Artsy Fartsy – Instagram Picks 2

1- Garden of Eden

This is the garden at my grandparent’s house in Ehden, North of Lebanon. As you can already tell, the name is derived from Eden, making it the “paradise on Earth” destination in most rally papers =P

2- Flowers at Sunset

This was taken at the Marina Joseph Khoury in Dbayeh, I edited it through Lightbox, with the Lomo effect, making the colors toned down except for the flowers themselves. I believe they are called “khibbayzeh” in Arabic and people drink their tea!

3- Nahr El Kalb Bridge

I took this at sunset on the “dog river” North of Beirut

4- Pierre and Friends

I absolutely love this shot. While I was taking a dip in the chilly water, I noticed my reflection in that restroom mirror. After Yuri failed to take a proper shot, I beached myself and took this photo. The colors, composition and elements really came together to make this one of my favorite shots.

5- White’s Open

White Beirut is up and running and summer is well underway, here’s a shot of one of the famous illuminated walls at the famous rooftop club

6- Art?

A friend of mine was interning at Beirut Souks as it was being built, he mistook it for a crooked and rickety piece of scaffolding. Apparently though, it’s a work of art, but that’s for you to decide.

7- Selfish

The graffiti which was one of the reasons I finally announced my fake candidacy and the Selfish Movement

8- Bazella Bunny

As I was buying a couple of kilos of bazella before their season ends, this cute fluffy bunny rabbit was also getting a piece of the action before it got too late. This was taken in Koura.

9- Crystal Clear Waters

I was in Hamat earlier today, and the sea that often disgusts us in Beirut, is beautiful and clean here. Makes me wanna get my snorkeling gear and dive right in.

10- Cloud Porn

Clouds are awesome, and these were the clouds off the coast of Batroun today. The sun and wild flower silhouette completed this photo, and I think it looks pretty cool!


  1. Michelle says

    Ahaha Cloud Porn ^_^ Appropriate title, though. I love clouds; have to stop myself from taking hundreds of pictures of them. Haven’t looked through your whole blog but I like the pictures in this post!


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