Toom Extra Season 2 Book Signing (A Little Surprise From Me)

Toom-Extra-S2-PosterYou all know Toom Extra, and if you don’t, and can read Arabic, then shame on you!

The guys behind Toom Extra write scathingly satirical, yet acutely accurate parody news articles about life in Lebanon. From societal dilemmas to political scandals, these guys are The Onion’s Lebanese version, only better, and thus, Toom (garlic) EXTRA .

For the not-so-witty reader, they might seem legit news articles and reports and analyses, but for the true Lebanese, you’ll understand exactly what they’re poking fun at and laugh uncontrollably and delight at the hilarious parallels they draw with our unfortunate reality.

The guys are releasing this book, and I’m happy to say they allowed me to contribute a teeny tiny part of it!

They’re launching it next Wednesday December 19, 2012 at 7:00PM in the Radio Beirut Building in Mar Mikhail. Here’s the Facebook event + map

Buy the book, meet the guys, mingle with other awesome Lebanese intellectuals and find out what part of it I’m in/had a part in.

I wish so bad I could’ve been there, but I’m confident you guys will fill me in on all the details.

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