Roadster Diner Menu: 1999 vs 2013

12-3-2013 8-50-20 PM_0359

12-3-2013 8-49-24 PM_0358And here are some comparisons, courtesy of the dine-in menu. (the % in the parentheses is not increase, it’s the new value compared to the old one, so 4750 is 475% of the original 1000 for example)

  • Soft Drink: 1000 vs 4750 (475%)
  • Water: 1000 vs 2000 (200%)
  • Cheesecake: 4500 vs 9750 (217%)
  • Diner-mite: 6,500 vs 13,750 (22,250 for 220g) (342%)
  • Cuban: 5,500 vs 11,750 (20,250 for 220g) (368%)
  • Evergreen: 4,500 vs 9,750 (217%)
  • Fisher: 5,500 vs 10,750 (196%)
  • Chicken strips: 6,000 vs 10,750 (180%)
  • Mozzarella sticks: 5,000 vs 10,750 (215%)
  • Onion rings: 6,000 vs 9,750 (162.5%)
  • Fries: 2,500 vs 7,000 (280%)
  • Cheese garlic bread: 2,500 vs 7,250 (290%)
  • House pasta: 7,000 vs 14,500 (207%)
  • Four cheese pasta: 7,000 vs 16,5000 (236%)
  • Philly steak: 8,500 vs 15,000 (176%)
  • Frankfurter: 4,000 vs 12,750 (319%)

So, unless inflation hit as high as 475% percent in the past 15 years, I don’t think this is good. It’s not really a “diner” anymore. I remember when we were in middle school, our parents would give us 20$ and it’d be enough to take a cab to and from RD Jal el Dib, a coke, a meal and sharing desserts… Now, some burgers sell for almost 20$. The sad part is, all those prices have risen, but the average wage barely has. And the money you used to save when delivering (since prices are less for stuff like soft drinks) is less now with the new delivery charge.

I don’t order Roadster much anymore, I’ve lost my loyalty card and forgot its number and I can’t remember the last time I went there lately. It’s sad, because Roadster has so much sentimental value for me, and for most of my friends and family. Everything was in Roadster, every birthday, every farewell, every surprise party, every first date… But, we just can’t afford to nowadays, and a good old food truck on the side of the street is a more viable option.

Of course, it’s not just Roadster, most places have jacked up prices this much, but RD does it way too often, and it’s felt a lot more because we used to go so much. Last time I remember the fries’n'cheddar were for 10,750, today I realized it’s over 12,000 and that’s within a matter of months…

All prices are in Lebanese Liras including VAT*


  1. says

    I’ve said it before on twitter and I’ll say it again. I’ve boycotted from ordering from Roadster ever since they enforced a “2000″ delivery charge and hiked the price of fries to 7000. Can you imagine paying 10,000 for just a box of fries?! Outrageous!

    • Nad says

      I did the same Sareen, ordering one sandwich or one salad for lunch is almost 20% higher bill and you still have to tip the delivery guy!

    • says

      Haha Sareen I was so surprised when they first told me about the 2,000 delivery charge on the phone, I gave them my feedback and why I disagree with it, mainly because when some people are used to giving the delivery person a 2,000 tip, the delivery charge will mislead them into thinking the 2,000 goes to the delivery person, when in fact that’s not true, they get a very small percentage of it!! So someone called me back the next day to apologise and offered a free full lunch including drinks and desserts! :P Despite their price increase, Roadsters to me remains the one and only restaurant where they care about customer service the most. If they make a mistake in your order and you call them to let them know, the person who answers the phone apologises and offers you another delivery for free, then the manager calls you back to apologise and sometimes calls back the next day to make sure you were satisfied with the second order they sent. To me, I really appreciate good customer service. Crepeaway on the other hand have made so many mistakes in my orders that it wasn’t enough to offer me a free second delivery but they also me vouchers to use, and when I ordered my last delivery using the voucher, they also made a mistake! Anyway, in the end, the price hike applies to every single restaurant and business in general in Lebanon, not just Roadster!

  2. says

    Great find. Roadsters went rogue in 2004/5 and everyone followed. Suddenly a burger plate cost half your rent.

