Isme Mish Mohem, w Ana Bishtighel Sharmouta

Now that I have your attention, I present to you My Last Valentine in Beirut. It’s the first full-feature movie in Arabic to be filmed in 3D and is expected to be released before the end of the year.

The trailer has been generating loads of controversy. Some vehemently for, some sworn against the very liberal subject matter being handled. I for one am all for. We Lebanese are known for our liberal values (most of us at least) which are not hindered by backwards limitations of religion and tribal societies.

The producers insist that it is far from a porn movie and that the story is indeed well-written and promise a movie that will impress and please. This comes at the heels of “Halla2 Lawein” though, with massive popular and critical acclaim as well as a hefty profit. What do you think? Will you watch this movie? Why or why not?

How to Win a Pair of Tickets to a Really, Really Big Party

What You Need to Do

  1. Choose ONE song from the House genre you absolutely adore, and post the link on the blog’s Facebook page. Try to choose songs that aren’t so well known, not just classics.
  2. Then, “like” the songs which you really like after having a listen.
  3. The songs with the most likes will be compiled into a downloadable Sound Selection by myself at the end of the competition.

Fine Print

  • Songs should be YouTube format (search for it on YouTube and post the link)
  • One song per person
  • The person whose song gets the most likes wins the pair of tickets worth 100,000 LBP
  • Competition ends on October 14th, one day before the event
  • If your post doesn’t appear on the page, email me and I’ll sort that out


  • We get to compile an awesome selection of beautiful House music together
  • I get the Facebook page active
  • I send two of you for free to what promises to be the biggest party of the season