The Past Weekend’s Playlist

I used to post track selections a couple years back here. Now, I sorta do that on Snapchat (@GinoRaidy). But, this weekend was so massive, it needs a blog post.


All Remains the Same (Kalumet Remix) – Agostino Maria Ticino is a gorgeous track. It never gets boring. Think: stuck in traffic on a rainy night in Beirut, on the way to a good party. Or better yet, you suddenly listen to it when someone plays it at a party.

People (Nico Lahs & Ahemt Sisman Remix) – Fancys. Here’s another track I loved this weekend (either because I remembered to put it in the car or it featured in one of the sets somewhere!)

Composit – NTFO & Karmon. NTFO and Karmon have been churning out masterpiece after masterpiece, so when they collabed for the Composit EP, it was bound to be good. Composit is exceptionally nice on that EP, but not as heard as Metropolis (that one was on most sets this summer!). It was a highlight of this weekend’s endless playlist as well


Patch/wrk. is Raphael and Amer. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to sets Roufy (Raphael) was spinning on several occasions, but recent Patch/wrk. performances at places like Rubik have been exceptionally pleasant to be part of. Here’s a cool 1-hour mix for the Hurly Burly podcast

This one is a classic. Plastikman (Richie Hawtin) is a Techno legend. Few compare to this genius. His most recent release, EX, was from a live performance at New York’s Guggenheim Museum. It’s an hourlong journey into different frequencies, wavelengths and effects you can make sound do with machines. One of my all-time favorites, and it was essential in making the weekend sound so good.

PINDOLL Music Video Debut + Album Launch This Saturday

1779351_10153862158455472_785161748_nI first saw Pindoll perform live a the RHCP concert a couple of years ago, and since then, I’ve become good friends with Miran who’s been keeping me in the loop of what they’re cooking up, getting me all excited to see what’s gonna happen.

Soooo, it is with great pleasure that I share with you guys their first music video, which I loved and was worth the wait. It starts off deliciously morbid and macabre and transitions into a faster and faster uplifting pace that ends the song with awesome guitar riffs and drums that make you wanna almost head-bang and stomp. It’s also beautifully shot in black and white in places I’m sure you might find familiar, and others quite cool (Instagram photo opp?)

Anyway, when you watch the video and love what you see, you might want to check out their album launch this Saturday in Beirut. Here’s the event link, and bummed I won’t be in town!

Rapping from a Suicide Bomber’s Mindset: Chyno Hits The Nail On Its Head

First, I don’t know how I missed this epic video and song last month, especially since almost every single person in it is a friend (bad friends who didn’t tip me off about this btw =P) but I loved it (Thanks Tara). It’s an extremely insightful, hard-hitting song and video clip that attempts to go through the thought process and emotional state of a would-be suicide bomber.

Suicide bombers are a nightmare for most human beings, that’s a given. But, they’re also very intriguing. Like violent serial killers, they scare us, they haunt us, but at the same time we want to know the why and how and who and what. Chyno (from Fareeq El Atrash) tries to fill the shoes of the disgruntled, hopeless, indoctrinated young men who eventually become suicide bombers for lack of a better option, and for the supposed fame it provides, the alleged glory it wins, and the very real infamy it generates. Not to mention the stable income the “martyr’s” family will get from the “sheikh”. Brilliant. Summed up so much in so little about an extremely convoluted and complex issue, and it packed quite the punch coupled with Pedros Temizian’s direction.

Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics, so you get an idea of how… ballsy this song is

– They fucking with O.P.P.
that’s Other People’s Property
how they gonna promise me peace,
when freedom a monopoly?
– They sell me my house to the highest bidder,
walls outside but the spies within us,
i can’t cry gotta hide these rivers,
show my wife there’s still life within us,
– Cold inside, just like our winters,
Cold inside, how we like our winners,
martyrs, widows, armies, militias,
friendly, malicious, blind by killing,
– You idolize sinners, i’ll take a ride with ’em,
to symbolize freedom, i’ll dive into hell,
with all the fire there, i’ll find some light in it,
strap it to my chest, light the dynamite in us,
– BOOM, i’m taking my life away,
they tryna take it anyway, right?
Sheikh gonna pay my family
more than my job’ll ever pay, right?
– Modern day hero, pictures up on
Martyr day, see my self on heaven’s gate,
don’t see a better way to die!
might as well be today, right?

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Lazzy Lung’s Settle It Out

All the artists I’ve featured on the blog so far have been extremely talented Lebanese producers like Rashid Ajami, Technophile and AudioLab. It’s time to branch out a little into the other genres, especially after I’ve begun delving deeper and deeper into the scenes I had never ventured into.

Naturally, Lazzy Lung were an obvious choice, given that Imad, their bassist and vocalist, as well as Alan, their guitarist and vocalist and loops man, are both very good friends. They released a single from their upcoming album, Sailor’s Delight, called “Settle It Out”

I loved the track. It’s fast and energetic, with vocals and lyrics that blend seamlessly with the music. It had a nice RHCP-feel to it, only more potent in the punch it packs, both with its words and roller-coaster ride of sounds that blend in some tasteful electronic elements with the traditional ones.

Give it a listen, and I’ve embedded it on the right of the blog, so you can listen to it as you read the blog. Like them on Facebook here.