    Here is the thing though, is it Roadsters that is the issue or is it that the services sector in Lebanon, as I always try to say, is just not made for the Lebanese? In 1999, it was sensibly priced enough so that it can be both enjoyed by Lebanese and the incoming hordes from the Arab gulf. Then slowly it became a niche market whose only buyers were those from the gulf. The conundrum is when things go sour in the country and tourists stop coming, then the Lebanese are left to foot the bill themselves, which given they don’t have to, but they do anyways because everyone in Lebanon is eternally locked into the mindset of wanting to be trendy, hip and be seen.

    I live between London and Paris – no one would pay the prices that we (on Lebanese wages) pay in Lebanon for what is supposed to be fast food. This isn’t fine dinning. I am not saying we should be as thrifty as them, but we somehow collectively accept the ‘sa7soo7′ that some Lebanese establishments give us. Things like short changing us, you’ll never see that 250 or 500. Ridiculous valet parking charges. Out of this world prices for something as simple as fries.

    Kharjna is what I say – we accept it openly because either mommy and pappy are willing to do anything to make us happy or we are just not willing to admit to ourselves that we cannot afford something. Either way, a whole generation is kind of living in social and economic mobility denial!

  3. says

    I have to agree with Kay, we do end up just rolling over and taking most of the price increases that roll over on us. And it’s a shame since we still go to these places.

    Personally I haven’t been to any for the last couple of months since dinner there costs the same as sushi which is much more preferable to me.

    • Joanne Jabado says

      Wow so true! Great observation!! Now I will always consider sushi instead of roadster and crepaway. Me and my husband never left roadster with a bill less than 80,000 LL.
      I’d rather spend 28$ open sushi for two. Which totals 56$. That is 84,000 LL.
      Thank you very much.

  4. says

    We used to love going to the original branch in Ashrafieh when prices were still “fun” & quality was really good then as they expanded to the whole country quality went wayyyy down and prices skyrocketed- it’s not even ‘diner’ quality anymore! Only thing still good on the menu are the chicken wings, but just go to Deek Duke for that instead- bye bye forever Roadster’s! They failed in Dubai as well by the way- Excellent post Gino!!! :D

      • Isra Z. says

        I heard it failed in Dubai because it was franchised and the franchiser was trying to cut corners so the quality was really bad – bringing down the Roadster name.

  5. says

    Thank u for sharing what everyone has been thinkinh abt roadsters for some time. Nicely put and am still speachless at thr increase,i mean i knew there was one but seeing and comparing the prices left me speachless!

  6. Cloe says

    I totally agree
    Roadster , Crepaway and even Zaatar w Zeit have illogical prices
    i’v stopped going there a long time ago
    I just came back from Paris, which is considered expensive not to mention the difference between $ and euro but still i found it cheaper than Lebanon and you can bet that the food quality is better than here!
    “kel wahad feteh 3a hsebo bi hal balad”

  7. Nas says

    You failed to mention that the soft dink used to be a single can while now it is a free refill. Also, you compare the regular burgers of 1999 to the 220g burgers of 2013, thus the huge inflation. Yes, prices have gone up, but you cannot base the overall inflation of the prices solely on soft drinks whch are now free refill, and some wrong calculations over two different sizes of burgers. You must have a personal vendetta. Sorry but this is a very unfair article, especially when their team is providing customer service that other restaurant owners could only dream of ever matching. They may be just a diner, and they have upped their prices, but u just cant throw numbers around to shock your readers.

    • Nas says

      I DO agree that some portions have been reduced however. An extra 3,000 LL in the morning will get you just HALF of a hotdog along with your eggs for example. That’s just crazy. Same for the fries and now their DELIVERY charge! So you are right that they’ve jacked up their prices, but they inflated no more than any other competitor.

      • says

        Free Refill? It’s more water & sugar than an actual soft-drink. Serving cans were better but obviously cost the “diner” a lot more- oh yeah we agreed not to call it a diner anymore- so we pay more for better customer service? Would rather go to Mano again ;)

      • Aleen says

        7abibi, free refill will not cost them 4,000 +. The average customer will drink 1 to 2, maybe 3 glasses. Also, half the glass is ice. So 2 glasses would almost equal the amount in the can :P

      • says

        Nas: the drinks that are poured from those machines are 50% soda + 50% soda water. Not to mention the ice cubes they fill the glass cups with. So do the math. It would take more than two full glasses to equate to a can of real soda.

