Introducing Gino’s Blog’s Newest Widget: Must-Listen-To Tracks by Lebanese Artists

Writing this blog has given me the amazing opportunity of meeting a lot of amazing artists in Lebanon or of Lebanese origins. From punk rock bands, to world-class violinists and everything in between. My personal preference lies on the electronic side of course, but I promise I’ll post everything I think you guys will like.

In the trial phase of this widget, I posted the just-bef0re-final version of Jad Atoui’s “I Am Nothing” track, which had many of you asking where they can download it. For now, you can listen to it on SoundCloud here, and when it is officially released, I’ll make sure I hook all of you up.

This Month’s Track

avatars-000028130494-ha7w7e-t200x200For this month, and probably even more, the featured track and artist is “Thieves of Hearts (ft. Tara Dobson)” by Escape to Venus. Ribal is a Lebanese music producer with several beautiful tech house and deep house tracks already under his belt. This particular track features vocals by the lovely Tara Dobson, a fellow AUBite and friend here in Brooklyn. I personally adored this track and have it on my SoundCloud favorites. It’s in the realm of electronic music I love most: yummy tech-housy, acid music. Check out other tracks by Escape to Venus here.

All you need to do to listen to it is click “play” on the widget on the right side of the screen. That way, you can listen to the tracks I feature while you read through the posts you find interesting! If you miss a track or artist, you can check them out on the Gino’s Blog soundcloud playlist here.

As for the downloads, I don’t plan on ripping off the artists featured here. I wouldn’t feel right, after all, they’re not multi-billion dollar even corporations, but artists making it big in a virtually impossible part of the world. So, unless the artists themselves decide to offer their tracks for free, I’ll only link you to streams or places like Beatport where you can buy their work legally.

Also, if you’re a Lebanese artist or know of one, please don’t hesitate to tell me about it on!



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