ENDORSED: Gaiser and Barem (M_nus) at B018

If there is one reason I like MixFM, it’s because of these club nights. The DJs and labels they fetch are usually perfect, which makes up for the sickeningly cliche commercial people they get, like David Guetta for example. This time, they’re getting a pair of DJs from Platikman’s mighty M_nus label, and that’s enough to guarantee I’ll be at B018 on October 21st.

Venue (25/25)

If you need to know why, read my B018 review.

Music and Artists (25/30)

Even though I absolutely adore M_nus’ brand of Techno, I must confess I didn’t know about Gaiser and Barem before I saw the event poster. Unlike Magda or Marc Hoole, whose tracks can be easily found on my iTunes, these guys are somewhat less-known. However, a quick trip to the soundcloud and I was quickly reassured that the deep, dark, massive techno I was looking for was indeed there.

Have a listen here

Ticket (10/20)

No prices listed yet, but I expect it’ll be 40USD like it usually is, which is a bit much considering it’s double the b018 entrance, but with just one drink.

Prospective Crowd (10/10)

It’s gonna be the B018 regulars, plus hardcore M_nus fans such as myself. There’ll be a sprinkle of clueless people who decided to try out B018 for the first time on October 21st, but they’ll be gone well before the warm-up set ends if they’re not used to Techno and Minimal Tech, OR, better yet, they’ll be converted and embrace the music.

Date (5/5)

Doesn’t look like it conflicts with any major event on the day or weekend, so, you could afford to dish out a couple of tickets to enjoy that Friday night without worrying about another event that weekend.

Promoters (5/5)

MixFM and I might not agree on many large-scale events, but these club nights are what’s keeping them on top with the niche fans like myself. Danny Howells, Paco Osuna and all the rest of the DJs they’ve hosted in b018 or other intimate venues like it with a few dozen or hundred clubbers have always been the highlights of each season. So, they get full marks on promoting this particular type of events =P

Total Score: 85/100

So, it gets the Gino’s Blog Seal of Approval

The event is on October 21st, make sure you go on Facebook for the rest of the info and to RSVP



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