Couture Los Angeles: Hollywood’s New It-Club and Its Lebanese Roots


When I was exploring the scene in LA with my good friend DJ Base last month, I was surprised time and again by just how successful originally Lebanese folks were in Tinseltown. Perhaps the jewel of the Lebanese diaspora’s star-studded crown is Couture Los Angeles, the new it-club on Hollwood Boulevard.

IMG_6653I was lucky enough to get invited to the opening by my good friend, Cyril Bitar, the man behind Beirut’s legendary Underrated Party Crew, whose brother Dany Bitar co-owner of Couture, and a nightlife and entertainment mogul in LA with over two decades of rocking the scene under his belt.

Couture combines the finest of the fashion world with the best of luxury clubbing. The venue is centered around a catwalk, that actually is a bonafide fashion catwalk featuring designers from all over the world and top-notch models.

Behind the catwalk is the DJ booth, with a large, crisp-clear display that visuals are shown on, which in my opinion is a very welcome change from the pixelated LED displays we’re now used to seeing everywhere. Right in front of the catwalk is a large booth area that fits two tables of revelers. To the right of the catwalk and on the farside of the club are smaller tables, all with sofas and low chairs, none of those tiny, uncomfortable tables with bar stools you can never really sit on. On the left side is a bar dotted with glass displays of fine jewelry and accessories that you can buy, or which Couture gifts you if you’re one of its high rollers.

The lighting is very elegant and unobtrusive and fits perfectly with the refined, upscale theme of the venue. No large moving heads and awkward multicolored displays, only a fine tone of white-beige, indirect lights and tastefully placed LED stripes over the catwalk and dancers podiums.

The scantily, but haute-couture clad and gorgeous hostesses and dancers also elaborate the club’s commitment to fashion along with their focus on the nocturnal entertainment world. The night started off with a mellow blend of House and Loungy music and quickly went into faster-paced hits from across the Top 40 spectrum (Hip Hop and Pop) when the two-time playmate and Maxim’s 55 sexiest woman in the world, Joanna Krupa went on stage and showcased Claire Farwell eco-friendly designs. Part of the proceeds went to PETA, which I thought was extremely amazing!

All in all, Couture was awesome and for once, I enjoyed clubbing in the US, something rare after being a seasoned clubber in Beirut. It was fantastic rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Perez Hilton and other big names in today’s world in such an intimate and fluid venue. If you’re a fashionista and appreciate a good night out, in the world’s entertainment capital, then Couture is for you, and it makes me extremely proud that many of the people behind it are from Lebanon! It’s definitely gonna be the first place I go to on my next visit to the City of Angels!


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