Executive Magazine’s Unfortunately Painfully Accurate and Interactive Map of Lebanon

Painful, yet necessary

Painful, yet necessary

We Lebanese tend to quickly forget horrible things that happen. I usually give 7-10 days for really big deals, an 2-3 days for less dramatic security incidents before we completely forget they happened (unless it’s for political gains of course).

The awesome guys at Executive Magazine have compiled all the horrible things that happened in 2012 into one, beautiful interactive map of Lebanon. You can choose what incidents you want to see, or what regions, by caza and the districts within them. I pulled up a few examples for you to see how (even though the map has a super-easy tutorial that should have you skimming through the hellish moments of the past year in a jiffy).

The map’s contents are painful to read, but I feel they’re a necessary reminder. Everyone should look at this, most importantly our elected officials and security personnel. It is terrifying, shameful and overwhelming honestly. Perhaps putting all the incidents onto one map like this will help illustrate how not OK our tiny nation is, and I fear before the year is out, the guys at Executive will need to update their data…

Take a look at the map here, and download all the data via Google Docs here.


  1. Chucry says

    Great article from Executive magazine even if its really sad that enough of these incidents have happened that we need an interactive map to keep track. Check the picture of their other article “lebanon 2013: stop the syria spillover”, its looks exactly like the poster of a great movie called city of god, one of the best movies definitely check it out.


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