Hezbollah: Real-Life 1984

Hezbollah1984When I was in AUB, I took a special topic CVSP course with Professor Bornedal, and one of the themes we tackled was George Orwell’s 1984. The segment on Orwell included watching the movie based on the classic novel, 1984. The striking resemblance between Hezbollah today, and what Orwell imagined would be the perfect totalitarian dystopia (I realize perfect and dystopia is an oxymoron, but I’m sure you get what I mean).

The Party barrages its subjects with psychological stimuli designed to overwhelm the mind’s capacity for independent thought. The giant telescreen in every citizen’s room blasts a constant stream of propaganda designed to make the failures and shortcomings of the Party appear to be triumphant successes.

This sounds eerily familiar. Hezbollah’s relentless and convincing propaganda machine is arguably the best in Lebanon and the region. Its ability to turn mediocre, or even negative events, into “divine triumphs” and “God’s promise realized” and the shaming of those who disagree, might convince even the most liberal skeptic that it’s true. Not allowing Israel’s Defense Forces to complete their entire objectives is one thing, and the loss of over a 1000 civilian lives and the near-complete destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructure and economic abilities, is another. Yet, even Hezbollah’s staunchest rivals dare not comment on that, which is a textbook case of successful propaganda.

The Party also forces individuals to suppress their sexual desires, treating sex as merely a procreative duty whose end is the creation of new Party members. The Party then channels people’s pent-up frustration and emotion into intense, ferocious displays of hatred against the Party’s political enemies. Many of these enemies have been invented by the Party expressly for this purpose.

Hezbollah might not be that absurd, but the party’s ultra conservative ideals, their recent upping of the ante against Lebanon’s “decadent nightlife culture” and their condoning if not support for cracking down on alcohol shops in regions where they’re a majority, is definitely non-conducive to a pro-sex culture. It’s the second part of that note though, that is more similar to the reality. The ferocious displays of hatred against the perceived enemy might not be against an invented enemy (after all Israel is indeed an enemy and its endless transgressions are something any rational person condemns and would oppose). However, the knee-jerk over-reaction to almost anything, blaming it on the “zionist machine” seconds after it happens, encourages these exercises in hatred, and transplants blame from fellow Lebanese, Arabs or the party itself’s shortcomings or mistakes. Bomb goes off? It’s Israel. No discussion of where and how security or lax, no questions asked about the possibility it might be Hezbollah’s Syrian allies, back to their old Machiavellian games of “divide and conquer” (Tripoli bomb vs Dahieh bombs)

By controlling the present, the Party is able to manipulate the past. And in controlling the past, the Party can justify all of its actions in the present.

This is especially true when it comes to Hezbollah’s 1980s days. Talk of radicalization of Lebanon, and more recently, the romanticization of suicide bombings by Hezbollah’s secretary general, is often brushed off by the party, and doesn’t faze its supporters. One might comment the Iranian embassy bombings are eerily similar to the US embassy bombings (both done by radical groups against their perceived foreign enemy), but one is heralded as a historical victory, another is condemned as filthy.

In any case, the face of Big Brother symbolizes the Party in its public manifestation; he is a reassurance to most people (the warmth of his name suggests his ability to protect), but he is also an open threat (one cannot escape his gaze)

The secretary general of Hezbollah’s photos are everywhere. To many, he is a benevolent leader who can do no wrong, never lies and always sticks to his promises. To others, he is a threat that is blamed for everything. Here, the two parties are at fault. Blaming everything on Hezbollah by its opponents, is pathetic, and shows a trend of putting their paws up and justifying their every failure and shortcoming on Hezbollah’s arm, is another version of just blaming Israel for everything, and never really doing anything to help the people, their rights, freedoms and prosperity.


The contradictions here are painful, but they do portray the reality accurately. The warrior culture of Hezbollah, and the willingness of its loyalists to present themselves and their loved ones as “fida el Sayyed” (for the Sayyed) glorifies war and gives the impression perpetual war is the only way to have peace. Freedom is slavery manifests itself by the willingness to compromise when it comes to freedom and rights, for the sake of the heralded cause. It’s ok if you give up many if not all of your rights, because it’s for the sake of fighting the enemy. This is a rhetoric adopted by many police states in the region as well to oppress their people with the excuse of resisting Israel (which they never really do, it’s just their excuse). Ignorance is strength is played out when glaring facts and disadvantages get warped into something else. Fighting in Syria is a bad decision in every respect, yet, loyalty remains unflinching to it, and despite the heavy losses incurred (more fighters have died on Syria soil than Israeli one) and the intense displeasure of Hezbollah’s closest allies inside Lebanon. Yet, the justifications are many, and perhaps if the same supporters would have been consulted 3 years ago on the matter, they’d have a completely different opinion on the matter. Yet, the propaganda has worked again, and people are on board with something that is obviously not in their best interest. Ignoring the facts in this case, is the Hezb’s strength.


