Yazan’s Take on Lebanese Money: The Gebran Khalil Gebran 100,000 Bill

YazGraffGebranThe abhorred attempt at creating a “limited edition” 50,000 LL Independence memorial bill by Banque du Liban, tragically backfired last month. The reasons were many, but mainly included numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes. Oh, and the very obvious fact that a crazy chicken’s legs were dipped in rainbow colors and allowed to go wild on MS Paint running on Windows 95.

Yazan though has done what the entire Lebanese government and Central Bank couldn’t: not do a spelling mistake *roaring applause* Oh, he designed a fictional bill that not only looks perfect, but shows prominent Lebanese people, not just weird geometrical shapes and the same ruins every time. I wish we could commission several artists and designers like Yazan to re-do our money… Who knows, maybe we’ll appreciate it more then and actually own some of it =P

Here’s what Yazan had to say:

A nation is rich in the people it has: thinkers, scientists, artists, writers, and philosophers. I think what makes Lebanon a great country are the Lebanese citizens showing the world their superior skills in numerous fields (without any support from their government).
It is ironic how Gebran Khalil Gebran has helped shape the minds of thinkers all around the world and now everybody in the world is shaping Lebanon except us.
As a tribute, I created a fictional version of the largest denomination of the Lebanese currency with Gebran Khalil Gebran, one of our national treasures. Maybe that way, we will start thinking like Gebran and our other bright Lebanese.
If you work at Banque Du Liban, maybe we should add these faces to our currency, to show visiting tourists coming from abroad the genius of our citizens instead of bragging about the weather

Yazan’s work is famous for featuring prominent Lebanese and Arab people, like Fairuz, Asmahan, Mohamad Darwiche and others. He also creates portraits integrated with his Arabic calligraffity of individuals like Ali Abdallah, who might not have been a mega-star, but had touched so many of us…



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