  8. says

    I don’t think he’s doing it for shock-value. He’s simply pointing out absurd increases in price when the product/service has remained largely the same for years. I still love Roadster (haven’t been in while since I live in the US), and they should use this as constructive criticism, not take it as an insult.

    • Joanne Jabado says

      Thats because you failed to read the article thoroughly. Gino did explain the numbers in parentheses:

    • Joanne Jabado says

      He said:
      And here are some comparisons, courtesy of the dine-in menu. (the % in the parentheses is not increase, it’s the new value compared to the old one, so 4750 is 475% of the original 1000 for example)

      • ZuZ says

        “So, unless inflation hit as high as 475% percent in the past 15 years, ” …. This is not inflation. Inflation is the increase from the original value. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  9. says

    You can’t calculate your percentages as (new value/old value)*100 and then ask if there has been 475% inflation from 14 years ago. This is simply misleading.
    You also fail to take into consideration the overhead in setting up and maintaining the relatively high quality of service in so many branches.

    If you extrapolate the inflation figures that show up in the CIA World Factbook Lebanon page you’d end up with an inflation of around 174% over the last 14 years, which would translate into 274% in your numbers.

    Roadster Diner went from 1 branch + 1 Delivery center in 1999 to 11 branches + 2 Delivery centers in 2013. For a business to grow that much (from 6 to 10 times depending on your interpretation) but only increase costs around double the national inflation rate (and that’s in the worst case soft drink scenario), I don’t think your complaints are justified enough.

    I won’t talk about how your comparison itself is flawed since you’re comparing non-similar products (Check out the comment from Nas at December 4, 2013 at 7:37 PM)

    As far as I can tell, you’re either writing this in order to shock your readers (for whatever reason) or because you were commissioned by a competitor (which, I admit, it too harsh for me to assume).

    P.S: I hope you don’t consider this a personal attack directed at your person and/or blog. I enjoy reading your blog and if it weren’t for that then I wouldn’t have found this article in the first place.

  10. says

    I’ve been to Roadster 4 times during my lifetime .
    Last time with my sister in November 2011 .
    She ordered a burger and i was astonished when i received the bill .
    25.000 LL for a burger ? Wen 3eychine ?
    If you wanna add sauces you pay for those kamen ?
    ( Correct me my memory might have failed me ) .
    You order a Lebanese double burger for 6.000 LL
    ( much tastier than the one in roadster ) anywhere in the country .
    I go to a place in Kaslik ATCL street called PROVENCIAL .
    I pay 15.000 LL for a huge plate of Chicken Escalope
    ( 1 big piece or 2 medium sized pieces ) with a small salad portion of potato wedges .
    I end up ordering more wedges ( they’re really good ) and a desert on the side .
    The whole thing costs me 25.000 LL without the tip .
    The food there is really good and the service too .
    I believe all that would cost a young adult around 50.000 LL in Roadster ?
    Thanks but no thanks .
    I can throw a huge BBQ with 4 kilos of pork meat and fries
    w tabboule and invite my friends over on a Sunday ,
    Hangin’ out with them around the grill is much better than being at Roadster .

  11. Maddie says

    Sometimes I wonder what I love more, your articles or the comments that follow. It’s kinda crazy of me but I anticipate reading people argue about something besides Hariri and Syria and shit like that for once.

  12. says

    @ Oday .
    We want to eat Oday while paying a reasonable amount of money
    not pay them for their prior expansions or pay their HR manager .
    We want decent food for a decent price .
    If I want to pay 50.000 LL + at Roadster for a Burger , some fries with cheese and a coke
    I’d go to BABEL instead .
    They offer REAL food there for the same price .
    BABEL has a huge brand name with multiple restaurants around the country and it is considered a high-class restaurant .
    You only see 13-18 year old ( 95 % ) clientele at Roadster nowadays anyway .
    Logically those are the easiest folks you can rob
    and they’ll pay you any amount you ask them to pay to show off ,
    Once you grow up in age you start paying attention to detail .
    You do not squander away your hard-earned cash for dinner at Roadster .
    I believe Gino 3am ye7ke men 7ar2et aleb .
    You also failed to address the part where people who used to visit Roadster in 1999 were around let’s say 13 years old and are now 28 years old .
    Your priorities change when you’re 28 and thankfully for me ,
    eating at Roadster isn’t one of them .

