Lykan Hypersport Cars Spotted on Fast and Furious 7 Set


So, after the tragic death of Paul Walker, and Jason Statham starring in the upcoming FF7, there is some good news coming out of all this (yes, Jason Statham is bad news for me. Unless there’s an epic fight scene between him and The Rock).

Anyway, guess what was spotted on the set of Fast and Furious 7… Four replicas of the Lebanese Lykan Hypersprot car. Now, I’m not sure if all four will be featured, or just the one with extra models (since they’re the same color), but honestly, I’m now super excited to see how it turns out…

I think it’s really something unbelievable for the Lykan to get to Fast and Furious 7, perhaps the most iconic racing and petrol-head series of our generation. Makes you proud really! Check them out here.

Hamra is Dying. Uberhaus Closing on Friday Confirms It.

62061_543992152366665_117685330_nI’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’ve been seeing the decline of the Hamra region of the past few months. The reasons are many, and they are mostly not within our control.


The complete lack of security and recurring bombings and clashes have made people avoid Hamra, which is minutes and meters away from recurring acts of violence and terror. The zero faith in our security forces to actually do something about making us a bit safer and considering our lives their priority, has made us think not once, but twice and thrice about going out when we don’t absolutely need to.

Drug Busts

The relentless and brutal crackdown by the ISF and judicial police on youngsters that look a bit weird has landed many of them in jail over something as banal as 0.2 grams of marijuana. The camouflaged checkpoints designed to entrap people without any reasonable suspicion, has made people less eager to endanger their safety, rights and reputation by the security apparatus that survives over feeding off of people’s bribes and fear. The very public and televised arrest and humiliation of some pub goers and pub employees based on nothing but hearsay, has also been a strong deterrent.

Empty Venues

Every single venue in Hamra is struggling or barely surviving. Drops in prices have attracted very little footfalls, even on weekends. Mostly young men going out to get wasted replaced the more comprehensive, sophisticated and hip crowds that used to take over Hamra’s dozens of pubs and venues after classes at AUB and LAU. As you know, if you go to a venue once and twice and find it near-empty and with a peculiar crowd, you probably won’t go there anymore.

The Rise of Mar Mikhail and Uruguay Street

Just like Gemmayzeh killed Monot, and Hamra killed Gemmayzeh, Mar Mikhail has helped kill Hamra. People choose to go to Mar Mikhail far more than Hamra these days, with most of the pubs packed, or at least the sidewalks in front of them. The cheaper, more theme-based and scenester pubs have loyal clientele that rarely miss a happy hour there.

Of course, those with bigger bank accounts and a smarter wardrobe, prefer to go to the more up-scale Uruguay instead of the more hipster-oriented, hole in the walls that Mar Mikhail is beloved for. This undoubtedly helped kill off Hamra’s golden days as well.

Bye Bye Uberhaus

Uberhaus is my home. My family. I love every single one of them, and we’ve had absolutely amazing memories down there and at The Garten in the summer. I write this post with extreme bitterness at the fact Uberhaus had to move out of Hamra. This is most definitely the end of a fantastic era, perhaps my absolute favorite. The security and economic situation has caught up with the political one, and the days we thought would never come, are finally here. I would ask you to not lose hope, but I’ll tell you feel free to do so after Friday, when we say goodbye to the Uberhaus we love and adore.

RSVP here, invite everyone, and I’d better see all your gorgeous faces there on Friday.

The Weekly Leaks: New Aishti Complex by 2015 + Renders + Aborted Bernard Khoury Design

This will be the new Aishti building right next to the existing one on the Antelias/Jal El Dib seaside. First, allow me to mention how optimistic whoever did this render is, including a Jal El Dib bridge in the near future plans, hahahaha! We’re never gonna see that bridge/tunnel/roundabout in a million years.

Anyway, back to the main topic. The extremely impressive construction works on the new massive complex is going pretty fast. Every few weeks, you see they’ve added another level. Now, I was sorta sad when they destroyed the old Gallery Vivre, I loved that venue… But, they’re not just building another mall with stuff you mostly can’t afford. The new complex will include amazing artwork that the Aishti Foundation regularly adds to its already impressive collection, which you can check out here.

The chosen architect is famous Brit, David Adjaye, who apparently spent some time in Beirut as a child, as per Aishti founder Tony Salame’s post. It might be cool to note that it seems Bernard Khoury’s DW5 firm was supposed to design it, and on their website it says aborted in 2011. Here’s what it would’ve looked like with Khoury’s firm:


Anyway, here’s a screen grab from Adjaye’s website with all the architectural jargon about the project:

Adjaye Descrptsource

The extra thing I was able to find out after asking around a bit with folks close to Aishti, is that the new building complex will be open by January 2015, with some parts probably opening sooner and in phases. I’m actually excited to see the outcome of how they manage to pull off museum-grade exhibits alongside retail items. I’ll try to post photos of the construction progress as it gets into more advanced stages.

