Corrupt Municipality Chiefs Strike Again: Why Stereo Club Nights Was Shut Down


AG. Those are the initials of the new AS, the hero who made innocent clubbers strip and took photos of them with his cellphone to Whatsapp it to friends and reporters. Perhaps this guy wasn’t as brazen as AS, since he’s 75 years old, but he belongs to the same club as AS: the Bitter one (translate to Arabic).

Stereo Club Nights took a private venue from a private citizen, and went through all the paperwork necessary to make Stereo happen again after the relentless crackdown in Sin El Fil. What was an agreement that the municipality chief would get a cut of the profits, quickly turned into a smear campaign by the old municipal chief, that is as low as his embezzlement of money that should be in the government and municipality’s coffers.

His sudden change of heart when he found out he’d make less money from Stereo then he would letting VIP cars park there, was despicably hidden by accusing Stereo Club Night goers as “leewat w mukhadarat” which roughly translates to “fags and junkies”. Yes, let that sink in folks, this corrupt, elected official called Lebanese citizens (you and me included) “fags and junkies” because saying it like it is: that he wants to embezzle money from the parking lot, is too much

Here are a few reasons why his refusal was a thinly veiled attempt to keep his personal earnings safe:

  • The venue is between two major clubs only meters away. Why is it ok for them to do parties, but not Stereo?
  • The venue is private party, and again, the municipalities under Bitter’s jurisdiction broke the law and forcibly entered the premises without the police present or a warrant ready. When the police were approached for a complaint, they of course shrugged it off.
  • The venue is in an industrial zone, and thus no noise complaints can be used as an excuse
  • The official deluded the promoters, and the construction of the venue was almost complete when he ordered it shut down, making them lose even more of their investment which they proceeded with on the basis everything was legal and sorted out.

So, I am writing this post to let you know what really happened, and why we won’t be partying together at Stereo tonite. I hope if any of you guys reading this post are locals of the area, to please, please, not vote for AG next elections. Let’s make sure all these corrupt folks like ASand AG never get paid a taxpayer lira ever again. Till then though, it looks like any young person looking to make something for themselves in Lebanon, are denied the opportunity by these octogenarian corrupt folks. And what’s worse, is that they not only break the law, but also play on closed-minded people’s insecurities by accusing us of being “drug addicts” and “sexual deviants” according to them.


Full names not disclosed because I don’t want to be sued forĀ libelĀ and slander again, but I’m sure you get it.


  1. Mike says

    I don’t think it should be a surprise that it went down like it did, but again it is bad news to read – it just shows you how little freedom there is to do anything there. I am curious to know, was the agreement with the Chief of Municipality personally or with the municipality itself ? Was it a verbal agreement or a written agreement ? My sympathies to the organizers/promoters who invested some money and got shafted. I hope they have some recourse. It simply sounds like they were outbid by rival nightclubs nearby. Corruption abounds and truly a negative environment for business to say the least.

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