2012’s Most Read Articles on Gino’s Blog


1- b018 Review


Even though I wrote this more than a year ago, it still gets regular visitors every single day. Makes me proud that I can contribute to conveying what this club is really like to the rest of the world. It’s been featured on several other websites, and on the Reddit subreddit /r/TodayILearned

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2- Le Mall Dbayeh Sneak Peak

We were all excited about this new mall and even though some people love it, others not so much, everyone wanted to check out what it’s gonna be like and which places are gonna open there.

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3- Joe Maalouf’s Failed Attempt to Intimidate

After the failure to shut me up, I did what I promised I would, reveal everything, and I did. The support I got made me certain I wasn’t doing the wrong thing, and I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart!

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4- Veer Beach and Resort Leak

This is another leak everyone was excited about, and so was I. I’m proud that the first look and review of this brand new and original venue in Kaslik was broken here on Gino’s Blog.

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5- SkyBar’s Blacklist

This is also an ancient post, but it seems the constant malpractice of the club has folks coming back for more every year. I’m glad to say I haven’t stepped there except once for a charity event in 2011, which is money and time well-saved!

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6- Who Was Cynthia El Khoury?

I still cannot process the shock and disbelief when I heard. Sometime, when I reread the post, I’m surprised I could write something like that, something so unlike what I’m used to writing. I miss Cynthia deeply and losing her still hasn’t really sunk in for me, but I’m proud to have had my say about this extremely wonderful human being so that those unlucky enough to have never met her, can know what an amazing person she was.

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7- ISF Data and Your Privacy

This is one of the personal crusades I have always followed the past 2 years, whether it be the 3rd telecom network last year, or the breach of everyone’s privacy in the wrong, corrupt hands. I’m glad the post got a conversation going, but still sad to see so many choose the delusion of security, versus their personal privacy…

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8- Viber Blocked, Viber Team Response, Unblocked Again

After breaking the news and letting you folks know how to bypass this ban on free VoIP and IM app Viber, lots of folks came in the defense of the ministry, or the providers. Others just thought it was another way to steal our money, very few thought it was an IDF espionage conspiracy. What’s important, is that the Viber Team officially replied to everyone’s questions, and Viber is now mysteriously functional again on 3G.

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9- 15 Reasons Maryam Nour Needs to be in an Asylum

This got shared a a lot and it brought out the pseudo-spiritual, pseudo-science proponents in Lebanon, claiming that we are just ignorant and that if we read more, we’d understand some hidden secrets. Of course, this is all part of the delusions of grandeur Nour and her followers have, and as people of science, we cannot acknowledge “secrets” that are not reproducible, verifiable, or simply understandable. It’s a funny post a lot of people enjoyed, and that’s what matters for me!

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10- Schizophrenia Explained

This is a post I love because it simplifies and clarifies a misconception most people have. Read it, it’s a short read, and will stop you from calling your moody friend “schizo” from now on =P

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