I realize this post might be very offensive to many people. I also realize trying to take such an angle to such a divisive issue might not be prudent. But, it is every person’s right to express their opinion and highlight events that affect their lives the way they see fit. Also, this is absolutely not an endorsement of Hezbollah’s rivals. If anything, I think Hezbollah is better than many of its 14 March sworn enemies, only difference is that Hezbollah was actually successful in the tactics above, while many of the so-called “liberals” and “moderates” just failed miserably at doing the same. Israel is the enemy, there is no argument here. The argument is, how much do we need to sacrifice for that cause? Shouldn’t we enjoy at least the same respect and rights the Israeli government gives to its own citizens before we actually embark on resisting them?


  1. says

    This is a sober and respectful analysis work, I just hope that it falls on worthy and deserving ears, otherwise the apprehensions stated in your notes would unfortunately materialize!
    IT is so sad and pathetic at times when an objective and righteous stance might become the target for both antagonists, and you would find yourself alienating both 8th and 14th “social brains”!
    I hope that modest supports from middle-standers like myself might bring some solace to your cry in the wilderness, a cry at least not subject to TVA or Customs :)
    Thanks G.!

  2. Melissa Moubarak says

    One of your best posts yet Gino, 1984 has had such a powerful influence on my perception of Lebanese politics and I find you tease out the parallels beautifully. Don’t worry about proletarians who are too brainwashed by the machine to appreciate an opinion different of their own! :)

  3. says

    Without discrediting the post, same applies to Lebanese Forces, Phalangists, Tayyar, Socialist Progressists (that would be Jumblatt followers), etc, etc… It applies everywhere. Let us be honest about that.

  4. Jay says

    Although as you said some people might be offended by this neutral fact laying article, but I am glad that you decided to post this.
    I just wish more people would realize that both sides of the conflict in Lebanon are just two sides of the same coin. It is sad how they (both sides) use religion, poverty and ignorance to promote hatred and violence for mere political agendas.
    I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we really do have a lot of potential which is wasted on insignificant matters.

  5. Say What says

    Reads a bit like a first year university paper. Plenty of points that seem plausible, even correct at face value, but would really fail to live up to any kind of real scrutiny. Basically what you have written can apply to nearly all political parties.

    • Opinion says

      Very basic evident points presented and as usual the writing resembles that of a highschool/college first year student.
      All the ideas can be applied to all political parties in Lebanon too.
      Back to search for the next place that will ban vodka ?

      • WX says

        Show us your English ya awe lol. I bet nobodycan write something as good as that. And next time, try to look deeper into it. Deeper than the English

    • Jay says

      I agree it might apply to most political parties, But Hezbollah was the most successful it turning all ups and downs for their favor. And grow up for God’s sake, Gino is free to write whatever he want, the least you can do is leave some constructive feedback!

  6. says

    Not bad. It’s pretty well written, Bravo :)
    There are a few things that can be discussed and others that you might have misjudged but all in all, even I (a supporter of Hezbollah) can see the resemblance between Hezbollah and what was described in that book.

    However, I would like you to take time and think about 2 things..

    First, Is it only Hezbollah? Or is Hezbollah the best at it? Were you able to see that much resemblance had you watched the movie or read the book back in 1982 and even up to let’s say 1993? Don’t you think this is how pretty much ALL Lebanese parties function? (I’ll refrain from listing any examples but I’m sure you can relate to the idea) Even better, don’t you think this is how MOST parties abroad also function?? And I am not talking about our region.

    Second, based on the above, do you think it is impossible or at list difficult to write a similar article to the one you wrote except entitled “USA: Real-Life 1984″ or “Russia: Real-Life 1984″ or even locally “LF: Real-Life 1984″ ? because I don’t.

