15 Reasons Maryam Nour Needs to be in a Mental Health Facility

It’s better if you watch this clip first… So, please do!

1- Jesus and Mohamad are Aliens

Even though the prophets of Christendom and Islam might’ve alluded they’re not from this world, jumping to the conclusion they’re aliens offends both believers and non-believer’s intelligence. For one, believers think they’re divine or touch by something divine (which is different from alien for some reason) and non-believers believe Jesus and Mohamad were just remarkable humans who were able to change the world, like The Buddha for example.

2- She harbored an Arabic-Speaking, Square-Faced Alien for 11 Months

This poor woman believes that a bunch of aliens came to Earth and stayed in the US. They were apparently persecuted by all religions and so they had to seek refuge with, of course, none other than Maryam Noor. She allowed the alien with the square face to sleep in her apartment. After this perfectly plausible story, the  main that question remains is: was the sex any good? Of course not.

Mother of God! It’s ME!

3- Walt Disney (I think she meant Disney World) is an Alien Cocoon

She says in 1946, the cocoons landed, and consequently, the US president ordered something “similar” be built to hide the alien pods. So, according to Maryam Noor, the beloved theme-park castle is hiding the location where square-faced, multilingual, telepathic aliens metamorphose.

4- They’re everywhere, but can’t be photographed

Apparently, all the imaging technologies we have, which span a good portion of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond what we can see with the naked eye (radio, micro, infrared, ultraviolet, xray, gamma, etc.) BUT, no fear! According to Maryam Noor, “London” is working on the imaging technology called “robotology”. What’s odd is that our somewhat primitive and limited eyes, can see the aliens, but all our more advanced imaging technology cannot.

5- Apparently, the aliens are telepathic

After telling us her alien roommate spoke Arabic, she said that they don’t actually talk, but that you understand them in your mother tongue. She says “I understand Arabic, you understand Armenian, etc.”

6- Tattooed people cannot interact with the aliens (Darn it!)

Apparently, “altering your body” makes you unable to interact with the aliens. This is because, apparently, the aliens are nazis when it comes to “God’s creation and image” and if we alter that, the “synchronisity” is thrown off. I hope it doesn’t include cutting nails and shaving hair! I mean, that’s also altering “God’s” image, right?

7- She hands tony a pirated book “Not From This World”

Really? The aliens need to rip it off at Ghali? Can’t they just publish it properly?

8- They steal “Gates” and they’re trying to steal gate “11” in Halab

According to Maryam Noor, there are many gates in the region that link you directly to other galaxies. This intergalactic “stargate” system allows you to go and “have conversations and sit with ‘them'”. What’s remarkable is she says if they “take Gate 11 in Halab, Syria is gone and we are gone” in an apparent parallel she drew with the unrest in Syria. What’s remarkable is she tells Tony to “wake up!” and that these gates explain baptism and similar rituals in other religions.

9- Asked why she doesn’t host them on her show, she says Nasrallah can see them

Apparently, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the executive and spiritual leader of Hezbollah can see these beings. Also, it appears the missing in action Imam Moussa El Sader taught Maryam Noor how to converse with the beings. Al Sader apparently didn’t like her given name, so he called her Maryam, encouraging her to name herself “Maryam Noor” which means  “Mary Light”.

10- Religious figures refused to appear with her because of the “sexual repression”

That, I agree with her on =P. But seriously, she thinks they’re afraid of her and she does a victory-dance-like move where she snaps her fingers in the air with a smug look on her face (4:41).

Religious figures interject here

Here, it gets funny, and a guy says that the Chruch believes that if aliens are found “they’ll make sure to send them missionaries to preach to them and baptize them” Wow, how arrogant of the Vatican… But, it’s better than the muslim guy’s point of view which resolutely stated “intelligent life does not exist except on Earth” which is a far more uneducated and dangerous stance. Life exists, and when we do discover it, if religions and Islam still exist by then, they’ll have tough questions to answer.

