FLOAT on Monday!


So, Float has been one of the highlights of the past 3 summers in Beirut. First year we were like 50, then the second year like 150 and last year more than 400 folks showed up. It all started with the guys at Beirut in the Mix, and at first it was just friends and friends of friends, and it still is!

It starts at noon in the lovely Camping Amchit venue, perched on top of the Mediterranean sea overlooking a gorgeous 40 meter cliff. Come in your beachwear, dance dance dance, then go down for a dip in the cool sea, tan a little, then come back up, dance dance dance, then repeat a few times over the 15 hours you’ll be there!

As for the lineup, it’s all the boys we love coming together from different parts of Lebanese nightlife for this one day dedicated to beautiful music, beautiful venue and a super chill crowd.

If you come early (2-3PM), you get in for free (that’s why I’m not giving away any tix =P). Then it’s $15 with one drink till 8PM, and after that it’s for 30 bucks with 2 drinks. So, get your asses down there early. Oh, you can also get discounted tickets from our friends at Presella.

So, RSVP here, and see you all on the dancefloor =D

Forest Frequencies 2014!


Imagine this: a venue located in a gorgeous green area surrounded by mountains on three sides, and a view to the Mediterranean on the fourth. Two large stages with dancefloors. A chillout area. A market. Dozens of tents. Away from the bustling city and coastal heat. All that, for four days brought to life by over 50 local and international talents that span the spectrum of mainly electronic music.

Chillout, IDM & Downtempo, Dub, House, Deep House, Techno, Drum n Bass & PsyTrance and everything in between with names you’ve grown to love like Gunther, 3LIAS (Stamina), Jade, Ronin and Nesta, Ziad Ghosn, Cotton Mouth, Jay K, Moudy, Kacelogic & Lio, Codeface, Ralph and Hicham, Geara and many, many more (those are the ones I personally know and am very good friends with).

Couple the above with 7 acts from abroad, and you have a the perfect extended weekend up in the mountains of Chahtoul.

Last year, I had a blast when I went up with Ronin and Nadine, but was unable to stay the entire time. This year, I’m definitely planning on sleeping there and escaping everything for a few days.

Tickets are super cheap, $70 if you buy them before the event, and $80 at the door, and $40 for a one-day pass. Get your own tent and set it up wherever you want. There’s free parking, and if you wanna take a break from the partying, there’s a lot of workshops and classes also happening in Forest Frequencies, like daily yoga sessions, circus juggling and more. Check out the full details here.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, I’m giving away two tickets to y’all. All you need to do is Instagram a photo of a forest, and make it trippy and tag it #ForestFrequencies and mention me @GinoRaidy. I’ll announce the two winners on August 5th!

Here’s an awesome video about what to expect, and below that is a promo mix Ralph and Hicham cooked up!

#OnlyTheLonely: Awesome Stuff

I absolutely loved the videos. They capture life in Beirut so perfectly, and in a visually yummy way.

Here’s a few cool videos of theirs:

Anyone who’s ever fought for a noble cause in Lebanon know they’re going to feel lonely while the rest are just stupidly chanting for some political crap.

FUCK DA VALET! Park in parkings. Stop making us feel lonely for not blocking the roads while waiting for thugish valets.

Just obey the damn lights, come on. We can start a conversation maybe at a red light!

But, videos aren’t the only thing that’s happening. Volvo has also put cool booths for both crosswalks and taxi stations. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to be getting the idea, and cars park on clearly marked “NO PARKING” and pedestrians are puzzled when they see it. The few people who are actually trying to use it, really are lonely, sadly.

I’m gonna try it myself next time I’m in Mar Mikhael, and tell y’all how it goes. Till then, check out my dear friend Xriss trying to use it, and being lonely…

And don’t forget to check their website for an awesome map, more videos and all the action on the #OnlyTheLonely hashtag.

This Weekend’s Party Schedule

Thursday – B 018 with MixFM’s 80′s Night


If there is only one constant in Lebanese nightlife that has been going strong for almost a decade, it’s the 80′s  night at b0. It’ll always be packed, and the vibes will always be nice. The props and decorations are always awesome and go with the theme, and Rodge’s pretty energetic on the DJ booth, so even if you don’t like the song, you’ll find yourself dancing and waving your arms in the air most of the night. So, take a break from our electronic world, and have some fun at the 80′s night tonight.

Friday – Electric Sundown at Iris Beach Then Decks on the Beach at Sporting


Last Friday’s Electric Sundown opening was epic. Sunset views of the Lebanese coast. A nice pool. Two big bars. Plenty of comfy beds and smaller pools. Grass. Sand. And the sound of waves crashing below you every time the music is about to drop. Audiofly were magical, and this week, it’s none other than LEE BURRIDGE, in the flesh! Supported by Majid and Diamond Setter.

