Samsung’s ChatON: FINALLY a WhatsApp Killer?

I’ll allow you a few moments to chuckle at the name and it’s naughty and dirty┬áinnuendoes in both English and French.

As you know, on this blog I am in a constant search for the best cross-platform chat client and whenever a new one pops out, I try it out and try to encourage as many of you to get on board if it seems worth your while.

the name was a coincidence =P it's like that on the Market!Even though Kik, LiveProfile and Kakao looked promising, they’re all by independent app developers with little or no support (even obstruction, like RIM and Kik) by big mobile giants. So, when the mobile industry leader, Samsung, decides to launch its very own cross-platform smart chat platform, we’d better be listening.

The potential for ChatON to grow is massive. Imagine all Samsung phones come preloaded with the app in the near future. That’s like BlackBerry’s BBM, only nicer and cross-platform (which BBM has yet to become!). Samsung promised ChatON wil be available for all major mobile platforms, ie Android, iOS and BlackBerry and maybe even Windows. So far though, it’s has been released on Android systems only.

After my dear friend Carl Bou Samra pointed it out to me, I had ChatON downloaded and installed on my Samsung Galaxy S in minutes. That’s when I began discovering this promising new chat app.

At first, the colors were a little funky, but upon closer inspection, I realized the app had a LOT to offer. All the normal chat options were there. You could chat individually, or in group. You can send images, sounds, videos, locations, contacts, calendar entries and my favorite, AMS. AMS is an animated message which you create! All you have to do is draw the animation on your mobile phone, and voila, it is sent, animated and sexy to your friend or friends. You can even add music, backgrounds and clipart from existing samples or your own media files!

You add contacts by their mobile numbers and it can automatically detect ChatON users in your phonebook. You can also customize your profile beyond a status message, by adding a display picture, a much-welcome feature missing in other chat platforms. Its delivered/sent notifications are clumsy though, and there is no read notification, which is a bummer if you ask me! Samsung also promised to have a web-client for ChatON which will allow you to chat from any device or machine with a decent Internet browser, which is pretty cool too… Sorta like eBuddy’s XMS.

To really understand what I mean, I’d really recommend you watch this video

So, I strongly recommend all you Android users out there download it and get the hang of it, and add me as a contact!I’ll make sure to share with you guys when the iOS and BB versions of ChatON will be available so we can all put it through its paces together. So far so good though! Fast, reliable and feature-filled!