Durex Arabia – Viral Digital Marketing at its Finest


Having dabbled in marketing world with giants like Leo Burnett, I’ve come to truly appreciate how a marketing campaign is conceived and executed and whether or not it was worth the time and money or not. This campaign, I can safely say, passes with full marks by my standards, and here’s why:

1- Blind Marketing

Which means that Durex didn’t take every single chance to bombard you with its brand. Instead, it created a stand-alone website/app/game that is simply entertaining, with or without the brand. It’s only at the end, that you realize this is a Durex Arabia campaign.

That has proven extremely successful, cause let’s face it, as consumers, you and I absolutely hate it when companies do something solely for the purpose of putting their brand out there. If they do something nice, which we enjoy or connect with, then they tell us it’s them, we’re (or at least I) more likely to give that brand or company a nod and probably buy Durex next time you make your late-night 24/7 pharmacy stop.

2- Immaculate Execution

None of you probably believed that you could have sex via your laptop screens (I hope), but the beautifully designed website, videos and interactivity sort of forced me to keep going to the end. The animations, the interface, the choice between male or female, ethnicities and language reveals the amount of work and effort that has ben invested in Digital Love.

Here are a few shots:

How it starts
Choose Your Partner’s Sex
Choose Your Ethnicity and Language
Prepping for Intercourse
The Super-Hot Babe (with a horrible Arabic accent)
How’d you like them apples?
Your chance for feeling less of a chump

3- Original and Relevant Subject Matter

Durex is all about sex. The theme of this campaign is having sex remotely via your computer screen. This is of course not only absurd, but if true would put Durex out of business. The sheer absurdity and you being grilled by the character on the screen for supposedly believing it was possible, emphasizes on how important Durex really is and that you’ll need it if you really wanna have real and safe sex.

In other words, it’s not like Doritos’ Argentina campaign of organizing a slow-dance-mega-flashmob (which has absolutely nothing to do with potato chips). The subject-matter is both relevant to the brand, and bold enough in the somewhat conservative Arab World.

4- Witty Idea That Triggers Ambivalent Emotions

If you got pranked, like the 320+ (so far) people who clicked my link on the blog (sorry guys!), you probably felt a bit silly for falling for it and seeing my face give you a wink at the end. You probably also thought “how the hell did he get his face on there?”

Seconds later, the app offers you the chance to put your own face there and play the prank on your own friends, which I think is awesome. Why? Because it’s rare that we feel duped by a website, which invokes a “gosh-darn-it” kind of reaction of mild disbelief. But, to redeem itself, the app immediately offers you the chance to prank other people. So, even though you might feel embarrassed you placed your fingers on the “sensors”, it will bring you great satisfaction knowing that you probably did that to a few dozen people yourself who themselves will smile in disbelief when they see your creepy animated face winking at them.

In other words, the app might make you feel like a dumbass, but it also allows you to make other people feel the same way, making one sort of hate the app at first and then fall deeply in love with it. And of course, giving it the means to become viral…

5- Comprehensiveness and Choice Making it Universal in terms of UX (user experience)

You’re not forced to do anything particular, instead, you’re given choice. Choice of language, choice of whether you want to use your camera or not, choice of mate’s sex and ethnicity, choice of where to fetch your picture from (FB, camera, PC), etc. Which makes it easy to use for virtually every kind of user.


6- Poor Facebook Page

The FB page sorta ruins it, cause the custom html page fails to load, and the “likes” are still at 950-something, instead of the tens of thousands it deserves. So, a better-developed Facebook page should’ve been prepared for this massive campaign with super-viral potential.

Edit: looks like there are two pages, here’s the one for the campaign. Special thanks to @Uxsoup for pointing it out!

Durex Arabia on FB

BUZZMAN is the agency that did the campaign, so kudos to them!

Also read up on @Uxsoup’s take on the campaign

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