Win TWO Weekend Passes for Red Bull’s 2 Nights Underground This Weekend!


So, I’m flying in just to attend this MASSIVE weekend (pun intended) and I’ve got my hands on 2 weekend passes I wanna give away to you guys.

It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is tag me on your Instagram accounts (@GinoRaidy) and use the #2NIGHTSUNDERGROUND hashtag on a photo you already have (or new one) of any of the artists on the ticket, a Red Bull can or both!

I’ll check everything tomorrow, Friday, around noon and choose the winner randomly, and someone will have two weekend passes for the RBMA and Audio Kultur weekend at the Mar Mikhael Bus Station!

If you still don’t know exactly what’s happening (come on, do you live in a cave?) Check out my article for here.

Oh, and don’t forget to RSVP here, or else you won’t qualify!


10 Guestlist Passes for DIXON at The Garten This Saturday!


DIXOOOOOON!!!!! Ok, I won’t lie, after Ten Walls (Mario Basanov), Dixon is the artist I’ve been looking forward to most this epic summer at The Garten.

The awesome folks at The Garten and myself decided that when I really, really, really care about the artist performing, I get to give away 1o “Gino’s Passes” to The Garten at night. So, after Benoit and Sergio, it’s time for some Dixon!

I’m sure you all have Dixon tracks on your SoundClouds and smartphones, but I’m gonna embed these few tracks just to start getting you in the mood.

All you need to do is RSVP here and then fill out the super-simple form below. If you win, you’ll be sent a ticket to your email by the awesome folks at Presella (so use your real email to get the pass!)


10 Gino’s Guestlist Passes for The Garten This Saturday


So, it was bound to eventually happen. The nice guys and gals at Uberhaus have given this blog’s reader’s the chance to be on the guestlist this Saturday for SERGIO & BENOIT‘s LIVE set.

All you have to do is fill in this super simple form so we can get to know you better, and I promise it’s gonna be a random draw where 10 of you guys and gals will get the new “Gino’s Pass”.


Special thanks to the Uberhaus and Presella peeps for making this happen.


Merry Go Round, Outbreak with Jimmy Van M TONIGHT! + WIN 2 Tickets


I love Tehcno. I also love Deep House. I love the different flavors that lie between those two on the electronic music spectrum. I know you do too. And I know you desperately need a break from all the bad stuff happening to us recently. I need it too. Tonight, there’s gonna be an awesome party at Concrete 1994 that’s a much-needed breather from the usual party crew set-ups in Beirut over the past few months.

Headlining is Jimmy Van M, from Bedrock Records. I love his sets, I can’t wait to listen to it tonight. It also features awesome local favorites Gunther & Stamina, Codeface and Amer. Listen to the tracks I embedded below to get a feel of what Jimmy Van M does on the decks. You need no introduction to the rest, I’m sure.

Anyway, I hope to see y’all there, and to make sure at least a couple of folks who read this blog are dancing with us tomorrow, I’m giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner. All you have to do is comment on this post and we’ll randomly pick a name by 6:00PM so you can get ready to partay.

Buy your tickets for cheaper on Presella too (20USD instead of 30USD at the door) and don’t forget to RSVP.

Your Christmas Gift: 5 Awesome Pairs of Lacoste Shades

So, the awesome folks at Megs Optical decided that they wanna step up the shades games of the blog’s readers, so they’ve offered me 5 pairs of sunglasses to give away for Christmas.

I got my own pair and I’ve been rocking them for the past couple of weeks and I must say I love them. They’re light and comfortable to wear and the lenses aren’t too dark, meaning that they work like a charm in sunlight, but aren’t a nuisance if you’re in a spot of shade, making you have to take them off and put them back on every time the light environment changes. They’re also not as expensive as you’d expect a Lacoste to be, with prices from 150USD to a max in the mid 200s (compared to other big brand glasses, that’s pretty good).

All you need to do is go to this Facebook post on the Gino’s Blog page and tell us which pair you’d wear and to what. Get creative. Ideally, post a photo of your existing pair of horrid sunglasses and convince us you need one of those epic ones!

Merry Christmas Everyone! =D

Anghami+ The Lebanese Music Streaming Service Taking the Arab World by Storm

When I was living in the States, I never downloaded songs. For one, I was afraid I’d get into legal trouble given the stories you hear about people who download pirated music there, and for two, there was a MUCH better alternative: streaming services.

Abroad, mobile data is much more affordable and reliable than in Lebanon, so you wouldn’t really think twice if you want to stream a song. Free services like Pandora would allow you to do that, interrupted by an ad every other song. If you were a bit more serious about your music and playlists, Spotify was the better alternative, where for $9.99/month you could listen to uninterrupted, unlimited music.

Unfortunately, these streaming services are not available in Lebanon and the Arab World, and don’t have an extensive enough listing of Arabic music. You’d get Haifa and Nancy, but probably no Wassouf and Fares Karam.

That’s when Anghami came in 2012, and little over a year, has taken the Arab World by storm, providing an affordable, comprehensive and tailor-made solution to a region of the world that is used to the illegal downloading of music and pirated CDs off street vendors. For just $4.99/month, you can listen and download all the music you want from their impressive library of 4 million tracks and counting.

Anghami provides all the Arabic songs you might want, but with an equally impressive International Music section (which I’m primarily interested in). I test it out all the time, and try to find obscure tracks by folks like Gui Boratto, and I find them! And sometimes remixes I didn’t even know about. You can find everything from Kendrick Lamar, to The Prodigy and Metallica. Best part is, if you didn’t find what you like, you can email them directly from the app requesting the artist/song and they’ll add it for you if it’s possible legally.

