How to Win a Pair of Tickets to PAWAS this Saturday

What You Need to Do

  1. Choose ONE song from the Techno genre you absolutely adore, and post the link on the blog’s Facebook page. Try to choose songs that aren’t so well known, not just classics.
  2. Then, “like” the songs which you really like after having a listen.
  3. The songs with the most likes will be compiled into a downloadable Sound Selection by myself at the end of the competition.

Fine Print

  • Songs should be YouTube format (search for it on YouTube and post the link)
  • One song per person
  • The person whose song gets the most likes wins the pair of tickets worth 105,000 LBP (70USD)
  • Competition ends on October 21st, one day before the event
  • If your post doesn’t appear on the page, email me and I’ll sort that out


  • We get to compile an awesome selection of sexy Techno music together
  • I get the Facebook page active
  • I send two of you for free to what promises to be something new in the Lebanese techno scene

Locanda Corsini: A Hidden Gem in the Mountains of Matn

Locanda Corsini was one the first restaurants I’ve ever reviewed. It’s no coincidence that I wrote about Locanda Corsini and Centrale in the same week back then. But, just like I revamped and updated my Centrale review, it’s time to update Locanda Corsini’s, especially after my dearest Lori and I went there last week for a nice dinner and bottle of wine.

The Place

It’s nestled up in the pine forests of Naas, a few minutes above Bikfaya. It’s where other iconic venues, like the Nass Hotel and Fadel Restaurant are also located. Probably the best trait about Locanda Corsini is both its proximity to Beirut (20-30 minutes should do it) and its simultaneous feeling of seclusion.

The old-fashioned, stone Lebanese house doubles up as a bed and breakfast in the upper level, with the restaurant’s indoor and outdoor areas downstairs. The view during the day is magnificent, with a long stretch of mountains and hills paved with pine and oak trees. If you’re there at night though, you can still enjoy the pine trees and flower beds inside Locanda Corsini’s grounds.

The inside has a chimney and a cozier feel, making it more fitting for a chilly winter night, versus the perfect setting outside for spring, summer and autumn. I’d definitely recommend sitting outside though and to me that’s what makes me love Locanda Corsini.

The Food

Locanda Corsini isn’t cheap. A dinner for two which includes two main platters, one starter and a bottle of Lebanese rose wine will cost around 100USD. But then again, the food is definitely going to be worth it and the occasions you’ll go to Locanda Corsini will be fairly rare and special.

I had the exquisite black truffle tagliatelle, after all, if you’re in an Italian cuisine restaurant, you’d better order what the Italians are good at: pasta and/or pizza. Lori had something hot with red sauce, which means I will not even comment on that (I utterly despise any food that is hot you see). My black truffle tagliatelle was divine, with every forkful of pasta in bechamel sauce with truffle bits staying several minutes in my mouth before allowing myself to swallow it.

The Wine

They have an impressive selection, but I will not pretend to be a wine connoisseur. My favorite unfortunately: Moscatel white wine, which like almost everywhere else, was not on the menu! Washing down the tagliatelle’s flavor with a good old bottle of rose though, completed the array of flavors that make Italian cuisine so awesome.

The Atmosphere

It has the potential to be the ideal Sunday family lunch, or the perfect occasion to celebrate your anniversary. Personally, I have only been there on dates and they have been some of the most enjoyable. Tables for 12 to 15 people have also shared the restaurant floor though, and from the looks of it, they were having plenty of fun too.

The music is of course classical music and opera concertos, completing the Italian experience with the volume just right to enjoy the music, but not occupy your auditory circuits completely, allowing for that meaningful, heartfelt (or business) conversation to happen.

The Staff

You need to reserve beforehand, but once you’re there you’re in good hands. Sometimes, you need to keep an eye out for the waiter and keeping track of your order or needs on the table can be a challenge. At Locanda Corsini, the waiters do their jobs without having to ask them twice or thrice, with your glasses of water and wine never empty and dirty plates always cleared. This allows you to focus on the two most important things, the food, and whoever you’re with.

The Verdict

One of my definite favorites for a date or meaningful occasion. It’s up there with Centrale for me, but a more traditional setting with a different cuisine than the ultra-modern and French Centrale. If I had to recommend something, I’d recommend you keep Locanda Corsini visits for special occasions. That’s because the charm stays there, and whenever you go back, it’s “your” place or “the” place where it all happens again.

Photos featured in this post were taken by creator Salim Batlouni


Locanda Corsini
Italian Restaurant
Located in Naas, Bikfaya
Phone: 04982689
Smoking Area
Wifi Available
Open Tue―Sun 1:00pm-3:00pm, Tue―Sat 8:00pm-10:00pm