Avoid Valet Parking Series: Gemmayzeh Edition

After the unexpected success of the Zaitunay Bay edition, it was only natural to do the Gemmayzeh edition one. Below is a Google Map detailing the locations of parkings I frequent the most. Personally, I’d recommend you find a spot on Mar Mikhael street, but because of the┬ábourgeoning nightlife district there recently, it’s getting tougher to find a parking spot.

My favorite spot is the Freres school’s parking, because the proceeds go to fund scholarships in the school (or at least that’s what the parking ticket says). It’s at the beginning of Gemmayzeh too, so will allow you to do the entire pub-route. There are two others on Pasteur street, parallel to Gouraud street (the main Gemmayzeh street). One is in front of the European Union’s HQ in Lebanon (5,000 LBP) and the other is near Coop D’Etat and Bulldog (5,000 LBP).

There are several smaller ones also, which are garages in the day, and parking by night. They’re tight though, and you might get your car busted there just as much as when you use a valet.


  1. samer says

    I know a secret spot where i park the car! It works most of the time, but when it doesn’t parking for sure!
    Police officers are always around writing parking-tickets to valet parked cars!

    • says

      u would rather walk all the way to gemayzeh from dt, just to save urself from spending 2500 extra?! the valet is only 5000!

      the school is the best place to park but if ur going somewhere like the Alleyway at the end of gemayze, then its difficult.

      • says

        It’s not the money, it’s the douchebag valet workers. And besides, parking costs the same as valet, so it’s not really a cost thing. And walk! Lazy people ­čśŤ

  2. Valet Revolution says

    The Valets in Lebanon are mafias, crooks and moukhabarat … the solution isn’t to avoid them but to beat the shit out of them.

    I tried to park on an empty space in Gemmayzeh only to find a valet threatening me by saying “I would be responsible for what happens to my car if i leave it there”.

    We either give in to them of fight them …

    There should be a movement gathering people to walk through gemmayze, monnot and kick all the valets out of there by force ! and repeat if necessary …

    They threaten people who park on public parking spots, they threaten bar owners, they threaten residents … and we give in to their “rules” or avoid them by trying to find alternate parkings far away ?

    It’s time to change this status quo !

  3. says

    Then go and be bribed by valets ,what r they gonna do anyway steal some stuff from ur car, make you get a ticket and steal from u soo yesss tefshikhe lebanese I’d rather walk

  4. says

    One more thing lebanese bass shatrinnn yisher3o 3al 1000 taba3 el taxi then 2 save themselves of being robbed by some crooks with no educational background ,enjoy hell life in your country

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