11- Maryam Noor goes about the Universe as she pleases

She says that she is able to travel from planet to planet whenever she feels like it. When asked which planet she went to last, she says she’s been to so many she can’t remember. She also says “you need to drink the water to know it’s there” which I think was massively stupid and irrelevant. Tony then tells her “is there a way you can go to a planet and not come back?” jokingly to which she responds that humans do not exist in one place, she is both there and here, then she tops it off with “destiny is in your hand”

12- The beings replaced JFK with Marilyn Monroe

Yup, she also says the sci-fi movie “The Cocoon” is completely factual. The IMDB description is “When a group of trespassing seniors swim in a pool containing alien cocoons, they find themselves energized with youthful vigor” Yes, very factual…

13- Braces serve an ulterior motive and heels on parquet say “come and f*** me”

She didn’t get the chance to say why braces have ulterior motives, but apparently the sound the heels of a woman make on wooden floor panles means “come and fuck me”

14- Tony wants to end the episode because he is focusing on what he’s gonna do later (which involves eating hotdogs)

Tony bursts out in uncontrollable laughter at this point (12:05)

15- She ends with a dirty joke after refusing to leave and not allowing other guests to appear

She jokes “a woman walking down the street tells a guy looking at her not to look at her because she is freezing. The man says, I have half a kilogram of meat I wanna put into the freezer” WOAH?! Where did that come from?


Maryam Noor hears voices in her head, believes she has super-human capabilities, is severely paranoid and is apparently completely convinced with the irrationalities she preaches. I’d say she’s paranoid schizophrenic, but then again, I think she is just like any religious figure and false prophet: wants to make money with her phony books and recommendations and methods.

My Thoughts on Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life

I believe intelligent extra-terrestrial life does exist. Read this to understand my point of view and what is generally accepted in the scientific community.


  1. Joanna says

    Hahhaha! But damn it ! I have a tattoo :/
    I wonder if they listen to Justin bieber:p

    Wt the hell is wrong with her ? Srsly now ?

  2. Pat says

    hehehe I am sure she is crazy but the question is, is she more crazy than regular people that believe in virgin birth / transforming water to wine / walking on water / multiplying fish / raising the dead / mar charbel magically appearing in pictures / pious ladies leaking oil ….

    She probably is but not by much :-)

  3. Sarsour says

    you failed to disprove anything she said, hence you are not less mental than she is …all you did was mock, and really a lot of times mocking and laughing is a reaction to fear of the subject being realistic….

    • says

      The burden of proof is her, not me. She is the I’ve seeing invisible aliens, so she should price their existence. Also, please read the article I appended at the end

    • says

      Sarsour says such powerful words Gino, she/he is very wise, authentic, rich with character and depth of understanding… I appreciate and really know where you are coming from, but i love Mariam Nour, she needs to twist your minds so that she invokes fear in you for you to question and do your research/work. So, anybody that speaks like her is a gift to our world. She speaks of ancient knowledge that we have forgotten. You may choose to judge her, but anything uncomfortable you feel about her has everything to do with you;
      Your own insecurities. let people be, no judging bullshit 😉

  4. Guy Bou Samra says

    The Amsterdam Municipality in association with Snoop Dogg and Simon Posford (Shpongle) presented in a recent press conference the launch of the new multi-effect natural pill, the “Maryam Noor” Pill. Still in testing and monitoring stages, the Beta pill is said to give you the powers of: alien telepathy, conspiracy decoding, extensive vision, inter-galactic travel, and the occasional stand-up comedian joke material.
    May incur side effects like schizophrenia, dementia, paranoia, and “wtf am I saying” power talking.

  5. Karl says


    I wish you could see my reaction to the video. After the 4th minute I honestly could not keep watching(however, i did), she is a sad sad person. People in mental hospitals are not this sick, no pill on earth or any other planet will be able to heal what she has.
    Sadly, I’ve heard that some people believe and follow her…
    I finally found someone that’s worse than priests…

  6. Pipo says

    You will go to hell, and to another planet for what you just said/wrote Giovanni!!!
    SHAME! SHAME!!! You will bring the end of all the Social Media Community!!!!!

