Middle East’s Largest Karting Circuit Opening in Lebanon


It’s gonna be 1.3 kilometers long, the longest kart circuit in the Middle East, and it’s set to open this month! It’s located in Mtein, the hometown of the man behind this project, Walid Bou Sleiman.

We have a lot of kart racing enthusiasts in Lebanon (myself included!) but the existing tracks were too tiny (400 meters was the largest in Lebanon) and the cars weren’t always up to par. This place is gargantuan, located on an 80,000 square meter plot of land nestled high up in the mountains with an absolutely breathtaking view.

This track will hopefully put Lebanon on the kart racing map, attracting folks from abroad as well as helping local racers hone their skills on this gorgeous track in this breathtaking location.

Check their Facebook page: RPM Lebanon


Rubik Opening July 4th: Here’s the Where and What


So, you’ve all seen the Rubik teaser campaigns all over social media. So, I dug a little deeper and got the information we’ve all been wondering about.

Rubik is a pop-up club. It doesn’t have a specified venue, and will be moving around Lebanon to do parties twice a month. The music promises to be great, with Gunther on board to help make sure the musical menu is something we’ll like.

The idea is a series of translucent white water tanks, embedded with an LED system that’ll make the “cubes” light up in harmony with the music. It should look pretty trippy, walking around a venue that looks like a Rubik’s cube (hence the name!) that changes color, speed and rhythm with the music.

The launching is on the 4th of July, and I sadly will not be in Lebanon for that! So, let me know how it goes… And the first venue is going to be the gorgeous St. George in Ain El Mreisseh.

The Weekly Leaks: b018’s Train Station Mar Mikhael Opening Soon!


So, the rumors are true. The beloved Mar Mikhael Train Station is becoming a legit venue.

Nestled between a handful of derelict water towers, hangars and locomotives, a lounge complete with good music, barbecues and great cocktails is opening up shop in the old train station at Mar Mikhael.

The guys behind B018 and Alain Hadife are setting up this new concept right across the highway from b0. So, you can chill there around sunset and get in the mood before continuing your party in the AM across the highway.

I think it’s awesome they’re pumping in some life back into the abandoned train station. Let’s hope it one day becomes an actual trains station again. Till then, it’s one of Beirut’s newest and hottest venues and will be open and ready in the next couple of weeks!

Here’s a few shots I took today. The ground is getting set up and they start installing everything once the rain slows down!

The Weekly Leaks: Scylax Beach Resort in Jiyeh this Summer

unnamed-1Wow. I love the architecture. I wonder how much it’d cost to rent out one of those bug-like rooms up top…

It’s supposed to open somewhere around June-July this summer, and it’s looking really cool. Resorts often don’t spend much time and effort on their architecture, and just throw a bunch of white furniture around a pool. This is looking great.

Summer Misk Festival with Josh Martin, Goran Bregovic and Yuri Buenaventura


Usually, festivals in Lebanon are geared towards one direction: rock and pop, with a sprinkle of electronic. This year though, fans of world music, gypsy music and salsa are in for a treat in a place where the only thing better than the weather, is the view.

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of July, Summer Misk is happening in Beit Misk. If you’ve never been before, you need to go up just to see the view, and the festival’s timing fits that perfectly, with drinks served at 7PM and the concerts and afterparties lasting till well after midnight.

Being friends with so many indie/hipster/weird awesome people, you get to know who Goran is and understand that your friend take¬†salsa classes already¬†thinks he dances like Buenaventura. And if you like Swedish House Mafia, and couldn’t care less who those other guys are cause you were born after the 80s, you have Josh Martin smack dab in the middle with his chart-topping commercial hits like “Don’t You Worry Child” and “Save the World Tonight” with the Swedish House Mafia.

The Weekly Leaks: 5 Unannounced Byblos Festival Acts

1- Massive Attack

These guys are the only ones I’m truly excited about. I love their work, and love the remixes of their work by the likes of Gui Boratto and Zeds Dead a lot more.

Here’s one of their classics which I’m sure you’ve all heard, and you most probably know the beyond epic “Paradise Circus” ft Hope Sandoval.

2- Epica

Dutch symphonic metal band will also be coming to Byblos this year! So, that’s good news for all you metal heads out there!

epica3- Beirut

The band that has the same name as our beloved capital, are finally coming to Lebanon! I know a lot of you guys love them, I remember when I was in New York, friends would beg me to watch them live and take videos for them, so, I think it’s gonna be great.


4- Yanni

He’s coming again! So, if you didn’t catch this living legend last year, this time’s your chance!

5- Guy Manoukian

To add some Lebanese-born talent to the whole mix!



Beirut Opening Dates for the Summer’s Biggest Clubs and Party Crews

1- The Garten: June 7

I’ve been following The Garten every step of the way since the first bolt and nut were put together to make its iconic dome. It’s hands-down my absolute favorite venue, and this year it’s coming back with the same winning set-up, only even better if that’s possible. There’s a very good chance you’ll bump into me there every Saturday this summer, the one day The Garten opens in its Beirut Waterfront venue. Here’s their Facebook.

2- Sky Bar: June 7


The luxury, glitzy rooftop is opening up the same night as The Garten, but given the very different crowds and scenes, they’ll both be packed. For make-up, heels, cigars and a lot of gel and hairspray, this is where you want to be, catered to with music you’ll hear on the radio Top 40 charts on your drive down. I’m not sure who the big guest star is for the opening night, but I’ll tell you when I find out!