    Thank you

    One last thing
    “The Party also forces individuals to suppress their sexual desires, treating sex as merely a procreative duty whose end is the creation of new Party members. The Party then channels people’s pent-up frustration and emotion into intense, ferocious displays of hatred against the Party’s political enemies. Many of these enemies have been invented by the Party expressly for this purpose.”

    That.. is a huge misconception and the least true of all the comparisons. To a point where it is almost the complete opposite.

    But again, nice article.

  7. Apolitical Lebanese says

    Interesting analogy, but you should note that all parties tend to adopt the same strategy and all people in Lebanon from a given economic class with a given educational background will tend to blindly follow their leaders. Saying it’s one party only is a bit unfair and might be seen as inflammatory. But it’s your opinion.

  8. says

    Orwell’s 1984 is even more encompassing than Hezbollah. In a way, Hezbollah would be a tiny aspect of the greater horror that is Big Brother. But you are right in saying that Nasrallah’s role is strikingly similar to Big Brother. Also, I’d like to add that Nasrallah “succeeded” in achieving Big Brother status, but that doesn’t mean that our other dear politicians aren’t trying.

    This piece is very well-written Gino. I’m sharing this

  9. Rob says

    “Israel is the enemy, there is no argument here. The argument is, how much do we need to sacrifice for that cause? Shouldn’t we enjoy at least the same respect and rights the Israeli government gives to its own citizens before we actually embark on resisting them?”

    This depends on why do you actually consider Israel as an enemy, is it because they bomb and kill Lebanese from time to time? Is it because they occupy a neighboring country and massacre it’s people? Is it from an Arab context against a Jewish hostile nation (laughable and forgotten concept since they all sold out)? Or is it for the actual scale of their plan on a global scale in the form of Zionism?

    My alliance doesn’t lie with any of the Lebanese political parties as they all have their shortcomings; and although I do condemn ANY foreign country (Syria, Israel, etc…) that attacks or invades my country I am however more opposed to the global scale of human rights infringement and global pro Zionist propaganda (there is a difference between Judaism as a religion and Zionism). if you just know or maybe believe 1% of what is out there about this topic you wouldn’t consider mentioning the words “respect” and “rights” as something provided by the Israeli government; especially not to someone like you and me, AKA “gentile” or “goy”.

  10. Ola says

    Very interesting, Gino.
    I would argue that the same logic could be applied to any Lebanese political party you disect.
    I am not sure however, what this proves. I could also come up with a framework of utopia where everyone looks out for everyone & there is solidarity & feeling of one-ness and apply it to the Hezbullah public.
    Anyway, interesting read :)

  11. says

    I’m not going to resort to name-calling and the usage of terms such as ‘pro-zionist’ because unlike some narrow-minded folks out there, I know the difference between a firm critic of Hezbollah and a Pro-Israeli.
    I am simply going to expose the main problem I have with the following post and that is the fact you have condoned to one dimensional critiques in order to defend your stance against Hezbollah: It is true that the Hezb’s military prowess in 2006 was questionable and it is true as well that its nascency in the early 80s were somewhat marked by a desire to bring to Lebanon the then recent Islamisation of Iran but over the years Hezbollah’s rise as a people’s party shouldn’t only be blamed on its propagandist exploitation of the ‘palestinian cause’ or the fact that they’re the only Arab entity truly standing up against the imminent danger of Israel but also on the fact that the party has replaced the failing Lebanese government in providing its people in the South with modern infrastructure (comparative images of what used to be Nabatieh and what it is today could testify for that) and providing the poor and needy with food and education, even though some of us conspiracists might argue that these ‘benevolent’ acts all hid a pretty scary political agenda. What have other political parties done to their people, except feeding them on sectarian hate? And don’t you think it was noble that the Hezbollah still blamed Israel for the bombs that went off in Jnah recently instead of pointing fingers on an imported Sunni terrorist cell in order to avoid violent comebacks? Hezbollah is smarter than all of us unfortunately and they pretty much calculate each and every one of their words, knowing that they could easily lead to sectarian strifes, something that they are clearly trying to avoid judging by last week’s tragedy that hit its own people, and other unfortunate apolitical citizens. Also, you mention wanting to be ruled by an Israeli-like ‘democracy’ but have you even checked how propagandist their government is over there or the recent apartheid-like measures they have forced upon its own people? You might view this as propagandist as well but these are informations I have mainly acquired from reading a book written by an American Jew (you read well, yes) named Max Blumenthal entitled ‘Goliath: Fear and Loathing in Greater Israel’, which I advise you to read so that you can have a broader understanding of what truly goes on in that state and maybe question your envy of their ‘democratic and respectful state’ (which, may I remind you, rests on the Jewish religion in equal ways to the Islamic rule that dictates Iran, something every atheist like yourself should loathe above all).
    Some called your article worthy of a ‘first year college student’ and I don’t entirely disagree with them, simply because comparing a political party, especially Hezbollah, to Orwell’s imagined Big Brother is nothing new and has been the cliché comparison used by many for years and years, which doesn’t completely discredit your arguments but doesn’t quite make them as innovative nor eye-opening as you imagined them to be when writing your article in the first place.