    • says

      Hey Dan, thanks for the constructive reply :)

      I’d like to highlight a difference here. I think there’s a difference between being disappointed in the direction a childhood place is going, and feeling plain entitled. I don’t think we have the right to feel entitled because the decision to done at Roadster’s is our own to make.

      I myself try to avoid Roadster’s as much as possible (you should see my face when someone orders RD at work), however I can’t deny that they’re doing a couple of things right. People don’t pay for the food but for the convenience of having it delivered quickly and in good condition (RD food, while not my favorite, still looks and feels high quality for something that’s shipped in the tons). You also have the guarantee that a sandwich will always taste the same, and that takes some level of quality to maintain.

      As for your last sentence, I think you make a great point which I think is the real topic of the debate. What should RD do?

      1- cater to the same audience to stay relevant to the same bunch of aging people. (Just like Pixar produces increasingly mature movies to keep up with its main audience growing up)

      2- stay forever the favorite place for 13-18 year old people even if that means alienating all of its maturing fan-base.

      • says

        Hello Oday !
        I’d like to also thank you for your creative responses and i’d like to ask you ; why doesn’t Roadster open up in Dahiye or Bir Hassan?
        How much would it cost you to make a Roadster Burger at home?
        According to my calculations it would cost someone around 3 $ max without adding the rent,electricity labor an taxes .
        So that’s another 3 $ ?
        They are still charging you 20 $ for the burger .

  13. says

    There was a time when Vegetarians like me paid 5,000LL for an Evergreen? Damn. And yes, I haven’t been to Roadster’s in a while, and I have no intention of ever going back. There are still delicious places in Hamra for me thank goodness. But I’m always afraid that businesses start copying each other, increasing the prices for everyone.

  14. caeid says

    Dear Gino,

    first, you are comparing delivery old prices with dine in new prices since a soft drink cost 1,750LL now in TO GO menu.
    Second, roadster didn’t have ISO 22000, HACCP , same excellent service etc and as u know alllll this cost money in order to enjoy a quality safe premium food.
    Third, prices do not only increase when raw material increase, why don’t you mention the three times salaries increase declared by the government, the rent tripled within the last few years.
    Etc etc etc

    • R says

      ur wrong salaries increase declared by the government happened only ONCE and the restaurants increased their prices THREE times BEFORE it was applied

      • christian abdenour says

        well, if you are going to say all of this shit about ROADSTER DINER !
        i guess you guys should stop eating in restaurants and start working on your cooking skills at home.
        all restaurants nowadays have the same avarage of prices,
        at least when i pay my 20$ for a meal in RD, i know im buying the amazing taste + premium quality of food + and best service in town!

  15. says

    Gino, bless you. Finally someone confirms what I’ve been saying for ages. Roadster may have adorned our teenage years and even young adulthoods with comfy ambiance, good service, acceptable prices, and decent grub—which was probably a breakthrough in the 90s for non-Lebanese-cuisine restaurants—but today they are anachronistic. I find their food rather “assembly line,” totally devoid of flavor or creativity. Their salads are miserly and their sandwiches, easily reproducible at home. Who charges extra for sour cream and guacamole with a plate of nachos, which is already sorely overpriced at 12,000LL?! Those dips are by definition integral to nachos. They should not be considered supplements. And how about those seasonal burgers like Route 66 that command 24,000LL? This isn’t the Four Seasons! I lived in the USA almost my entire life, and let me tell you, burgers are usually the cheapest item on any restaurant menu, and rarely are they priced over $10, fries included.

    While I do commend Roadster on their ingratiating customer service, I fear that customers are paying dearly for it through the inflated prices of the food. Sure, Roadster is quick to comp a dissatisfied diner with a dessert or perhaps a meal, but that’s a short-term solution. A customer isn’t after a free meal, and believe me, few customers enjoy bickering just to secure freebies. A customer wants to feel confident that the food will be good and the prices wallet-friendly. Therefore, the larger issue has to be resolved, and that means totally revamping the price scheme of the menu. Once Roadster does, ZWZ and Crepaway will follow suit, because stiff competition drives down prices. I’m awaiting that price revolution with earnest…

  16. Ziad says

    there is a worldwide inflation and all prices are up
    but nothing justifies the current food prices and specially the soft drink prices
    i travel all over Europe for work and believe the food is much cheaper then Lebanon and has a better quality and taste.
    in Lebanon they put prices based on their brand name and how cool they are
    plus if we compare to Europe, restaurants there are very simple from the inside, even the menu design is very basic..they don’t care a lot about the image but more about the food
    in Lebanon they pay a lot on the branding and the interior design of the restaurants but personally i prefer a simple , cheaper place instead of a trendy, modern , so called cool place that charge you 20$ for a burger!

