The Weekly Leaks: Seven Sisters Opening End of July at Beirut Waterfront


It’s been a while since I’ve leaked something. Perhaps it’s because very few new venues and events have been in the pipeline. But, when I saw the teaser campaign for something called “Seven Sisters” on Instagram, I just had to know more.

Seven Sisters is going to be Beirut’s newest nightlife venue. It’s located on the Beirut Waterfront, close to The Garten and The O1NE. The huge club and lounge will have plenty of greenery. Think of it as a large garden in Beirut’s expanding concrete complexes and skycrapers, especially in that area which is undergoing a massive infrastructure upgrade.

The focus of the club will be on the food, with an early sunset opening time and plenty of live cooking stations that’ll include a sashimi bar, steaks and several other cuisines. The music will be loungy, uplifting House music on the weekends, with plenty of local names already on board. During the week, live entertainment will happen at Seven Sisters, for those of you who enjoy that every now and then.

When I was learning about this from a source close to the project, I asked how expensive it’ll be, given the many different lounge areas and aiming for a slightly older crowd (24+), and he assured me the average bill for dinner and drinks is going to be around $50 per person, which is less than existing lounges and rooftops in Beirut that offer a good dinner alongside loud music and drinks.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 3.03.25 PM

All in all, the Waterfront area is getting brand new venue that I’m excited to see become a reality. It should be ready to open right after Eid, at the end of July. It’ll be nice to have such a big, new venue in Beirut after we’ve gotten comfortable with the regulars. I’ll try to find out more over the next few weeks and will keep checking the construction progress, till then, here are a couple of renders of what it’ll look like.

Wyclef Jean at Beit Misk June 4th!


So, festivals season is almost upon us this year, and as usual, I’ll be leaking some of the acts on the blog! I haven’t been in Beirut much, so I am a bit late, and for the first time since the blog, Byblos Festival beat me to the announcement =P But, it’s still early, don’t worry guys!

Beit Misk started doing their own festival last year, and this year they’re taking it up a notch. What was nice about it last year, is the venue, which is a sunset-time place, with a bar and food available to enjoy the show, and of course the awesome view of Beirut and the sea from up there.

They kick off with Wyclef Jean on June 4th, and have 3 other nights scheduled after it. So, for all you Wyclef fans, rejoice!

The Weekly Leaks: Uberhaus Epic New Venue

So, a lot of you have been asking (including myself) where the winter venue of Uberhaus is gonna be. The Garten as a summer venue remains unparalleled in Beirut and the region, and the old, tiny Uberhaus though cozy, was a bit too stuffy after getting used to The Garten.

This year, Uberhaus is moving into the Mar Mikhael Bus Station!

05242011104The massive, disused warehouse is coming back to life Uberhaus-style on the 22nd of November with none other than Solomun.

See you there folks, and I’ll try to get my hands on a few shots of the inside soon!

Here’s a taste of what’s coming




Middle East’s Largest Karting Circuit Opening in Lebanon


It’s gonna be 1.3 kilometers long, the longest kart circuit in the Middle East, and it’s set to open this month! It’s located in Mtein, the hometown of the man behind this project, Walid Bou Sleiman.

We have a lot of kart racing enthusiasts in Lebanon (myself included!) but the existing tracks were too tiny (400 meters was the largest in Lebanon) and the cars weren’t always up to par. This place is gargantuan, located on an 80,000 square meter plot of land nestled high up in the mountains with an absolutely breathtaking view.

This track will hopefully put Lebanon on the kart racing map, attracting folks from abroad as well as helping local racers hone their skills on this gorgeous track in this breathtaking location.

Check their Facebook page: RPM Lebanon


Rubik Opening July 4th: Here’s the Where and What


So, you’ve all seen the Rubik teaser campaigns all over social media. So, I dug a little deeper and got the information we’ve all been wondering about.

Rubik is a pop-up club. It doesn’t have a specified venue, and will be moving around Lebanon to do parties twice a month. The music promises to be great, with Gunther on board to help make sure the musical menu is something we’ll like.

The idea is a series of translucent white water tanks, embedded with an LED system that’ll make the “cubes” light up in harmony with the music. It should look pretty trippy, walking around a venue that looks like a Rubik’s cube (hence the name!) that changes color, speed and rhythm with the music.

The launching is on the 4th of July, and I sadly will not be in Lebanon for that! So, let me know how it goes… And the first venue is going to be the gorgeous St. George in Ain El Mreisseh.

The Weekly Leaks: b018’s Train Station Mar Mikhael Opening Soon!


So, the rumors are true. The beloved Mar Mikhael Train Station is becoming a legit venue.

Nestled between a handful of derelict water towers, hangars and locomotives, a lounge complete with good music, barbecues and great cocktails is opening up shop in the old train station at Mar Mikhael.

The guys behind B018 and Alain Hadife are setting up this new concept right across the highway from b0. So, you can chill there around sunset and get in the mood before continuing your party in the AM across the highway.

I think it’s awesome they’re pumping in some life back into the abandoned train station. Let’s hope it one day becomes an actual trains station again. Till then, it’s one of Beirut’s newest and hottest venues and will be open and ready in the next couple of weeks!

Here’s a few shots I took today. The ground is getting set up and they start installing everything once the rain slows down!

The Weekly Leaks: Scylax Beach Resort in Jiyeh this Summer

unnamed-1Wow. I love the architecture. I wonder how much it’d cost to rent out one of those bug-like rooms up top…

It’s supposed to open somewhere around June-July this summer, and it’s looking really cool. Resorts often don’t spend much time and effort on their architecture, and just throw a bunch of white furniture around a pool. This is looking great.

Summer Misk Festival with Josh Martin, Goran Bregovic and Yuri Buenaventura


Usually, festivals in Lebanon are geared towards one direction: rock and pop, with a sprinkle of electronic. This year though, fans of world music, gypsy music and salsa are in for a treat in a place where the only thing better than the weather, is the view.

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of July, Summer Misk is happening in Beit Misk. If you’ve never been before, you need to go up just to see the view, and the festival’s timing fits that perfectly, with drinks served at 7PM and the concerts and afterparties lasting till well after midnight.

Being friends with so many indie/hipster/weird awesome people, you get to know who Goran is and understand that your friend take salsa classes already thinks he dances like Buenaventura. And if you like Swedish House Mafia, and couldn’t care less who those other guys are cause you were born after the 80s, you have Josh Martin smack dab in the middle with his chart-topping commercial hits like “Don’t You Worry Child” and “Save the World Tonight” with the Swedish House Mafia.

The Weekly Leaks: 5 Unannounced Byblos Festival Acts

1- Massive Attack

These guys are the only ones I’m truly excited about. I love their work, and love the remixes of their work by the likes of Gui Boratto and Zeds Dead a lot more.

Here’s one of their classics which I’m sure you’ve all heard, and you most probably know the beyond epic “Paradise Circus” ft Hope Sandoval.

2- Epica

Dutch symphonic metal band will also be coming to Byblos this year! So, that’s good news for all you metal heads out there!

epica3- Beirut

The band that has the same name as our beloved capital, are finally coming to Lebanon! I know a lot of you guys love them, I remember when I was in New York, friends would beg me to watch them live and take videos for them, so, I think it’s gonna be great.


4- Yanni

He’s coming again! So, if you didn’t catch this living legend last year, this time’s your chance!

5- Guy Manoukian

To add some Lebanese-born talent to the whole mix!