  7. says

    Wake up Gino! Wake up!
    As much as I consider her completely insane, I have to agree with her on one point (*gasp*). Our society needs to embrace science and scientific knowledge and methodology (both natural and social sciences). Note that the “science” she refers to does not fall into those categories. She’s better off going on an acid or LSD trip…
    Anyway, it’s the shame that folk myths and antiquated ideology still govern our way of life in Lebanon, and I include everything from “saf2et hawa” (no, wind cannot give you bronchitis nor can the AC. The worse they can do is cause you to cough (a dry one) or snivel) to the “don’t step over your brother, he won’t grow anymore”.
    If people just knew how stochastic the world is…

  8. gregios says

    well obviously that there’s only Mariam Nour in Lebanon with such an uncontrollable brain electrons,as if i would like to tell u that unfortunately in Europe and US there’s such weirdos a lot,and people follow them,and listen to their crap,and they even take money from them,and they organize meetings and they travel together to weird places to go meditate(shit) to talk with the aliens and the unknowns and bullshit.
    I believe that these kind of people need to be medically treated as soon as possible and they have to be kicked out from our social life.nothing is more real than the things that u hear,u see,and u touch(point)

  9. Bella says

    Maryam Nour is the phoniest and most insincere person in the universe..All she is looking after is fame and money, she is the typical person who believes their own lies..
    there are millions of reasons to call her insane but she isn’t even worth speaking that much about her..She is a shame and embarrassment on Lebanese people and to both Islam and Christianity..

    • says

      Please read what I linked to at the end of the article before asking me to educate myself. Also, citing some book is not educating yourself, or else go read sitchin zakharia and “educate” yourself too.

      • says

        “Astral Projection” is not a book.
        And I really feel sorry for atheists who have ‘faith’ aliens do exist without any satisfying evidence, just relying on a set of random statistics (And deny God while they have plenty of indirect evidence). Even Richard Dawkins is ready to believe that aliens (who ‘must’ have evolved by Darwinian means in another planet) were the ones who might have seeded life on Earth and not admit God might have done it.

  10. Sou says

    dude you never know.. maybe she’s right.. you have no counter arguments to what she’s saying anyways. what about the people who think that there is heaven or hell awaiting them in the afterlife.. god is a kind of an alien figure too.. shouldn’t these people fall under the insanity category as well.. just reflecting

  11. Nisreen says

    we grew too arrogant to imagine that the universe was made for more than big important us!!
    soaked in ignorance we attack,
    but never grab a book to read and know.
    It’s easier to attack and make fun read formal approved history,
    read David Icke to open ur mouth even wider
    For Mariam, she doesn’t need a defense
    she is honor for humanity

  12. glovor says

    I don’t wanna say she’s right or anything….but neither are you. What you did here is only mock her, like when you said the thing about the eye, I mean okay what she said might be ridiculous but what you said also is. Jesus and mohamad are aliens, where is the insult in this, nothing is bad with being an alien it’s just a word we consider bad but what it truly means is being from another planet, which is not a bad thing…like someone said God might be considered an alien as he does not live on earth.
    besides, who are you to criticize her, really, she might turn out to be speaking something that is true and real, astral and mental projection exist and supposedly they allow one to visit other planes of existence etc etc etc…
    The point here is that you’;re only criticizing her because you dont have enough understanding or the same believes for what its worth, just like she can criticize christians for believing in an afterlife, miracles a man that can walk on water or other things in islamic religion…bla bla bla..
    before throwing rocks at others houses make sure your own is not built of glass,
    theres no point of what you posted here, unlike the obvious point she has, she’s trying to teach people what she believes in, regardless whether or not what she’s saying is true or wrong.
    have a nice day!

