Very Illogical Bridge Ahead

Look what I spotted on my way into Beirut today…


Impressive trolling there šŸ˜€


I posted the above from my phone, and by the time I figured out how to, the photo was already circulating on Facebook =P It looks like a person or group calling themselves “King Nedward the Ninth” have claimed responsibility for the above and other similar acts of awesome vandalism. It does not look like a politically motivated group, with its focus being on our actual worries, like the traffic jam this stupid bridge causes for example (or at least Lebanon’s stupid drivers).

Here’s part of King Nedward’s “manifesto”

My name is King Nedward the ninth, formerly supreme ruler of the Kingdom of Something Completely Different.

I was found unfit to rule because I did not believe in politics nor religion andĀ wanted my reign to be based on nothing but love, laughter and music.Ā 

My brother, King Edward the thirteenth (our parents obviously lacked imagination) overthrew me and decided that I should be exiled to a country where people were obsessed by the two things I hate the most, so that maybe, with time, their passion for politics and religion would rub off on me, and that (and I quote) “I would be saved and could return to where I once belonged”

It was decided I would be sent to Lebanon.

[Read more here]

The rest of the declaration I agree with 100%. It’s as if I wrote it! (Or did I?), but seriously now, I would be much harsher on our religious zealots, King Nedward was fairly diplomatic. But, as far as my humble opinion goes, I wouldn’t mind pledgingĀ allegianceĀ to this new King and his motto “Love. Laughter. Music.”

Follow King Ned here on hisĀ Facebook PageĀ and good luck to us all!

Many thanks to Marilyn and Najib for letting us know about the Facebook page


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