Did You Know Haifa Wehbe Was Miss Lebanon Runner-Up in 1995?

Haifa1995-2012I sure didn’t, and if you’re around my age, you probably also won’t remember who the runner-up in Miss Lebanon 1995 was (heck, I even forgot last year’s Miss Lebanon, and only remember this year’s cause of the twins thing!).

I found that quite an amusing fact, that the former Miss South Lebanon looked so… un-Haifa-ish back then. It might be just the improvement in TV quality since then, but I’m sure we can all agree it’s not just the technology in televisions, but also in cosmetic surgery ORs. EDIT (it seems the original runner-up was Nicole Ballan, whose sex scandal that same year stripped her of the title, which was then handed to Haifa. Thanks Najib!)

You might ask who actually won the 1995 Miss Lebanon pageant, the answer is someone you might see on TV if you like recycled, imported television programs… She’s Dina Azar, a current presenter of the Celebrity Duets show on LBCI.


  1. says

    Haifa Wehbe was the second runner-up to MTV’s ‘Lebanon’s most beautiful girl’, Julia Syriani, not LBC’s Miss Lebanon 1995 Dina Azar.

  2. toni ravi says

    That’s very true , Haifa was the second rennur-up on MTV not Lbc, she wasen’t in the competition with Dina or Nicole , They removed the tittle from her after finding out she was married and had a baby girl .Couldn’t they have checked that before ??? walla killo wasta !!!!!

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