  12. ahmad says

    very reasonnable article and fun to read, but we can’t forget the influence of all great leaders on their people, like linin, hitler… jamal abdulnaser and then sayed hassan is similar to them, he’s not a new phenomena to politics world. he have that “something” that makes him a true leader that we need

  13. says

    Unfortunately correct! But the same applies to other political parties in Lebanon. Lebanese Forces, Amal Movement, Marada, PSP, FPM and other political sanctions’ supporters also idealize their leaders and think they never go wrong. They are brain washed. Hizbullah difference is that they went far ahead the others, if the rest were able to compete, they wouldn’t have been any different! On the other side of what is so called :borders”, the same thing is done with the masses. In Syria, in occupied Palestine as well as the gulf.

    George Orwell also said: “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull”, so let us try to maintain these :)

    Thank you for a great article Gino! :)

  14. says

    Interesting take. And I agree with you, The Party of God does seem to fit to the kind of party 1984 describes. However, in reading this post, I felt that it was written by some outsider to Lebanese politics and society (and I know that is not true, so that is why I am criticizing you for that). In mentioning the next two points, I feel it is necessary to assure you that I am not defending neither Hezballah nor Shi’ism.
    -This applies to most Lebanese and Middle Eastern parties, where the leader is given a role that is larger than life. It does not require much scrutiny to show that all the major parties have propaganda machines. The only difference is that al-Manar is much more effective that the rest. All partisans of the major Lebanese parties are willing to put themselves before their leader. “Bel rou7, bel damm” is usually used for Walid Jumblatt for example. Nabih Berri has no shortage of praise. Saad el Hariri was also highly praised by his followers. So again, the only difference is Hezballah’s salience.
    -”…is definitely non-conducive to a pro-sex culture.” Just because in some circles sex comes only with alcohol does not mean that those segments of Lebanese society that see alcohol as a vice are sex-deprived. If anything, Shi’ism only asks to confine sexual activity to marriage. It doesn’t put any restrictions to sex inside marriage. Shi’ism is infamous for having a kind of promiscuous marriage, namely Muta’a, without even having to get tipsy first.

  15. Chady Oweiti says

    1- hizbollah doesnt have cameras placed in your home
    2- they dont force u to do excersises in the morning
    3- they allow you to keep track of the past
    4-they allow you to have sexual intercourse
    5- they dont scratch out the past and manipulate it

    you dont know shit about 1984

    • says

      Really? You think that every page of 1984 needs to be true to be an apt comparison? This was not a bright comment; in fact, it sounds like you’re just offended.

      As someone who knows the book well (and quite a bit about Orwell), I’d say Gino is spot on in his comparison. 1984 is all about “The Party,” as is Hezbollah. They envision turning Lebanon into an Islamic “utopia,” which was the goal of the Communists and Fascists upon which 1984 was based, and their source of power revolves around the enemy, ironically, Jews in each case. The enemies keep changing throughout the book, but that always has to do with Goldstein. For Hezbollah, the enemies keep changing, too – one day the Americans are the object of their immediate hatred, the next it is the Sunni oppressors, the next it’s the entire West, the next it’s the Saudis…but the supreme enemy is always Israel, and Israel always manipulates the other enemies, just as Goldstein did.

      As for your particular points:

      Hezbollah doesn’t place cameras in homes, but they do have spies everywhere, spies with mobile phones that have cameras.
      Hezbollah doesn’t force you to exercise, but their militias drill every day.
      Hezbollah doesn’t allow you to keep track of the past – they make up their version of the past and brainwash people into thinking what they say is truth.
      Hezbollah allows you to have sex only within marriage, so they control that, and reread what Gino said about alcohol.
      Again, they do “scratch out the past and manipulate it.” Geezus, that’s what they do best. That’s how brainwashing works.