Beirut Souks Cinemacity Sneak Peek [Album + Opening Tonite]

It’s opening TONITE, at 7:00PM and it’s open for everyone (not a private event sort of opening)

It’ll have 14 screens, 12 of which will be open tonite. The other two are the VIP ones which will be open later on. Eventually, it’ll have an arcade too. One awesome thing is the architecture and decor, especially the massive LED installations outside, and the LED screen ceiling inside (which is as crisp as I’ve ever seen).

I’ll probably swing by later today and watch something, tell you how the movie experience is. Till then, here are the first shots ever published of the new cineplex in Downtown Beirut’s Beirut Souks.

Sky Bar’s The O1NE Opening on Thursday December 19

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.50.50 AMSo, I told you guys that The O1NE was probably opening on the 19th, and that has finally been confirmed the other day on their Instagram account.

It’s said to be massive, with deals in the hundreds of thousands for the opening night’s preparations. The O1NE will undoubtedly be the biggest venue in Beirut this season, both in terms of capacity and scale. It’s going to be cool to see what it looks like on the inside, so let me know you guys!

The Weekly Leaks: Audio Kultur Magazine This Friday

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.28.44 PM

Audio Kultur is a new monthly, independent magazine that’ll be hitting Beirut’s coolest pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants this week. It’s going to be free, and the focus will of course be on, the audio culture in Lebanon, and hard-hitting lifestyle pieces.

In other words, it’s the uncensored, raw kind of pieces you’d never see in any other Lebanese magazine. I’ve seen it already and it’s looking awesome. They even have a massive leak in that issue that I’m pissed I didn’t unearth first!

Oh, the first issue is just 1000 printed copies, so make sure you get your hands on one fast. It’ll also be available online, and I’ll tell you when it is akid.

The Weekly Leaks: The Russian “Get Lucky” Choir Are Coming to Beirut

I’m sure you all saw the epic video above. Well, before it got viral, there were plans to get them here to Beirut and they’re finally finalized! I got a date and everything…

It’s gonna be happening next month, from December 25th till December 29th at Casino du Liban. I’ll get more info on tickets and stuff as soon as I can, but, for now, if you’re into the awesome commie Red Army style choirs, then you’re in for a treat this Christmas!

The Weekly Leaks: NRJ Hits TV Launch Date

NRJ TVSo, some of you might have seen the NRJ Hits TV Facebook or Instagram accounts that have been growing in numbers the past few days, but with no clue as to when/why/how etc.

I dug a little deeper and found out that they start broadcasting on November 25th, 2013. So, in less than two weeks, and (I’m assuming) building on the massive success of Arabic songs channel Aghani Aghani, NRJ Hits TV will be on air broadcasting international hits from their Naccache HQ.

I also heard Miley, Beiber and even Tiesto have prepared something cute for the launch day… I <3 Miley!

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye and ear out for anything more!

The O1NE Beirut Set To Open This December


After the resounding reviews of O1NE in Yas Island over the F1 weekend in Abu Dhabi, everyone’s wondering what’s going to happen with Beirut’s The O1NE, which looks the same as Yas Island’s: cylindrical with massive, gorgeous graffiti murals all over.

After lots of controversy and delays, the Lebanese way of doing business triumphed and The O1NE Beirut is back on track, and I had the pleasure of meeting some of the graffiti artists that worked on it! I even hooked them up with Ashekman and they all did a street collab in Jdeideh, which was brilliant.

Anyway, I passed by there yesterday and construction on the final touches is well under way. After attempting to find out the exact date from several sources, no one really seemed to know. Some said December 1 (cause, you know, it’s O1NE), others said it’s December 10 or December 24. I’m gonna stick to December 19, which is just enough time to get them on their feet before the Christmas break and of course, New Year’s Eve.

The O1NE is gonna be the only mega-club in Beirut this winter, with its gigantic 1000m2 venue and state-of-the-art clubbing technology, it’s gonna be the place-to-be for the glitzy and glam clubbers of Beirut. Of course, there are plenty of other options, but none of them on a scale this large. Let’s hope door policy isn’t as poor as Sky Bar’s was over the past couple of years though, and maybe, it’ll be able to best Yas Island’s and compete with some of the world’s biggest clubs!

The Weekly Leaks: Who Killed Mashrou’ Leila Track + Venue + Date + Tickets


Remember my post suggesting they might be performing together? Well look at this gorgeous track I found in my inbox today ^^

Well, the posters have all been rearranged, so it’s safe to say they’ll be doing a joint concert. Two titans of music right here from Beirut: Mashrou’ Leila and Who Killed Bruce Lee…

It’s happening on November 23, and it’s looking fucking epic!

Enjoy the track y’all =D


Venue: Forum de Beyrouth (as speculated)

Event: Red Bull Sound Clash

Ticket price: $30