  17. christian abdenour says

    well, if you are going to say all of this shit about ROADSTER DINER !
    i guess you guys should stop eating in restaurants and start working on your cooking skills at home.
    all restaurants nowadays have the same avarage of prices,
    at least when i pay my 20$ for a meal in RD, i know im buying the amazing taste + premium quality of food + and best service in town!

  18. says

    Dear Gino,

    I was trying to call you to discuss your blog post & explain some aspects of your calculations. Knowing that you are a big Rd & Deek Duke lover we know that together with the passionate commenters you are speaking from the heart and we do understand the toll that price increases take on all of us.

    We will discuss the reasons behind them in detail hopefully when we meet, but I just wanted to address the main concern echoed in the comments. As Roadster diner we take the decision of a price increase every time with a very heavy heart knowing the impact it will have on our Rd Lovers, it is a tough call and one we do not want to make. However, as you know at Rd we do not compromise on the quality of our service, ingredients and products and we are living in an economy where prices are growing across the board from rent, to ingredients, to salaries and transportation. All of these are things that you constantly echo in your blog posts and tweets about living in Lebanon.

    And our job is to make sure we are there for our Rd Lovers, our Team and Rd Family throughout the hard times,

    Best Regards and hoping to meet you soon,

    Sahar Dumyati
    Senior Brand Manager
    Roadster diner & Deek Duke

    • says

      If you properly read all the comments here you’d notice there’s a lot more to worry about than just the increase in prices- the 2 times in 3 years we were obliged to go to Roadster’s filled out a very detailed comment card pointing out weaknesses and disappointments with the food quality & service. Years ago someone used to call to clarify… not it seems the Team and Rd Family don’t really care anymore.
      This blog post (and comments that follow) are a serious warning to your brand that we used to love back in 1999… shape up or we aint coming back again.

  19. paul says

    chain effect .. much like all other restaurants.. with more expansion comes more expenses which unfortunately affect the end user…the burger or whatever you are eating at their place includes the training and paying staff, image , quality of imports … etc. this is why a snack caravan is much cheaper in prices than an established restaurant .. but on the other hand you look at mc Donald’s who is leap years ahead of roadsters in expansion ( both are fastfood chains + or – ) you cant help but wonder .. how do they keep those damn prices relatively low ! big macs always tasted/looked the same so do all their other products … so it couldn’t be the quality/quantity/cleanliness decrease. even tho a big mac is made up of some weird meat .. this meat has been affected by inflation of prices be it locally and internationally incase they import. yet as far as im aware .. the price stayed the same for that meal ( i dont eat MD’s that much.. so correct me if im wrong ) and im guessing if it did .. it was incremental .

    so could it be that roadster’s expensive prices be solemnly based on being a signature brand of the fast food industry in lebanon ?

  20. Cedric Barsoumian says

    This comparison is pure nonsense… have you even considered all the factors that caused this increase in prices?

  21. says

    you got the percentages. if something doubles it’s price; it increases by 100% rather than 200%.
    example water was 1000LL, now 2000LL that’s 100% increase ( 1000+1000=2000)

  22. Paul says

    Above all that, they removed the delicious coke-float from the menu. If you ask for it most of the waiters haven’t heard of it, and the chef doesn’t know the recipe

  23. X Rd employee says

    I used to work at Roadster diner, all I can say is that Rd’s management strives to provide the best quality and service to Roadster diner and Deek Duke customers. They really care.

  24. Noor says

    Ok i do agree that Roadster is deffinetly NOT a diner! In all aspects possible! I remember that once i took some american friends of mine there a few years back and they laughed so hard when they saw the word diner.. And at the burger names but thats another story…
    It’s too bad it sucks now because i also had good memories there… And all the people around me seem to all have also lost their loyalty to Rd lately.