Anghami+ is different from other streaming services like Spotify and Pandora in that it allows you to listen to the songs offline as well. That’s very important for us, where 3G is massively expensive, we can’t afford to stream all the time. That’s why, you can download all the songs you want when on WiFi (or using up a mall’s WiFi =P) and listen to them offline at anytime, forever! That’s when you’re using Anghami+ of course.

So, if you haven’t downloaded Anghami yet (which I doubt), download it for Android here, for iOS here, for BB here and Nokia Symbian here.

Christmas Giveaway!

Because Anghami loves you guys, we’re teaming up to giveaway 6 subscriptions to Anghami+

  • 1 subscription for 12 months
  • 2 subscriptions for 6 months
  • 3 subscriptions for 3 months

All you need to do is:

  1. Download the app and sign in with your Facebook
  2. Share with me an epic song I probably don’t know (you can share the track you’re playing in several ways, preferably through Anghami! But you can do it via email/Facebook/etc. too)
  3. I’ll make a special playlist of the 6 best tracks, and each of those 6 folks will win a subscription!
  4. I’ll announce the winners a day after Christmas, December 26, cause the best gifts come a day late =D

Stereo Club Nights is Back with The Mekanism This Saturday + WIN 2 Tickets


Y’all know Stereo Club Nights, so they don’t need an introduction here. The series starts this Saturday at Yukunkun in Gemmayzeh, and they’re flying in The Mekanism, supported by my good friends Hampy and Cottonmouth.

Here’s an example of the awesome stuff The Mekanism remixes and plays at Social Club in Paris. Here’s the event page.

So, that’s where it’s at this Saturday, and I don’t know about you, but personally, I’ve really missed Stereo nights! That’s why I’m giving away two tickets to a lucky winner. Just comment below (by signing in with your Twitter or Facebook, so I know you’re real) what was the last Stereo night you went to!

One Night in November with Paul Loraine + 2 Tix

onenight-in-nov-posterThe One Night series by Beirut in the Mix and Retro Clash are one of my favorite party series in Beirut. With four epic “one nights” in the past 2 years, this fifth one is looking sexy as hell (I mean, look at the Illuminati-style poster Ali El Sayed did) and after Djebali, Tolga, Shonky and Terry Francis, this night’s guest is someone truly special.

As you may know, Nesta went to London for a few months to complete his Technophile project, and there, he got to dig deep into the British nightlife scene to find London’s best-kept secret: Paul Loraine, and here’s one of his awesome, dreamy tracks so you get a taste of what’s coming.

Paul Loraine, Ronin & Nesta, Technophile and Phil will be at Art Lounge this Saturday, and I wanna send a pair of you guys and gals there to party with us all. All you need to do is find a previous “One Night In X” poster and mention me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @GinoRaidy for all 3. I have one specific night in mind, and the first person to tag the one I’m thinking of wins a pair of tix! You have till tomorrow night (Friday, when I’ll announce the winner!)

Watch Nemr’s EPIC Before Anyone Else: 6 Tix To Win!


So, since Nemr’s ma bro and I’m super excited he has a frigging motion picture coming out next week, we decided to give away 3 pairs of tickets on the blog to celebrate!

EPIC was a record breaking show that sold out over six nights to over six thousand people in April of 2011, setting the record throughout the Middle East for a live comedy special, and setting a standard in public speech not since matched in the region.
EPIC the Movie puts you right in the crowd for those six nights, as hilarious joke after joke bursts through the big screen, and the best of those nights unfolds in one EPIC movie.
So, you can watch all of those shows’ best moments, on Vox Cinema’s gigantic screen. Also, Nemr’s gonna be there, so if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him live, Monday would be your chance!
The Avant Premiere will be held at City Centre’s VOX Cinemas on Monday at 8:00PM. To win, here’s what you have to do:
Comment anything at all on this Facebook status, and we’ve got 3 numbers on our minds. If your comment’s order corresponds with those numbers, then you’ve got yourself a pair of tickets!

7 After All: Lebanon’s Most Epic After Party

7 after all-08

This Saturday is CREAMFIELDS Beirut, and the 14-hour marathon of beautiful music won’t be enough for the select few clubbers that have enough stamina (not the producer =P) to make it a solid 24-hour trip of perfect vibes and awesome people.

Beirut in the Mix have brought together everyone who’s anyone in the Beirut electronic music industry. Just look at the lineup that’s grouping talents from all the best labels and clubs in Lebanon and around the world!


The best part is, if you have a Creamfields Beirut wristband, you can go in for free if you get there before 12:00PM. The party is an all-day after party on a grassy, sandy beach 15 minutes south of Beirut. I won’t babble on about  how epic this is gonna be, how awesome it’ll be lounging on the grass, listening to the beautiful music as you rest your tired feet for a few minutes before continuing the musical marathon.

Take a look at the gorgeous venue, Beach 37! And here’s the map to the picturesque, and affordable beach resort.

Dance, tan, relax, swim, meet the coolest Creamfields goers who survived the 14-hours, and still want more. Switch from gargantuan-scale, to a more intimate and laidback one. Let this weekend makeup for the recent weeks of negativity, don’t let the negativity ruin this, Lebanon’s most epic weekend plan. See you all on the dancefloor!

Oh, and of course, I’m giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner. Here’s what to do:

  • Post a link to a track made by one of the producers on the lineup as a comment (make sure you sign in via twitter or FB so we know you’re real)
  • RSVP to the Facebook event.
  • I’ll announce Friday night!

Event Page

Presella Tickets (20% discount if you buy from Presella!)