MAGDA (M_nus) Review

The M_nus label is the ultimate authority when it comes to Techno. Created by the Platikman himself, Richie Hawtin, it boasts DJs like Paco Osuna, Mathew Dear, Marc Houle and of course Magda.

MixFM and B018 have been getting us the whole crew and last night, it was Magda’s turn. The first Techno event I went to was Paco Osuna, when it was held on the top floor of Roger Moukarzel studios. The venue was sublime and Paco’s focused demeanor created music that made the sun’s rising regrettable.

Magda’s brand of techno was very different. She has goddess-like skills that manipulate the physical and temporal fabric of sound waves like legos. She slowly and deliberately constructs a groove by adding beat after beat, gradually paving the way for a scream-inducing climax by the crowd. The volume then goes down and Magda deconstructs the groove she just created in seconds, only to restart the process with a new climax-bound tetris-like assembly of artificial sounds.

B018 was packed and minutes after Magda took the decks, the retractable roof revealed a clear sky with a single star (probably Venus) and the Moon. Soon enough though, the poor people who came in with no idea what Techno really was, ended up with nagging girlfriends or boyfriends and cleared up some space for the dozens of Techno junkies that follow the M_nus lineup at B018 religiously (like me).

That doesn’t mean that no one got transformed last night, I’m certain loads of people have now converted to the 120bpm culture after last night, two of which were dear friends. These events are a godsend, for as predicted earlier (by me, here =P), events will move from massive and uniform, to more intimate and diverse. We get our Armin Only and F*** Me I’m Famous doses every year, but to sustain the nightlife scene, it is specialists like Magda that can quench the thirst for solid, underground electronic music, all the time!

All in all, it was an amazing night that lasted well after you all made it to your Saturday morning shifts. Magda played for more than 4 hours, plugging in her computer at 2:15 AM and not removing it till 7:00 AM. Ronin and Nesta warmed things up with a steady theme before the roller-coaster climaxes Magda set into motion. Gunther and Stamina wrapped things up beautifully under the morning sun.

Looking forward to the next MixFM-B018 team-up… James Zabiela, towards the end of July!