Christian Fundamentalists Attack LBCI Team

In an eerily similar case to convicted child molester Mansur Labaki, another prominent priest has been sentenced to “isolation” and stripped from his clerical duties in the Balamand region by the Patriarchy there.

The official report doesn’t specify what this priest did exactly, but I’m sure your imaginations can run wild given that his own church convicted him with a sentence they consider heavy. I do have some insider information, but, I don’t want to get beaten up by Christian fundies, so I’ll hope the patriarchate up in Balamand releases the information when the rage of the irrational faithful subsides.

Dalal Mawad and the cameraman assigned to her had the authorization from the patriarch to go and catalog the protest supporting the disgraced priest, Pantaleon, yet the protestors were unusually hostile. But, when the speeches and chants started, the team decided to get footage and that’s when several protestors attacked the LBCI team, and a burly man even hit Dalal who took out her phone to catalog the brutality of the “Christian” faithful.

It took almost an hour, and 8 soldiers and police to safely secure the LBCI team from the Patriarchy compound in Balamand.

On one hand, I’m happy to see different churches cracking down on their criminals. On the other, I’m disgusted at the reaction of people that are supposed to be pious and faithful (especially the Christian faith which is all about love, forgiveness, meekness and peace) would react like savage beasts (or Lebanese customs officials) to a news crew with the necessary paperwork.

Another sad thing, is Labaki and his likes aren’t paying their debt to society properly. I want to see these old men in black robes behind bars, not being pampered in their lavish convents, and it kills me that we can’t publish all the evidence because the savage brutes like Labaki’s cronies, will destroy the victims’ lives even more with their threats, lies, harassment, website banning and public bashing, in defense of convicted individuals from their own clergy.

It’s important to note we don’t know what Pantaleon did exactly, and that I’m not accusing him of child molestation. I’m just pointing out at the stark similarities between the reactions of the sheep to the convictions slammed down on their shepherds by their own churches.

Jesus would be so proud of you all… *applause*


  1. Anonymous says

    jesus never existed so i don’t know how he can be proud.. the best lie in human history that still holds on (along with all religions)

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