Poll of the Week: Let’s Settle This, NRJ MixFM or Radio One?

Note, in a previous poll, Light FM was you guys’ favorite station (at 32%). This poll is to settle it between these 3

All three radio stations have been spamming us with hour-long ads on why they’re the “official number one” But which one really is? Let us know and tell us why!


  1. Ryan says

    radio one is number one its obvious they are the first and always have the best music from all different genres, i <3 radio one

  2. Elie says

    i adore mix fm’s way of organizing & producing events!!but as a RADIO with programs and music..it has to be Radio One

  3. David says

    I was with the idea of Mix Fm being number one… but when my uncle Roger Chlala a.k.a DJ RapBase died about 3 years ago, I totally changed my mind for some reasons i would not like to state… Anyways, I think the number one radio station currently is Radio One !!!!

  4. says

    lei ma fi light FM?
    eno ok they dnt spam us with ads that theyr number 1… but still… i like em more… especially on saturday nights when all 3 of those mentioned above choose to play crappy music.

  5. Roni Roukoz says

    Light Fm is the only station who plays real music… although they have that lame tangue which personally gets on my nerves… but when hes not around its the only Lebanese station that actually broadcasts real MUSIC…

    • says

      Hey Roni…It’s TANGUY and guess what since my show is Called “La Bonne Humeur” ur gonna have some and u’ll be the first one to be able to enjoy it: i’m going soon on vacation beginning February so you can enjoy Light FM Music ALL DAY LONG for 2 weeks πŸ˜›

      • says

        SUre it’s me :-) Hey can’t please EVERYBODY !!!! Try to but i’m “LAME” for some :-(
        One thing for sure is that i’m full of BONNE HUMEUR and still have a lot to spread πŸ˜‰

        And i enjoy reading all ur comments…makes me understand you guys better πŸ˜‰

        Ciao πŸ˜‰

  6. Tony says

    Radio One is number 1 of course. It still has diversity in its music. All NRJ does all day long is to feed us its playlist, and Mix FM, well… they copy paste Radio one’s music

  7. James says

    Radio One of course, cause it have the most variaty of songs, and play the hits first !, Mix FM talks a lot, and NRJ just copys ans pasts all of Radio One’s songs on it’s playlist !

  8. Jana says

    yeeeey Radio ONE! Light fm is nice bas it’s a totally different genre. It’s akid the best btw nostalgie, france fm, etc. But this category is different!

  9. karen says

    Johnny dont make fun of France fm hbb ok ??? France fm was the best froncophone Radio and most of the ppl were listening to France fm whether in their office, home ect…

  10. says

    Funny Story about Mix Fm:

    2 Years ago, when 2 DJs (that will remain unnamed) quit Mix fm for a short period of 10hours, I had the initiative to write a small topic on a Lebanese Dance Music Website (will remain unnamed) – In that topic I accused all the current radio station owners of being bureaucrats and not music enthusiasts and blabla…
    1 Hour later, Kareen (Nickname on the dance website and Owner of MIX FM) Replies to my topic calling me names, such as a baby, who was in his mother’s wound when she used to party and more blablabla ….
    10 Minutes later, a massive response from musicians and bloggers from around beirut and to Canada and Qatar started replying Kareen and her arrogant reply… Critiquing Mix Fm and their foul play.
    Few hours later, the website was taken down and closed. Other websites followed.
    2Days later, I head to B018 (A club i frequented for over 5years) early as usual, I take my drink from the bar and await my friends… Few minutes after that, Alain (b018 manager) heads over and asks me to meet him up in the parking lot. When I go up, I see Alain & Jihad ( B018 Bouncer) nicely standing and politely asking me to leave the premises… When I asked why, Alain told me “Kareen”

    I turned around, head to my car and went home…. Wanting to rant about it online, I Open my facebook and find this message in my inbox:

    ” Christian Nahas
    You are Blacklisted
    Please note that you are blacklisted on all Mix FM’s events. If you choose to show up in spite of that it will be at your own responsibility, as security staff will have to take necessary actions in that respect.
    In addition for being blacklisted on Mix FM’s events, you are also banned from B 018 Karantina

    Christian Nahas
    Mix FM’s events manager ”


  11. Sam says

    My vote: Radio One.

    Light FM: I do enjoy Tanguy actually (even more now with the open-mindedness he showed in the above post). Their music is a great way to change from the same stuff being played again and again on the English speaking stations.

    Radio One: Best Music/Programs Combo: Gavin Ford is hilarious, and so is Maximus.

    Mix FM: Leave it to them to produce the biggest/most unforgettable events. But it gets tiresome to listen to the radio station after a while. Especially with the overlong ads promoting the aforementioned events.

    NRJ: My least favourite of the 3. And can someone please tell me how they hire their broadcasters? Most of the time, I have no idea what the guy on NRJ is talking about (and he can go on for ages). It’s one of those “It seemed funny in my head” things but you can’t broadcast it on National Radio.

    Since everyone claims they’re number 1, I always apply a rule: Track where the advertisers are spending their money (cause they have to get it right). In this regard, it seems most of them will have ads/sponsored segments on Radio One and Light FM.

    • says

      :-) Ahlan ahlan…You know what guys. You should all pass by our Radio to check it out πŸ˜‰ Well anyway ur welcome to Pop in anytime. And i’m sure that Gavin or Maximus won’t mind cause they’re really cool guys.

      SO Coffee’s on me πŸ˜‰

  12. Georges says

    Mix FM are the best but the one’s responsible of their facebook event pages are simply immature and unprofessional.

  13. Johny says

    Radio one is the worst i don’t know how they’re still operating…. they play the songs they played first or “discovered” Over and over again to make them go to number 1 and they always leave out music and artists because of personal preferences it’s so obvious… They are a bit too conservative also in the way they operate…
    Nrj is a very nice addition but their events are not as good as Mix Fm’s which puts it at the top ( although I hate Nemer’s show on Mix Fm)

  14. Ruba Doueihi says

    Events wise.. Mix Fm proved itself superior. Bass when im in the car id like to listen to Radio One due to its music and shows
    Just saying.

  15. ranaz says

    NO for mix fm cz djs all day long can get MORE than boring
    And between Radio one and Nrj i’m gonna have to say radio one , cz theire music suits all tastes :)

  16. Johnny says

    Radioone have the worst radio shows + djs! the afternoon show has been there for 10 years people need something new!!! & not that girl who barely speaks english. its all the same crap ! unexperienced djs need a job? go to radio one

  17. Andrew says

    Johnny i totally agree! and ppl say mix and nrj copy radio one ? really ? haaahaha radio one are a bunch of old faggots who are clueless about radio. all there djs are amateurs and kids !

    • James says

      Johnny and Andrew, I just like to list you some of many songs Radio One played before Mix FM and NRJ in ages : Somebody that I used to know, Pumped up kicks , On the floor , Rain over me, Wish you were here, It will rain , Moves like jagger, Rolling in the deep, Hangover, Without you, Read all about it, I remember / Summer love, Papi ( and here I would like to say that they played it in like 2-3 monthes before Mix FM and NRJ ) , You make me feel, Glad you came, Welcome to St Tropey, See no more, Good life, Just the way you are… Wich are the biggest songs in Lebanon for the last year. Just saying. So when it comes to music, Radio One is the best

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