Motorcycle Cabs in Beirut?

So, these “motocabs” have been spotted around Beirut. Jessy was kind enough to send me a few photos, but I have unfortunately been unable to contact them on their number =( I guess they haven’t officially launched yet. But, would you hire these twothree-wheeled cabs?

I might, they can maneuver through traffic! Which would be perfect if you’re going somewhere within the city to a meeting, but would rather not spend hours stuck in a traffic jam. What do you guys think, yes or no?


  1. haig41 says

    Pros: time
    Cons: Exposure to danger, elements, + shway bahdale
    I think the more desperate and late you are, the better it sounds =P

  2. JBK says

    Gino, you’d want to try this # 01 888287. MotoCAB is a sister company for A.N. Boukhater (Mazda dealer). They’re still in an early start-up stage, but you can get all the info you need through calling the above number.
    Btw it’s interesting to know how they’re managing a taxi business with white plates.

  3. says

    I told you they were three-wheeled :p …. I just want to mention that I was stalking them to see how they drive, they were 3 … and they were abiding by the rules (surprisingly) and not going in between cars … which was pretty cool and SAFE as a start.

  4. MotoCAB says

    I would like to thank you Ms. Jessy for your interest in our service and everyone else for your positive comments :)
    kindly notice that MotoCAB motorbikes are 3 wheeled scooters, with their own skilled and experienced riders, intended to be a useful still a safe alternative in the crowded traffic conditions typical of big cities. with MotoCAB you are quick, safe, and distinguished. Both, riders and passengers should wear the safety gear (Light weight safety jacket, gloves and helmet)
    Fed up with traffic? we are your solution. For any further information, please feel free to contact us: or 70-500 100

  5. Mar says

    YES!! Can’t wait to try, sounds fun!
    Can their fees compete with the taxi/service fees? What are the fees per km?

  6. MotoCAB says

    Come and experience your first ride on 3 wheelers, being safe and feeling secured by using MotoCAB service for free at Beirut motorcycle show “Biel”.

    This event is the first motorcycle show in Lebanon and the region, to be held from June 20th to June 24th From 4pm to 10pm.

    We will be waiting for you to offer you a free shuttle from the parking place to the main entrance of the exhibition and forth.

    Join us with your friends to experience the magical world of Motorcycles.

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