Jennifer Lopez Sports Lebanese Flag on Stage in the UAE

Edit: It seems that in the first few minutes of the show, some Lebanese fans near the stage handed JLo the Lebanese flag and she appears to have mistakenly assumed it was the Emirati one… Quite a funny, yet honest blooper from JLo’s side. It also puts Lebanese trolling at a new high =P

Jennifer Lopez was performing in the UAE and in the show’s few minutes, Lebanese fans were surprised to see their flag raised and worn by the Pop icon on Lebanon’s Independence Day! Wonder what the Emirati fans thought of that 😛






  1. osman says

    Haha I love it! It’s like when I went to a Gaza protest in the UK a week ago and raised a Lebanese flag with ‘2006’ on it, everyone looked confused haha!

  2. JLO concert says

    oh man how offensive was THAT!! haha When we saw her do that, EVERYONE around us was SCHOCKED! “are you stupid enough to think its a local flag???”” she didnt known jack shit about Lebanon, there’s no way she’s stupid enough to raise another country’s flag lol imagine she’s performing in the US and she raises a Canadian flag!!! come on Lebanese people…you’re just as stupid of her if you think she was commemorating our independence day!!!! lol

    its not like she SAID anything about Lebanon’s independence day. she literally thought it was a UAE flag!!!

  3. Jean says

    Why the Fuzzzz!?! Lebanese crowd are the key for night life in the middle east & Gulf area. Anyone living there or have a small notion of nightlife industry knows that; J Lo simply took a short cut to the spectators soul… Cheers J Lo :)

    • Anna K says

      Interesting that you say that because I feel it is some what accurate to say that the
      Lebanese youth promote the fantastic night life in UAE

  4. Mohammad says

    Don’t you guys think that a 42 year old singer, who has been touring the world over and over, does not know the flag of the country she is performing at or at least her managers inform her of it. Please guys she is not stupid!!!!

  5. Samah says

    Haha I was there…some Lebanese fans just gave it to her and she thought it was the UAE flag and started screaming UAE…how stupid can she be!

  6. Tony Fayad says

    Whilst it was the wrong flag for UAE for the country, She can be forgiven as maybe geography was not her favorite subject at school. Everyone that is human has made mistakes or do we soon forget. The fact that she tried to impress the crowd with a lovely thought, should be enough. It was the right flag for the hearts she touched. The fact that she is in the Arab world to start with, is fantastic and I’m shore it’s preparation for when she will visit some day other countries in the Arab world.. Politicians go around and visit people in other states to gain interest. She has certainly won my vote.


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