The Weekly Leaks: Armin is a Campaigner for Children of War including the oPt, Lara Fabian is STILL Coming

Honestly, I have no clue who Lara Fabian is, and that’s why I didn’t really comment on the news that Israeli boycott groups had “successfully” barred her concerts planned for Valentine’s Day. On the inside though, I was deeply worried. After all, the very fabric of Lebanese lifestyle was being threatened.

Further Information About Why the BDS Screwed up with Armin NYE-1

If the exposure these “activists” got last time for protesting an event whose main act is an ambassador for the NGO War Child which is actively helping children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. However, gathering awareness, money and support for the children affected by the war whom the BDS thinks it’s heroically fighting for, is a secondary detail compared to the cardinal sin is performing music for Israelis. Yes, that’s BDS logic for you. And, I thank a very good Palestinian activist friend of mine for who is actually an activist I have respect for. Who works day and night to better the status of Palestinian refugees, instead of bother people with big titles that ultimately have no real use. I doubt Israel will cease to exist if artists stop performing in Lebanon.

I’m proud of Armin because he understood where those people were coming from, and didn’t abandon his fans, and came, and rocked a full house. Whereas the protestors dispersed and probably went to a Hamra pub and discussed “The Communist Manifesto” while they wore their designer “Che” shirts. However, the opposition made Armin cancel his planned visit to Palestinian refugee camps as part of his role as Ambassador for War Child. So, in reality, the only thing the BDS movement ruined, was a visit of an international music icon to a Palestinian refugee camp.

If you understand Dutch:

Why the BDS will Fail Again with Lara Fabian

After having the victory dance, then being stunned that she is in fact still coming to please her Lebanese fans (who include many of my friends apparently). A short phone call I made to the ticketing box office and someone close to the organizers made me certain it was still on.

What made me happier is that it’s in the Casino du Liban and a ticket is for 200USD up to 500USD. Which means, big shots will be there in a much more secure venue. It’s not like us poor common people at BIEL who pay 50USD for a ticket we save up for!

Therefore, I doubt the personal security detail of many present will tolerate a rabble of noisy youths at the door of the prestigious venue. Also, the Casino du Liban’s own security and government-sanctioned detail are enough to prevent any disturbance.

Of course, the BDS will escalate and the promoters have been promised heightened security. So, whatever the BDS do, I tell them, “bravo ya shattooreen!” and to keep at it. As for her fans, go enjoy your St Valentine’s Day in peace!

The New Standard

Today, the BDS are basking in the glory we unwittingly gave them. What we see as illogical and aggressive, they see as a divine victory against the world’s fourth largest army. So, we should now be mad at the artists who refuse to perform for us out of fear. The BDS say they are peaceful, so there’s no worries for the artists’ safety (for now). So, the artists must come and perform for their fans, or else the artists are sissies. I think Lara Fabian being back on is spectacular news. Perhaps the BDS will now focus on doing something useful for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories rather than ruining people’s Valentine’s Day.


  1. Enma says

    those commoners, ruining our valentine evening with they lousy lost war of 2006. It is their fault if thousands of their cousins died when the 4th greatest army in the world was defending itself from agression. Happy that our casino du liban didn’t suffer and can still hold festivities with all world artists, specially those that express love for Israel.
    These BDS idiots need take example on us and see how we care about Palestinian and cherish the great achievements we funded with our own tax money in Nahr al Bared refugee camp. I mean what do those Palestinian wish for more than dancing for Armin,
    Happy that our assembly is filled with honest responsible people that don’t waste their time in nonsense like assaulting Israel, clearing south lebanon from cluster bombs, giving rights to Palestinians to live normally, stopping marital violence… Those southerner need to stop bothering our way of life: we want to dance on music by Zionist sympathizer and don’t give a damn if that offend anyone. That is our sectarian freedom.

    • says

      When you stop using everything that goes thorough or “supports” Israel, I’ll consider joining in with you, till then, the BDS is a laughing stock to me, who are they themselves “bourgois” who only boycott what does not affect their life. Or else, get off whatever machine youre using to spam my blog with “i love israel” since the semiconductor in it was manufactured in Haifa. Unless of course it didn’t include intel, microsoft or apple components.

      As for naher el bared part, your stance on it makes it clear youre just a fanatic who has lost the ability to understand what really happens in the real world. Yours is just blind, misguided rage. What about the tax money being paid to rebuild it? The officers and red cross workers who died top avoid civilian casualties? Those don’t matter though, theyre probably “israelis” to you.

      Also, just because I think your movement is misguided, doesn’t mean I’m with israel. I know that might be tough for you to grasp, it’s a difficult concept for some, I hope you’ll try to though. Also, I think lara fabian is too expensive and I don’t know who she is, it’s the idea of boycotts and bans which I’m against.

      As for armin, good job in disregarding he probably did more for oPt than you have. Criticize the dancing and the music instead, bravo.

  2. Ziad says

    It’s a shame that people wants to boycott some artists cause they performed in Israel.
    Israel is a country like any other, they hav a fucking asshole (etc) government, but people living there are human, like Lebanese and Palestinian.
    We all want PEACE & LOVE, and Lebanon need to be the leader of these terms !!! We have to show the world that we are peacefull and not fucking cultural terrorist…
    Love Lebanon, Love Lebanese People, Love Human, but Hate people thinking Israel is everywhere!

    Btw: You blog is so good

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