The Weekly Leaks: City Centre Beirut Sneak Peek + Pleasant Surprise


Remember back in 2011 when I leaked that Victoria’s Secret is opening up its first branch in Lebanon at the brand new City Centre Mall? Well, City Centre is almost complete and is set to open on April 4, 2013. There are dozens of new brands and to name a few I, and many of you guys are excited about: Victoria’s Secret, The Cheesecake Factory, Carrefour and Shake Shack!

Today, I managed to take a quick peak into the mall bustling with dozens of construction workers, architects and engineers working well beyond normal hours of business to finalize this mega-mall by April 4.


One thing I was extremely happy about was finding out Fatburger is also setting up shop in City Centre! Fatburger is my favorite burger joint in California. It’s a chill, laid-back “burger stand” which has a really, really good burger. So, that’s a plus to this otherwise mega-leak of the interior of City Centre Beirut.

I’m going to try to go again and find out where Victoria’s Secret, The Cheesecake Factory, Carrefour and Shake Shack are opening exactly (how big the venues are, indoors or outdoors, etc.) And try to find out if anything else is a “first” for Beirut in this new mall or worth “leaking”.


  1. afif t says

    The Cheesecake Factory will open on the right hand patio! Seating inside & outside. (FYI: I am a contractor for a project there.)

  2. Hassoun says

    Gino, the Beirut City Centre page on Facebook is using your picture on their page which I don’t think is the official one,I am not sure if they got ur authorisation to publish your pic there or not. Just search for Beirut City Centre on Facebook , they literally just “updated” their page with pics and info from your post here.


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