The Weekly Leaks: February 30?

For those of you who frequent Hamra, more specifically the “alley” where Dany’s, Big Shot, Jackie’O and other pubs are located in, you will have noticed a huge banner that reads “Opening February 30”. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that what’s going to open there is just as mind-boggling as the banner, which refers to the venue name, not a date (obviously!).

With Faces and Big Shot under the belt of the guys behind this new pub, the main plan behind “February 30” is to make every pub-goer go “WTF?!” Every single custom-made piece of furniture and decoration is absurd and bizarre. From welcome mats and stairs on the ceiling, to a Sukleen can remodeled to become a sofa and half a Harley motorcycles for a bar stool, the pub is shaping up to redefine what weird is, even for the often eccentric Hamra. The fine attention to detail is impressive, with every single detail considered and mutated to look like something straight out of a very interesting person’s imagination. In fact, I think the biggest motivation for me to visit will be to look at the finished February 30 and try to find all the peculiarities its makers have conjured up.

That’s all the information I could get hold of concerning the place and concept. BUT, I managed to get my hands on a photo of the interior’s plans (which is not blurry like photos on Facebook =D), which I’m sharing with you below. So, February 29 is February 30’s opening!


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