Horrible Bosses Review

This movie was absolutely hilarious! It’s been quite a while since a real laugh-out-loud, snort-fest movie. Perhaps the closes thing was the first Hangover movie, which was a bit different than the usual Adam-Sandlerish comedy.

I mean, look at the cast! Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, and those are just the secondary roles! The main roles are played by Jason Bateman and two virtually unknown actors Charlie Day and Jason Seudeikis.

Aniston, Spacey and Farrel are the 3 horrible bosses and Bateman, Day and Sedeikis are the employees that decide it’s time to kill their bosses. The simpleton, geeky trio seek the help of Motherfucker Jones (Jamie Foxx) and things get extremely complicated from there.

The twists and quirks are absolutely hilarious. It’s also loads of fun seeing heavyweights like Spacey and Aniston and Farrel, go all the way. Spacey is a complete, murderous psychopath. Aniston is a masochistic maneater, she even says “slap my face with your cock.” Will Farrell is a cokehead that keeps sleeping around with two Asian transvestites. The new guys are also comedy geniuses.

I don’t wanna go into the storyline, for I’d ruin it for you guys! But, remember me when Motherfucker Jones explains how he got that first name šŸ˜‰

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
My and Mika’s Rating:
Ā 9/10

BLACKLISTED: Bob’s Diner Citymall

Most of you might not know this, but several restaurants that offer free soft drink refills, offer them in draft form or in a can. To give a few examples, Zaatar w Zeit, Roadster Diner and Deek Duke all offer both types for the same price.

One time, we decided to go to Bob’s Diner. When ordering, I asked the waiter, three times, if they offered can refills. I made it very clear that instead of a draft coke, I wanted one in a can, and asked if its refills would be free. I was assured it was. I drank 3 Pepsi cans that day. Then, the bill came, and lo and behold, the price of the Pepsi cans exceed that of my meal. Furious, I politely questioned the waiter about it. Nothing happened.

Furious, I filled in a comment card expressing my deep displeasure. A few seconds later, the “manager” comes marching along, my comment card in his hand, and rudely asked “What’s the problem?” (shu el mishkle) After explaining, he responded “That’s it?” (bass heik?).

First and foremost, theĀ incompetentĀ manager actually read the comment card on the spot, instead of forwarding it as-is to his higher-ups. Second, he was rude. Third, he made me pay for a mistake they had done. That, compared to customer service elsewhere and in similar establishments, makes Bob’s Diner the first Blacklisted restaurant on the Gino’s Blog Blacklist.

Fingers: 3/5Ā since I shouldn’t have expected more

Introducing the Blog’s Blacklist

I love trying stuff and love reviewing them for you guys even more. I’m often criticized for being too nice, for leaving out the bad stuff or softening the edges. I completely agree, I do that. If I go somewhere and hate it, I don’t write about it versus portray the negativity. However, that’s not fair and I feel I have an obligation to be frank about my bad experiences, for perhaps my humble opinion or advice, might save you the trouble I had to go through.

I hereby introduce you all to the Gino’s Blog Blacklist. The Blacklist is a whole new category which will include all the restaurants, pubs, clubs and other venues/events/organizers/brands/companies and virtually everything else that in my opinion is at fault, mistreated its customers or grievously insulted or disappointed me.

For someone or someplace to get on the Blacklist, it’ll have to be a cardinal sin. The Blacklist listing isn’t final though, for if the concerned party changes (which I sincerely doubt) I might consider dropping them off the list.

I know this might seem somewhat arrogant of me, but I am merely stating my opinion and making a case for it. You can agree, or disagree. I guess the real purpose behind this list is for you to get an idea before venturing to that somewhere or something and perhaps running through the same problems I had to tolerate. It’ll also allow me to return the favor to the concerned party *evil grin*

I hope you like the ambigram I borrowed off a VoIP abusing website! The first entry on the Blacklist will be on Saturday!