About Me

Name: Gino Raidy

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Occupation: Writer

Education: Biology and Psychology at the American University of Beirut

Faith: Nonexistent

Politics: Libertarian

Music: Electronic

About the blog

The blog started out as an extra credit assignment in a Creative Writing course at AUB. It got 2000+ hits in the first month, so I got super excited, bought the domain name for $17 and the rest is history. I handle any kind of topic I find interesting and think readers would enjoy too. Topics usually center on issues or events in Lebanon and include my personal analysis most of the time.

I write in an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek manner. I never, ever delete a post or comment, ever. Content is always unpaid for, even if offered. Ad slots for sale if interested.

Successful series include The Weekly Leaks and Fashal series. The Weekly Leaks are leaks about events, venues, artists and other people or things that are set to open up or visit Lebanon. Notable leaks include The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N Roses, Virgin Radio Lebanon, White Beirut, Pier 7, City Centre Beirut, Creamfields Beirut, One Republic, Lana Del Rey, Scorpions, The Garten, Uberhaus and a lot more with a 92% success rate.


Email: gino@ginosblog.com
Mobile: +9613134477 / +1(202)-415-5519
Skype: GinoRaidy
Twitter: @GinoRaidy
Instagram: @GinoRaidy
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Featured and/or Published In

NOW English
The Daily Star
France 24
BBC Arabic
Al Jazeera English
MTV Lebanon
Future News
Al Jadeed
Sawt Al Mada
Time Out Beirut
The Gate
Commerce du Levant
and many others I don’t remember