2 Tracks I Loved This Summer


I enjoy good electronic music, in all its flavors, but there are a few tracks that really get into your brain and do good things. These are 2 tracks I managed to Shazam successfully at several parties, tracks that if we’re talking, or doing something else and they come on, I’d pause and make sure I dance to it before continuing whatever was happening =P

1- Gotham – Ten Walls

Forward to 1 minute if you’re impatient! This song drives me crazy. I love that singular, airhorn-like melody’s mesmerizing effect and how it unexpectedly wraps itself up towards the end of that loop. It gets a wee bit funky sometimes, but it’s a solid track that has made many moments awesome this summer at places like The Garten.

2- This Charming Man (Leon Luis Bootleg) – The Smiths

This song is weird, but good weird, the kind that makes you want to hop up and down. The vocals aren’t the kind I’d usually like, but they fit in perfectly in this track. I loved this track’s ability to keep the stamina going, and I honestly believe if you drop it at 6:00AM when everyone’s exhausted, they’ll be jumping up and down again immediately.

Semitic Genetic’s Awesome “Botox” Animated Video Clip

“Electro Rock” is on the rise, with band equipment teaming up with synths and keyboards to create a mutant genre of electronic-ish music, performed live.

Semitic Genetic teeters more to the Rock side of this budding genre, and thus are nowhere near my musical expertise. However, their awesome video clip caught my attention, and I believe every “Ashrafieh tante” deserves to see this and weep over the thousands and tens of thousands they spend trying to look like each other with the bloated breasts, plump hideous lips and other obvious body augmentations or reductions that make it hard not to stare.

The animator is young Lebanese Xavier Baghdadi.

This band based between New York and Beirut will be performing acoustic versions of their originals in Dany’s Hamra this Friday the 13th at 9:30PM before they split up over two continents again, so if you like what you see and hear, you know where to be this Friday.

Check out their Facebook page here


The Garten Mix: Something To Keep You Going Till the 22nd


If you were at Uberhaus the past weekend, chances are you got the special The Garten CD. Needless to say, it’s on endless loop in my car ever since. If you weren’t though, the guys have uploaded it on SoundCloud for you to enjoy, remember the awesome Uber nights and what to expect in The Garten. If you haven’t seen the plans yet, check them out here. The lineup is also looking divine, but won’t divulge any secrets yet =P

Rashid Ajami Featured on Anjunadeep, Stealth and Kittball


After featuring Jad Atoui, Escape II Venus, AudioLab and Technophile, it’s time to feature a new Lebanese artist making it big in the electronic music world.

Rashid Ajami was born in London and his unique sounds blend in perfectly with the scene there. His expertise includes several segments of the gorgeous house music spectrum but tend to focus on the deeper side of things, the nicer side if you ask my humble opinion.

Apart from being featured on the upcoming Above and Beyond Anjunadeep release, Rashid has had support and remixes from underground heavyweights like Tocadisco, Jerome Isma-Ae and Tube & Berger (who I’ll be seeing live this Thursday at Couture!). I was lucky to have been introduced to Rashid by my dear friend DJ Base right before Rashid’s upcoming EP releases. I’ve embedded “Rule The World” below and in the right column of the blog, released just the other day and doing well on Beatport.

I’m looking forward to listening to the track that will be on the new Anjunadeep album, but so far, I haven’t been able to get my hands on it. As soon as I do, I’ll make sure to feature it here as well!

I hope you enjoy these 10 beautiful minutes of the original mix of the song plus 3 remixes of it.

Keep up with Rashid Ajami on Facebook and SoundCloud

If you wanna listen to the previous features, here’s my SoundCloud playlist:

Bye Nesta, Hello Technophile at Uberhaus <3


Over the years, I’ve made a lot of friends in Beirut. Lots of those friends have now gathered under one roof to create what is my absolute favorite place in the city these days: Uberhaus. Among those dearest to my heart are the dynamic duo Ronin and Nesta, who over the years have gotten a lot of commercial success but have never, ever compromised their underground house music street cred. I have their sets dating back to 2006, and they’ve only gotten better with time and fame, not worse.

One half of that duo, Nabih Esta, or Nesta, is off to London for the next 6 months to push his music-making career even further. I am a huge fan of people pursuing their true dreams, and maybe that’s why I wasn’t that sad he’s leaving for a while despite being able to crunch out massive tracks right here from home alongside Ronin.

So, for the next few months, it’s goodbye Nesta and hello Technophile, his new alias. The track I chose to feature on the blog next, is called Smog Cut, which will be released April 11th. Here’s a 3-minute preview, which I have had on loop all weekend. This melodic, intensely deep track will have you goosepimply for hours as I made sure all my friends who came over this weekend or rode in my car did =P

As for what will happen to Groove Republic, Ronin and Phil are still here and will be going just as hard. Also, we are in talks to create a trio called Under and Below (as in Above and Beyond) that consists of Ronin, Phil and Gino (although Ronin and Phil are not as excited as I am about that venture =P)

Anyway, here’s the track I chose next for the Gino’s Blog features and if you ever wanna check out the previous ones, here’s the SoundCloud playlist that includes all the insane Lebanese artists that have already been featured on the blog.

So, good luck Nabih from all of us here! We’re expecting some massive music from you in the near future. And thanks for everyone at Uberhaus for making last Saturday awesome: Joanna, Nemr, Gus, Ronald, Tarek, Louay, Joana, Tres, Carol, Phil and everyone else <3