So, come early and get in for free, and if you’re late you’ll pay 20$ at the door. Come early because the main act starts at 10, so you do not want to miss their sets.

I’d recommend you go Decks on the Beach after Iris Beach. It ends by 1:00AM at Iris, which is the prefect time to switch over to Sporting. But, then again, I also recommend you’re very well-rested for Saturday…


Fina-fucking-lly! The place that was the absolute it-place last year every single Saturday, is back this weekend. It’s bigger, better and they have a couple of new tricks up their sleeve. You do not want to miss this. Come as early as you can to avoid the lines. See you all at the dome people!


Ellie Goulding in Beirut this Summer!


This summer is gonna be big. That’s what we keep hearing, and what we all hope for. But, all the big festivals’ acts seem mediocre compared to other years. The massive acts we’re used to seeing gracing Lebanese stages have shrunken down to more niche, less mainstream acts, which is of course great, but then again, it shows a somewhat lack of confidence in how great the summer will be.

From chart-toppers like Lana Del Rey and the Petshop Boyz, to acts from decades ago and more indie acts, there is much less star power this summer.

Ellie Goulding is arguably the biggest, with over 10 top hits to her name in the last couple of years, and a very versatile discography ranging from deep electronic dance music, to radio-invading pop, she’s never really sold out. Proof? Listen to her epic acoustic versions to know she does have quite the voice. Then, listen to her chart-topping collabs with folks like Tinie Tempah. And then, watch her pull off covers of indie acts every hipster in Beirut adores (I’ll admit I love them too) Alt-J and The Weeknd.

So, if you’re looking for the summer’s biggest concert, with an artist that’s in now, whose songs most of you can sing along to, and in a large venue like BIEL, y’all know where to be on July 23rd (and tickets are already running out). RSVP Here



The Weeknd

This Weekend’s Party Schedule

Thursday – House Rules at White with DJ Ibra

The weekend starts off all glitzy and fancy at White Beirut, with their sexy new Funktion Ones put to good use with Montreal’s DJ Ibra.

Friday – Iris Beach with AUDIOFLY

It’s the opening of the all-new Electric Sundown series every Friday starting 5:00PM. The headliner this time is one of my absolute all-time favorites, Audiofly, who I last saw in a warehouse in Downtown LA earlier this year in a set-up that looked like it’s right out of GTA5′s Los Santos. So, experiencing one of his sets on the beach at sunset here at home is going to be epic. Best part? It’s free entrance from 5-8PM, so get your swimsuits ready and see y’all in the pool! RSVP here

Here’s one of my favorite Audiofly sets I have on my “keepers” list on soundcloud

Saturday – C U NXT SAT Last Time at Sporting

We’ve all had awesome memories with the CUNXTSAT crew at Sporting, but, the time has finally come to move on. So, this Saturday is going to be the last one at Sporting, and the party crew is taking a break for 3 weeks to finish setting up their studios in Berlin, so, this Saturday is the last CU party for a few weeks! See y’all there! RSVP here.


Fete de la Musique: June 21 + Schedule


19H20 – 19H50 KHEBEZ DAWLE
20H05 – 20H35 LOOPSTACHE
20H5 – 21H20 PINDOLL
21H35 – 22H15 BULL FUNK ZOO
23H30 – 00H00 WETROBOTS
00H15 – 00H45 ZAHED SUTAN
01H00 – 01H40 ZAED NAES 

Apart from the main stage with these awesome folks, there are over SEVENTY local and international acts all over Beirut. If you’re a musician/band and still want to participate, go here.

Follow their Facebook page for updates!

12 Reasons You Need to be at AUB Outdoors this Weekend


1- It’s the Biggest Student-Organized Event in the Region

Some universities celebrate for a few hours. We celebrate for a whole weekend. It’s the whole deal, plus a bag of chips. World-class acts, plenty of fun and games, music, art, comedy, food, awesome historic campus and thousands of awesome people. It’s a no-brainer really.

2- All Your Favorite Acts in One Place

Who Killed Bruce Lee, Nemr Abou Nassar, Comedy Night, Epic, Meen, Lazzy Lung, Blimp, Tanjaret Daghet, Xriss, Jammit, Loopstache, Postcards, Double A the Preacherma, Sandmoon, and those are just the ones I actually know in person. There’s over two-dozen epic live acts for you to revel in for two whole days.

3- The Best Outdoors Ever

I know some of you whine and pretend to be too cool for school, but this year’s Outdoors is next level on every level. I know because I’ve seen how hard and professionally the guys and gals have been working on it, and everything from stage set-ups to complete venue transformation is up to par with the best concert venues money can buy. Sound systems, LED screens, a light show and stands that’ll prove to you the AUB Outdoors should be a permanent staple every May for the rest of your life.