  13. Sarah says

    Mariam Nour is 1of many New age Guru cult who ,with or without, their knowledge are working under the secretive agenda of the power Elite .
    The New Age Movement is both a religious and a social movement. goals of the movement are to establish a World Food Authority, World Water Authority, World Economic Order, and an entirely New World Orderthe New Age Movement fits the description of the Antichrist’s religion — a rejection of the Judeo-Christian God and the declaration that self is God.
    The 14 points that identifies the new age thinking :
    (1)all is one; (2) all is God; (3) humanity is God; (4) a change in consciousness; (5) all religions are one; and (6) cosmic evolutionary optimism. Norman Geisler details 14 primary “doctrines” of New Age religions: (1) an impersonal god (force); (2) an eternal universe; (3) an illusory nature of matter; (4) a cyclical nature of life; (5) the necessity of reincarnations; (6) the evolution of man into Godhood; (7) continuing revelations from beings beyond the world; (8) the identity of man with God; (9) the need for meditation (or other consciousness-changing techniques); (10) occult practices (astrology, mediums, etc.); (11) vegetarianism and holistic health; (12) pacifism (or anti-war activities); (13) one world (global) order; and (14) syncretism (unity of all religions)
    Anyways this is all to feed up the ILLUMINATI plan in creating a New World order ,which will be ruled by the ELITE under 1 satanic government.

    • Nour says

      Agreed to all you said about NWO… not sure mariam leads down that specfic path though.. she has a genuine to our side of the world, we need to educate/research/read more to make out the whole picture, all it takes is an open mind and strong intuition.

  14. says

    I think the issue with Mariam Nour is that she just does not know how to express herself correctly. And the fact that a lot of us Lebanese are drenched in arrogance and cynicism does not help her at all, she starts getting frustrated. I can’t believe how closed minded Tony was in that video, laughing and being sarcastic over every word Mariam says without even giving it the tiniest thought. What she said about Tony not being able to see what she sees because he is too distracted and restless wanting to wrap up the episode is actually quite true. What she was trying to say is that to be projected to a different dimension, you need to be in focus and you actually need to believe it. She did not literally mean hotdogs. Taking things literally is just pure limited. And obviously they can’t be photographed because it’s projection, it’s nothing physical. And even if the technology did exist, it’s nothing that Mariam would have possession over. And another thing I don’t understand is why these anti-alien arguments are all against Mariam nour when there’s thousands of books out there that claim people have had encounters. And she did show some books but Tony was too busy trying to act smart. She’s not the only one and in my opinion, that needs be considered.
    And on an end note, I think the people that are in mental asylums are more sane than we are. Being logical can be overrated.

  15. Sam Perra says

    Couldn’t agree more with Nadine Beyrouti.

    Who are you people to judge, what gives you the right to say that she is or not a sane person? You people need to step out of your cozy bubble and explore what is out there. There’s no reason to hate on her, she is knowledgeable & very well spoken. You guys really need to open your ears so you can really understand what she is saying and try to see what she really wants you to see. It’s funny how humans judge and make fun of everything that is different … Have you guys forgotten how people were treating Jesus because he was different from all of us. I am not saying she is Jesus all I am saying is that open your eyes and ears and shut your lips before you start barking away. You people should start reading more and start traveling, exploring new countries new ideas…Go out and see what is out there. Anyways….Live & Let Live

    • says

      Live and let live doesn’t mean you can’t call out someone for being stupid. As for your elitist attitude that you’re somehow better than all of us because you “saw” something in all the gibberish, I find that offensive and honestly, just talk with no real meaning. As for the Jesus argument, people believed him and look what happened to the world… Ignorance, no science for 1500 years and the Church. If there were more people who used their brain versus clap and follow blindly, we’d be in a much better world today