      It seems as if you have been sucked in by Hezbollah propaganda. Your comment was rude and ill-informed.

    • says

      One of the things Hezballah does best is change the past. Even when it comes to their allies, they push them away from history. In Ghaliboun, Hezballah tries to show that they are the origin of all resistance in Lebanon. They even stole very specific historical events from SSNP and LCP in the series.

  16. Youssef says

    Mr Raidy. You seem so angry in your words that you reveal your hatred towards this lebanese party although you try at the end to say that you are just expressing your opinion. And I can understand you because it is coming in such a glorious time for hizbollah. They are winning in kalamon and syria in general. And since his most powerful supporter is even more powerful now with the new agreement, I think your rage is even bigger. So if you think that the beliefs of people and their choices are propaganda the you are a brain damaged man who needs to look back at his performance in life and not to criticize the success of others.

    • says

      Wow. You, too, have been victim to the brainwashing. “Glorious time?” 1984 uses the same terminology: “glorious revolution.” What are you winning? What do you get out of this except more death and destruction? Lebanon is a fucked up place and Hezbollah and the other sectarian entities continue to keep it that way. You think endless conflict is “winning?” What do you hope to get out of your “winning?” To restore Assad to power? What is that going to change? He’ll come to power and things will be the same until the next conflict. Why don’t you want to live a normal life? Why don’t you want to have a family, send your kids to a good school, have a good job, and live a life that is secure and without violence? Success? You don’t have success. You don’t even have electricity 24 hours a day. You have high unemployment and poverty and filthy streets and hatred and endless violence. That isn’t success. That is sad, truly sad.

  17. afeef ibrahim says

    hey gino , despite the fact that i agree with u that hezbollah have an idealistic view for themselves and their party which u reflected in this article , however you based your article of false premises . concerning the propaganda they are the kings of this game however u cant deny they are in REAL war on two front lines or even more (isreal , syria ….) in war your media should back u up at at all time they r not the first to do that .. concerning their followers they freed people of jnoub from a 20 years of oppression which was more than a dream for some , adding to that there current work in university scholarships , aids to poor families , hospitalization and way way more .. concerning the idol or the leader , i dont deny the resemblance in some acts but a major difference is here , there leader is a phenomena by himself ,the arab world missed these kind of men for a long time , this is a well-established fact for everyone.. ive never heard of a leader(not a cover up for a system like in1984) sending his son behind enemy lines to die . finally , concerning the ultra-conservative sex approach they didnt introduce it to our culture its there from the beginning (they get alot of kids.. wonder how??).. i really liked the way you wrote this article not the content .. just keep them coming

  18. Truth says

    For so many people to have a read a book about a supposedly fictional world and have no clue about who it really depicts is very sad. Eric Arthur Blair or “George Orwell” was an anti-zionist who wrote to warn about the grim world of the future under the zionist Big Brother rule, so for people to use his work to say it compares to parties that are opposed to zionism is a shame. Eric Blair would definitely be rolling in his grave if he were to know that people read his book and still couldn’t see that there is no match to the global pro Zionist propaganda, and the strongest example of it is when people consider Israel as a country that provides rights instead of suppressing them.

    I like your blog and I hate to be criticizing your opinion but I urge you to read more about who really controls the masses by providing a false sense of freedom and security. As a fellow atheist and a Liberal, I would also like to point out that I am in no way a Hezbollah supporter just that I saw an insult to the author views in the logic that you had used.

    “The proposed paper discusses the attitude of George Orwell to Zionism and the question of Palestine: a controversial and emotional subject in Left-wing circles in the 1940s and since. Orwell’s approach to Zionism has been briefly touched upon in a number of studies on his attitude to Jews and anti-Semitism. However, his stance on the Palestine question deserves fuller exposition. That is so, not least because this was yet another subject on which Orwell’s views – largely anti-Zionist – differed from the prevailing, passionate beliefs of most Left-wing intellectuals of his time, including some of his closest friends and political allies. Furthermore, his views on this subject were generated and expressed at a time when the Palestine conflict came to a head during the last decade of the British mandate, resulting in historical circumstances which resound to this day.”