    I used to go there almost everyday, even twice a day sometimes. I stoped going around 2 years ago because the prices, the atmosphere and the quality changed.. I went there a month back and i was extremly shocked mainly by the new prices, terrible service and the portions!!! Seriously we ordered fries as appetizers and what we were served was:

    A huge plate with a small basket, inside the basket there was another plate put upside down so it narrowed the size of to half! And on top was around 12 fried potatoes!!!!! This for 10000 wth!!!!!!

    I never went back, and i never go to any of zwz, crepaway…… And all these over priced average quality restaurants! Because if i want to pay 20$ for an average small meal i can pay 5 more bucks and eat somewhere where the food is excellent and original. Or i can even go to places that serve lebanese food like el Balad and eat a variety of healthy yummy mezze for less than 20$ (sharing)!

    • Noor says

      Oh and btw someone who works at crepaway once told me that a serving of fries (in both rd and crepaway) is one “kamche” when served with something, and 2 for the basket.

      So i guess a 7 year old was in charge of the fries last time i went there…

  25. Elie says

    Honestly i stopped going to roadster because everything tastes the same!recently i have tried several sandwiches and although they are good,they all have the same taste there is nothing special about each sandwich …it used to be savoury and the burgers used to be awesome but not anymore…

  26. lea says

    Roadster diner has as many branches as BLOM BANK in lebanon :P. They surprise us every now and then with a new menu layout ; when it is in fact only for increasing their prices …

  27. Victor says

    To start with, I am in no position to defend Roadster Diner nor to comment on the taste of their fries nor their authenticity as a diner; but the above comparison is utterly amateurish.

    It wrongly calculates percentages; furthermore it does not take in consideration the rise in commodity prices worldwide or inflation rates. According to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, the global food price index has increased by 125 percent since 2000. In Lebanon, the IMF has estimated inflation at 3.1% for 2011, 10.1% for 2012 , 2.8% for 2013. You can simply notice this if you keep track of the cost of your grocery basket.

    So in order to make a good post and make a nuanced analysis, you have to look at the above factors wether it is cost of fries or man2oushe or espresso or latte..

  28. Saiid says

    I disagree with you gino. You have compared roadsters diner 14 years ago when everything out there was cheap back then. 475% raise on soft drinks thats because you get a free refill now. thats a good buisness knowing that some diners drink 1 cup per meal or 5 and more for others. Thats not just it, 14 years ago the minimum wages were 300000LL and gaz was very cheap (around 20000/20L). The expenses ratio rose so for everything in this country, except for Chicklets and Ghandour products. In addition, ghandour’s product quality diminished and concerning other product extensions from ghandour like “safari” are not produced anymore, unlike Roadster Diner, where the quality of the food is on the toppest level always. What about the service u get? Its way better than a 5* hotel and thats what the customers are looking for !! At least you never leave unsatisfied, even after paying the bill.
    In my opinion, you dont have to visit Roadster Diner on daily basis, however you can enjoy it once a month whenever u feel like having healthy food in 7* Restaurent.

  29. Abdhul says

    Roadster have been my favorite since 2006 when I first visited it during the world cup (was 19 back then).
    It’s increase in prices became very weird, and at the same time they didn’t improve the menu selections or even the taste. Like the super sampler tastes just the same now and 5 years back.
    Now I live in Dubai, and I don’t think I’ll ever go to roadster again since the worst diner here can serve you more delicious food that’s why when they opened here it was a major failure… but it’s popular in Lebanon because it’s the only one with no main competitor (crepaway is very bad).
    So… as soon as someone else brings a big chain (maybe american) to lebanon, roadster will lose in the market due to the reasons mentioned above. (no improvements + price increases)
    But still, If I wanna have a breakfast or dinner i’d rather go to RD that to zaatar w zeit because I don’t know what foolish type of people pay 10,000L for a fucking man2ooshi lol!

    • X Rd employee says

      As I said before I am an X Roadster diner employee, when reading all these comments all I can think about is how much people are really ignorant about many facts.

      As for your comment (Mr Abdhul), I am obliged to draw your attention that here in lebanon we have what you like to call big American chains as Chilli’s with one outlet and a half, Applebee’s one branch they closed the second one, TGI closed, Fuddruckers lived for few months ……….

      UAE story: Roadster first opened in a wrong timing (financial crisis) in addition to that it was a franchising issue not a quality, service nor a taste issue.

  30. Abdhul says

    Maybe I am critisized them because I love them, I’ve had so much memories in Rd’s so I hope they can increase their varieties and go beyond the known taste

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