LebanonFiles.com Steals Satire Article About “Proof of Life After Death” And Publishes as Legit


It’s sad how “news websites” in Lebanon so liberally steal articles without mentioning the source or taking permission, what’s even more sadder, and actually hilarious, is when they think a satirical article is an actually a serious one. The epitome of what’s sad is that some people actually believe it, and share it…

The latest such stupidity crime was done by LebanonFiles.com, which out of all things, decided that “scientists in Germany” proved that there is “life after death”, which they stole from the lame WorldNewsDailyReport.com.

Here’s the original article, and here’s the Lebanonfiles.com one. Also, here’s the disclaimer at World News Daily Report.

FASHAL: Elmarada.org Posts Bush Cocaine Satire As Actual News

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.05.03 PMThis news of course is not true. It was published on Empirenews.net, a satirical news website. Unfortunately, the ElMarada website didn’t let that stop them from publishing a translated version of the story under the name “Al Anba2” (which is unclear if they man the newspaper in Lebanon, or an “Anba2” category on their website).

Anyway, the really funny part is people’s reactions. Those with enough wit to remember to Google first, made loads of funny and politically-charged rebukes at this blooper, but, funnier still were the people who bought it, like this person here:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.14.08 PM

It roughly translates to: “Of course the terrorist and chief of the gangs of death is a drug dealer. This is nothing new for us, but where is his stupid American people?”

This reminds me of the time when Iranian media thought a The Onion piece claiming Ahmadinejad’s approval rates in the US were higher than Obama’s, was true, and ran with it very seriously =P

Websites like Elmarada.org, Tayyar.org, Kataeb.org, Lebanese-Forces.com and others are horrible at what they’re supposed to do: offer news. Instead, they’re amazing at publishing crap, stealing content without proper annotations and  other juvenile, typical Lebanese politics idiocies.

FASHAL – Erbil Engrish


Everyone keeps saying Erbil is where it’s at to make money, but come on, this is like Google Translate Fail Level 9000. “Meat Ball” is written in Arabic, which is spelled somewhat similar to “paul is dead” in Arabic.

Good job Erbil International Hotel, +1

Photo courtesy of Patrick Lahoud