Don’t Want to Put Up With Teens? TGOD with Wiz at White

Whenever an event has a “teen section” in it, it’s usually a clear indication to steer away. Now, I’m not a grandparent, and I’ve been attending concerts since I was 10 years old. But, when a concert openly says children can come, especially in Lebanon, it ends up being a “mama’s boy and papy’s girl” spoiled and ruining your absurdly expensive VIP table experience. I say this based on previous experience of course, and I might be wrong.

But, if you’d rather not have the stadium-event hassle, like me, you’ll be glad to know Wiz will be performing a handful of songs at White Beirut right after his Forum de Beyrouth performance.

Life Club is also having a pretty decent party with international RnB DJs instead of Wiz after a mix-up with the organizers, cheekily named “Wiz Out Kahlifa”. So, this Saturday night, if you’re going to Forum, afterparty at Life and if you’re not in Forum, wherever you may be, try to secure access into White and experience the man up-close and personal in a much more comfortable environment.

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