    • Elias Abou Jaoudeh says

      “Writing in the spring of 1945 a long essay titled “Antisemitism in Britain,” for the Contemporary Jewish Record, Orwell stated that anti-Semitism was on the increase in Britain, and that it was “irrational and will not yield to arguments.” He argued that it would be useful to discover why anti-Semites could “swallow such absurdities on one particular subject while remaining sane on others.”[161] He wrote: “For quite six years the English admirers of Hitler contrived not to learn of the existence of Dachau and Buchenwald. … Many English people have heard almost nothing about the extermination of German and Polish Jews during the present war. Their own anti-Semitism has caused this vast crime to bounce off their consciousness.”[162] In Nineteen Eighty-Four, written shortly after the war, Orwell portrayed the Party as enlisting anti-Semitic passions against their enemy, Goldstein.”

      Your premise is wrong, non-factual and fabricated.

      • Elias Abou Jaoudeh says

        Let me just say, we don’t know if he’s anti/ pro-Zionist, but 1984 is not about that subject unless you interpret it as that. Although as Gino wrote in his last paragraph, 1984 applies to many political parties

      • Truth says

        Antisemitism is a sort of prejudice against the religion namely Judaism and Jews in general and is by all means wrong. Anti Zionism on the other hand is against the social and political world governance of the wealthy few that rule over banking and political systems of the most powerful countries and having many different faces and names (illuminates, skull and bones, free masons, etc…). Part of the Zionist propaganda is to merge the two concepts and use religion to attack anyone that points the fingers at them as an uncivilized savage that doesn’t respect the freedom of religion while they have nothing to do with the Jewish religion. As a matter of fact they are attacked by many rabies and Jews who constantly lead demonstrations in the USA and other countries against Zionism.

        Learn the difference between the two, George Orwell was an anti Zionist not an anti Semite.

  19. says

    First off, HA is far from being anything close to a perfect entity & has countless shortcomings. What you pose about Lebanese rights is right on. That being said, a few comments on the post:
    Israel’s entire objective? Kindly specify what exactly their entire objective was. Besides from the killing of civilians, none of their declared objectiveSSS were realized.
    On a lighter note, you don’t want to use an oxymoron and still you wrote the following:
    “…destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructure and economic abilities”
    Moving on, what does drinking have to do with a pro-sex culture?!
    The social/medical/fatal (as in car accidents) effects of drinking are clear to those who see. You might want to drink & that’s your right. They do not, and it’s their right. They exercise pressure in places where they are dominant to stop alcohol sale; that makes them no different from a lot of American neighborhoods who exercise their communal power to stop or allow certain things – A very democratic exercise (the irony)
    Their culture is very much pro-sex, and not only to breed new party members. They have the much frowned upon, roughly translated, ‘pleasure matrimony’, which is a temporary ‘wedding’ contract. You might disagree with it; you might even say that it’s not enough to be considered what you take to be a pro-sex culture. However, you cannot say that that makes them con-sex.
    As for the ready blaming of Israel, I agree with you; I’m totally against blaming without evidence. Yet, at times where everyone throws blame left & right & calls it ‘political accusations’ – whatever that means, one might as well blame someone whom everyone seemingly unites against.
    Yes, they were extreme radicals in the 80s & committed shady acts to say the least. They have changed. Their track record since 1990 shows it. Let’s not be cynical.
    As for comparing the recent bombing with the bombing of the American embassy, there’s a serious flaw in analysis. While again, killing yourself is wrong unless in the most extreme of cases, the American embassy at the time was serving a purpose with its navy support, while the Iranian embassy is not bombing Lebanon!
    If you know people who put up the pictures, you’d have known that at one time, his pictures were willingly put up in homes of people from different sects and all across the Arab world. That’s definitely not the party’s doing.
    “Fida el Sayyid” is a term often said haphazardly & absentmindedly, not to be taken literally. He has become a symbol for the people who support him. Yes, a lot of them do it blindly – not without some basis though. There are, however, many who conscientiously do it.

  20. Marwan says

    I think you should read 1984 again, this is the most ridiculous parallel I have ever read, also this is a really bad critique and horribly written. There are many legitimate and valid criticisms and shortcomings of hizballa, but this piece is delusional and seems most of the readers of this blog are blinded by hate they will enjoy anything that bashes them….stick to blogging about parties and music you are way over your head here


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