4- It’s for 5,000LBP

I mean, for all the amazing acts you get see, 5000LBP is quite the deal. There’s no golden circle or VVVVVIP tickets for hundreds of dollars, it’s cheaper than a sandwich on Bliss street, and definitely a lot healthier and cleaner. You have literally no excuse to miss this weekend.

5- Everyone’s Welcome

Wanna go on a date? You promised you’d babysit your annoying nephews? Your grandma remembers going to Outdoors when she was still a young lady? You wanna show your folks where you spend their money at? Your friends keep whining they don’t want to watch DVDs in your apartment? Well move your booties and come down to one of the most beautiful and iconic campuses in the world, enjoy good food, great people and awesome music.

6- It Doesn’t Interfere with your (Night/Football) Clubbing Schedule

And here, I’m talking about both nightclubs and football clubs. The shows wrap up around 10:ooPM, so come pre-party with us then hop about to whats-his-names’ birthday at whatever expensive rooftop. If you’re a Champion’s League fan, why go get choked to death in arguileh smoke and pay double the Outdoors ticket for a water bottle and peanuts? Watch it on our massive LED screens after a full 12-hours of fun and music with thousands of people cheering and clapping and laughing!

7- It’s New York-themed

You mad you can’t Instagram photos of yourself in Times Square with the hashtag #throwback? Well, we brought New York right here to your doorstep. The authentic Manhattan toursity experience, mixed with the authentic hipstery flavors of Hipster Central: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, will give you plenty to Instagram (and plenty of A-listers to selfie-bomb too!)

8- You Could Win $1000 and more

Just take a photo of each one of our 7 NYC cabs spray-painted all over Beirut, and get into the draw to win 1000$ and awesome prizes from Converse! I’ll be drawing the name of one of you lucky bastards on stage during Outdoors (so, remember to tip me =P). Too lazy to find all 7? Then upload just one and get a Live Love Beirut bracelet instantly! Don’t forget to tag it with #AUBOutdoorsCab!


9- Graff!

Apart from the awesome musical and comedic talent, we have your absolute favorite graffiti artists working their magic on an enormous, gigantic wall right next to the stage. Yazan, Ashekman and Chad the Mad will be right there for you to ogle at with mouths wide open at how these awesome dudes can turn a spray paint can into a masterpiece in minutes!

10, 11 and 12- Awesome Hosts, DUH!

Apart from myself, there’s my very, very good (and hilarious!) friend Mazen Abdallah. As if that wasn’t enough for you guys, there’s also the awesome Maya Ayache, and the folks that invade your airwaves when stuck in traffic, Anthony and Frankie!

See Y’all There!

Apart from the above, you’re guaranteed a whole weekend of wholesome fun, in an awesome venue, with tens of thousands of people who just want to have fun. Music, art, comedy, games, food… It’s all there, and I’d better see you all there.

So, please, RSVP here, tell your friends and get ready for an absolutely epic weekend!


Epic Dekkenet El Balad is Epic: What It’s All About

Watch the video above, it’s brilliantly funny, witty and extremely on-point. If you’ve ever done any official paperwork, you’ll know that the video didn’t exaggerate at all, it just made it more believable in my humble opinion, because the reality can be much, much worse.

“Dekkene” is a Lebanese word for “local convenience store/deli”. It’s the rickety place that sells you everything, and where everything is disorganized and haphazard. Lebanon is a “dekkene” in many ways, and the rampant corruption that festers in its every nook and cranny has become the only way to get anything done. Bribes, “wasta” and third-party “facilitators” are a must if you want anything done fast, or done at all in fact (even when it’s obviously illegal).


Sakker El Dekkene” is a brilliantly executed campaign to fight this gargantuan tumor that is corruption in virtually every single governmental institution. Even during the event, ISF officers would come and badger the organizers for paperwork, even though everything was in line, which begs the question what was their real intention of coming not once, nor twice, nor thrice but more to harass everyone there? Dekkene…

Anyway. The website’s platform is amazing, and they have apps for Android and iOS where you can anonymously report corruption you see. The data gathered will be analyzed and made publicly available to help us exert pressure in the reforms direction. Also, a branded Smart car will be parked at the door of the most corrupt institution of the month, letting everyone know which ones to be careful of, and pressure to reform.

The shop is also brilliant, and it’s on Gemmayzeh street right next to the Lebanese Red Cross center. It’s full of very sarcastic items, signs and stencils, and you’ll have a laugh or two as you browse around.

All in all, it was a brilliantly executed campaign, and I for one am extremely excited to be part of it!

Check their website here!