8 Epic, Real Photos by Lara Zankoul

Lara’s a friend, and I’ve been a fan of her work for years, and last night, I realized I had never featured any of her work here! But, her conceptual photographs are a perfect fit for the Boost of Serotonin segment, and I’ve been keen on making sure every awesome talent and artist I know of gets featured, so in the off-chance you aren’t familiar with their work, or if you haven’t come across it in a while, it’ll bring a smile to your bored faces at work!

I love Lara’s work cause a lot of it is not computer-generated (like all the water-related photos above). Her surrealist set-ups, environments and poses aren’t doctored, they’re actually very elaborately prepared in the real world, and painstakingly taken at just the right moment and angle. I love it when there’s work and preparation put into a photo, makes it all the more enjoyable to look at. Also, Lara’s such a perfectionist that the volume might not be as much as we’d like it to be, but each photo is well worth the wait.

I won’t really say much more, except enjoy, and if you wanna see more, check out her Facebook page here.

The above water-related shots are legit photos, not photo-chopped together. There’s video proof too, for you skeptics, right here.


  1. Me says

    Ms Zankoul is a great photographer. To say her photos are not photoshopped is not accurate, you provided one video. But other photographers can tell the difference between photoshopped work and real props and in many of her shots elements are photoshopped or stitched in. Regardless her dreamy photos are spectacular, just wanted to correct the idea that her shots are not photoshopped or stitched.

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