3- White Beirut: May 22


If I feel like stepping out of the underground scene for a day or two, and slap on some slick pants, shirt and kicks, White is where I’d go. The usual commercial blend of music is interrupted by decent intermissions of everything from deep house, to trap music. Their resident DJs are great, and the venue is one of my favorite, which allows relative ease of motion in the always packed all-white venue. They do RnB on Wednesdays too, which is one of their hallmark nights for years now.

4- Pier 7: Sometime in June


There’s something different about Pier 7 this year, but, one thing I will assure you of is that it’s gonna be very different from years past. I guess their underground music series last year that included living legends like Gui Borrato, Booka Shade and many others was a hint about the venue’s transformation into something more than your average glam and glitz open-air club in Beirut.

5- C U NXT SAT: Started


It started on Wednesday night and it was a packed house. The iconic Sporting Club venue is back, with the backdrop of Beirut on one side, landing airplanes on the other and the Raouche rock formations on the other, you’ll enjoy the sets and salty breeze that was a staple of last summer’s weekends. As the name suggest, it’s happening at Sporting almost every Saturday, so check their Facebook page before putting your flip-flops on!

6- Decks on the Beach: May 30

10172774_559313500852106_4526717601202560486_nIf you take the C U NXT SAT crowd, switch the second 9 with an 8 in their birth dates, and a dash of sophistication, you’ll get the Decks on the Beach peeps. The slightly more nu-disco geared party crew is also a staple of summer weekends in Beirut, and they set up shop every Friday at Sporting Club in Raouche. So, if you’re in the mood for a crowd slightly on the older side but still parties like hell, then this is where you wanna be on Fridays!

7- Electric Sundown: May 30th

The epic beach parties last year during the day, have been transformed this year into sunset-evening parties every Friday night starting at 5:00PM and ending around midnight. So, save the dates, and the names coming are MASSIVE.


Lykan Hypersport Cars Spotted on Fast and Furious 7 Set


So, after the tragic death of Paul Walker, and Jason Statham starring in the upcoming FF7, there is some good news coming out of all this (yes, Jason Statham is bad news for me. Unless there’s an epic fight scene between him and The Rock).

Anyway, guess what was spotted on the set of Fast and Furious 7… Four replicas of the Lebanese Lykan Hypersprot car. Now, I’m not sure if all four will be featured, or just the one with extra models (since they’re the same color), but honestly, I’m now super excited to see how it turns out…

I think it’s really something unbelievable for the Lykan to get to Fast and Furious 7, perhaps the most iconic racing and petrol-head series of our generation. Makes you proud really! Check them out here.

Hamra is Dying. Uberhaus Closing on Friday Confirms It.

62061_543992152366665_117685330_nI’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’ve been seeing the decline of the Hamra region of the past few months. The reasons are many, and they are mostly not within our control.


The complete lack of security and recurring bombings and clashes have made people avoid Hamra, which is minutes and meters away from recurring acts of violence and terror. The zero faith in our security forces to actually do something about making us a bit safer and considering our lives their priority, has made us think not once, but twice and thrice about going out when we don’t absolutely need to.

Drug Busts

The relentless and brutal crackdown by the ISF and judicial police on youngsters that look a bit weird has landed many of them in jail over something as banal as 0.2 grams of marijuana. The camouflaged checkpoints designed to entrap people without any reasonable suspicion, has made people less eager to endanger their safety, rights and reputation by the security apparatus that survives over feeding off of people’s bribes and fear. The very public and televised arrest and humiliation of some pub goers and pub employees based on nothing but hearsay, has also been a strong deterrent.

Empty Venues

Every single venue in Hamra is struggling or barely surviving. Drops in prices have attracted very little footfalls, even on weekends. Mostly young men going out to get wasted replaced the more comprehensive, sophisticated and hip crowds that used to take over Hamra’s dozens of pubs and venues after classes at AUB and LAU. As you know, if you go to a venue once and twice and find it near-empty and with a peculiar crowd, you probably won’t go there anymore.

The Rise of Mar Mikhail and Uruguay Street

Just like Gemmayzeh killed Monot, and Hamra killed Gemmayzeh, Mar Mikhail has helped kill Hamra. People choose to go to Mar Mikhail far more than Hamra these days, with most of the pubs packed, or at least the sidewalks in front of them. The cheaper, more theme-based and scenester pubs have loyal clientele that rarely miss a happy hour there.

Of course, those with bigger bank accounts and a smarter wardrobe, prefer to go to the more up-scale Uruguay instead of the more hipster-oriented, hole in the walls that Mar Mikhail is beloved for. This undoubtedly helped kill off Hamra’s golden days as well.

Bye Bye Uberhaus

Uberhaus is my home. My family. I love every single one of them, and we’ve had absolutely amazing memories down there and at The Garten in the summer. I write this post with extreme bitterness at the fact Uberhaus had to move out of Hamra. This is most definitely the end of a fantastic era, perhaps my absolute favorite. The security and economic situation has caught up with the political one, and the days we thought would never come, are finally here. I would ask you to not lose hope, but I’ll tell you feel free to do so after Friday, when we say goodbye to the Uberhaus we love and adore.

RSVP here, invite everyone, and I’d better see all your gorgeous faces there on Friday.