The sleepy folks wake up to another beautiful summer day

While the oldest of them walk back from the first mass of the day

I park in front of my beautiful home

It’s not like the house in Awkar, I’d never call that home

I go to bed after hugging guests I barely know

But guests who love me more than you could possibly know

Two hours of sleep, and I have fulfilled my sleeping share

Two days of sleep in my Awkar AC could never compare

I inhale the crisp, earthy, grassy breeze

I swallow pure, ever-flowing water that makes your heart freeze

I’m home at last

I only wish it could last

We honor our lunch guests coming from far away

It had taken them three whole hours on the way

Our guest asks my dad “Damn it Hanna, you live next door to God!”

My dad playfully answers “We’ll pay Him a visit after dessert”

I don’t mean to brag, but Ehden’s title is well deserved

It is Eden, or the closest thing to it on this Earth

From abundant water and fertile earth

To sacred valleys and towering peaks

Millennia of history dance to modern beats

A people as tough and brave as the rock they tame

Yet hearts so soft, compassionate but hard to tame

Renowned for their skill in warfare and combat

There was more to Ehdenis than appeared in combat

A national hero, four patriarchs, two presidents

Such accomplishments by a tiny town have no precedents

The love of land is surpassed by one thing alone

It’s the joy of having a visitor, in a group or alone

Untouched by the political turmoil

Untarnished by diesel and motor oil

Ehden is Eden

Eden in every aspect possible

Nature, climate, location, resources, people, history…

And of course, gastronomy!

How could I forgot such an important part of our economy

The economy of hospitality and generosity

I’m in Awkar, Beirut, I came back

It looks like I’m going to need the rest of that Red Bull four-pack


  1. LebExile says

    hahaha – nice poem dude – of course when you were referring to Ehden being next door to heaven – you were referring to bsharri

  2. YoAss says

    If you’re a man, leave it and reply:

    You drive under influence and rhyme like your influence’s

    a fresh load o’crap, an’some anal-born flatulence,

    speakin’ of ass, let us talk about the Red Bull,

    sugar-free, energy, cooling and painful,

    Cuz u don’t mention if u drank it or u shoved it,

    Up in your rectum, shit it’s clear you must’ve loved it.

    Now for dissing the army, I’m’a give you a medal,

    It ain’t shaped like a Red Bull, but trust me it’s metal,

    So when you hugging some guests that don’t even know you,

    you can push it in deep and let them fellas blow you.

    • says

      I never delete a comment. The question here is if youre man enough, why are you afraid of mentioning your name? 😀
      That a good enough reply?

      • YoAss says

        1- I’m not a man
        2- My name is copyrighted, I sold it for a pair of brains and an English dictionary (hint: you should do the same, or get a pair of fake tits, these should do the trick).
        3-Try harder

        • says

          1- You’re a disappointment to women everywhere if you think keeping a comment (which appears to be brave to you) is a quality only men are expected to have
          2- Bravo, and my tits are bigger than yours 😉
          3- No thanks, 2 poems was more than enough for one liftime
          4- It’s ok if your dad is in the army, doesn’t mean they never failed before

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