      • Sam Perra says

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion Gino. I am not better than you or the other people I am simply stating facts about how we all need to step out from our bubble and start accepting people who wants to bring peace and not turn around and mock them. But I personally don’t see any harm coming from her. All she talks about is how to live better, love one another, eat healthy, respect the world and everyone who is in it…She does say what’s on her mind, she doesn’t hide behind a mask and she doesn’t pretend to be someone she is not! That is why people react, get scared and starts bashing her. Instead of asking her the proper questions to explain herself better because we do not understand we start making fun, no wonder she gets all frustrated and always walks away. People tend to be against anyone who is different. She asks people to wake up and start educating themselves and to become aware of what’s going on in this sick world, to stop listening to some rubbish politician who claims he knows how to make this country a better place by following his lead, by killing one another, by dressing up with his theme color. Where is the positive attitude in all this? 90 % of Lebanese people all clap and follow politicians like Sheep. I see friends who stopped talking to each other because one of them started following another politicians…This is simply ridicules….The government should be afraid of it’s people not the other way around. Love is key my friend and we should all accept before we reject.

  16. says

    glovor well put! YOu are great, thank you
    Sam Perra you are so great too,
    I am impressed by everyone, well done, hope that the person that dislikes her can reflect deeply before her ‘fear base’ mentality takes over and becomes mean : (
    I love Mariam Nour, she’s funny! and Different. Serves the arab world enormously!
    So bless her and everyone,

  17. says

    No You need to be in a Mental Health Institute, quit projecting yourself so openly, it’s embarrassing. Leave Mariam nour Alone! She means you no harm, she just threatens your twisted belief system and you decide to get in your ego and reject yourself and everyone else! Go hang out with some indiginous tribe, do ceremonies, learn the old ancient ways, they are given to us from the sage of Grandmother spirit. and call in your ancestors, they’ll tell you, It’s about nothingness, Ha

  18. raphaella says

    she is a devil she is a maniac God bless whoever is sowing her sickness this is just lame!!! she is mentally retarded i feel soooo sad for her

  19. saer timani says

    I can give you 150 reasons why you should be in a mental health facility ! That’s so easy when you don’t have to use any proof or be authentic

  20. says

    Maryam Noor is lucky to have this vision and unlucky to live in a society of people who only believe what they see and touch. They don’t question a whole city or a whole community, a far away living person or a dead person in their dreams while helplessly sleeping.
    We don’t read…….? why doesn’t Tony invite Deepak Chopra and mock him the way he does with Maryam.? Why should Maryam be after money or fame where she lives in that simple house, wears few humble dresses and eats food that doesn’t cost anything?
    I myself, tried her diet and if I learned nothing from her except the benefit of this diet, I’ll be more than grateful for her.
    Please my friends, just close your very limited two eyes and you can see endless world while sitting awake. imagination is two stages higher than reality. When an engineer plans to build a house 1- he gets the idea in his imagination, 2- he puts it on a piece of paper. 3- he starts to bring it to reality. and because reality makes us tired and takes more time, we believe in it more and forget the real steps behind.

  21. Rania says

    I was speechless while watching the video, I can’t believe the stupidity of this woman. As I read some of the comments, I was even more surprised to see how some people are actually defending her and saying how she could be true which I find very embarrassing.
    You cannot prove everything she said wrong, you cannot prove that she doesn’t see or talk to aliens as much as you cannot prove that pink unicorns do not exist.
    There are 2 possibilities, either this woman is seriously ill or this is all an act to be famous.

  22. Nestorius says

    Yes. Indeed Mariam Nour needs to be in a mental health facility.
    For those who don’t know the reality of Mariam Nour, she is a New Age priestess i.e. an Illuminata Witch. Now in Witchcraft terminology seeing and communicating with aliens means being demonically possessed in Christian terminology. In Witchcraft theology these aliens correspond to demons in Christian terminology.
    The fact that Mariam Nour acknowledges that she sees and talks with aliens (demons in Christian terminology) means that she is demonically possessed, in other terms that she is mentally unstable.
    The biggest surprise here is that Mariam Nour said that Hassan Nasrallah is demonically possessed!


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