Poll: Should Lebanon Keep Doing The Independence Military Parade?


It happens every year, and I personally hate it, and here’s why:

  • It’s very backwards. You never see Obama reviewing his troops and military, and the US has the world’s finest. What are we showing off exactly?
  • It causes hellish traffic jams every year. I don’t get why our finest troops, need to rehearse walking in a straight line, in one of the busiest parts of Beirut (Port-Seaside Road-Bus station intersection)
  • It’s just a photo-opp for our politicians and religious leaders, and an exclusive, invite-only thing. So, it stands to reason they should do it in an exclusive, private venue.
  • The removal of cars from a day before, especially for residents and people frequenting the restaurants and pubs in Beirut, is bad for business and a hassle.
  • If it must happen, can they train somewhere else? Ruining highway barriers and asphalt for our 1960s tank to pass is just not worth it.


That said, please don’t misinterpret this as contempt for our Lebanese Army. Despite all the disadvantages and undermining its authority, the Lebanese Armed Forces have some of the best trained, most valiant, honorable men and women in uniform, and I’m sure they find this day just as annoying as the rest of us (having to parade themselves in front of the very same corrupt politicians that humiliate them and undermine their authority, every single day)

Photos courtesy of The Daily Star

Poll of the Week: Orthodox Gathering Law?


So, I know lotsa folks would love to live in Marounistan and Imarat Al Sunnah and whatever other jabs we are making about the law. But, let’s get some numbers out of this. Are you with or for this law? Elaborate in comments, anonymously if you feel your position is sorta un-orthodox (pun intended)

Poll of the Week: Are You For Civil Marriage in Lebanon?

Civil-Marriage-Civil-Right-Button-(0782)After somewhat encouraging poll results regarding the death penalty in Lebanon, with some 63% being against it (I expected much less, in a country where “bil roo7, bil damm” is an everyday phrase!) Which shows that bit by bit, a sizable part of us (the young folks) are becoming more and more liberal.

Having civil marriages in Lebanon seemed like a farfetched dream in the fickle web of religious laws and courts in Lebanon. In a country where the politicians strive on sectarianism while pretending to be champions of secularism, basic rights like getting married to the person you love, are a luxury we have to travel abroad for. That’s of course if we want to have a balanced, pragmatic and modern marriage free from the archaic and obsolete traditions enforced by churches and mosques in Lebanon that allows them exceptional power and a very wide margin to extort money from their followers for “court fees” to settle a divorce for example.

This poll is to try and demonstrate that the brave move by a young couple to become the first to have a civil marriage in Lebanon, is one we all support and would like to become the norm for folks who choose the civil option for getting married versus the traditional religious kind.

Poll of the Week: For or Against the Death Penalty?

deathpenaltyIt is perhaps one of the many divisive issues we face in our times. After the death penalty was handed down to the Syrian national that killed Myriam Achkar, the question of death penalties resurfaces. I for one am against the death penalty, I think killing people for killing people (or lesser crimes in some countries) is wrong and ineffective. We are better than that as human beings.

Look at Norway, after the mass-murder was found guilty, he was sentenced to only 21 years of therapy in a 3-cell suite in mental health institution. You might think it’s stupid, but I completely respect the Norwegian justice system. It seeks to treat and rehabilitate mentally ill people, versus kill them or just punish them. That is a very admirable move and to me, shows extreme levels of advancement in attitudes and understanding of human behavior. On the other extreme, we have Ketermaya and the absolutely disgusting public execution and defilement of an alleged murderer’s corpse. If not savagery in Ketermaya, we still use the inhumane method of hanging in Lebanon (just one level better than Dark Ages-style Saudi public beheadings). Where do you stand, and why?

PS, I was happy to find an NGO that campaigns against the death penalty in Lebanon.

Poll of the Week: Have you ever skied and swam in the same day?

Lebanese folks are notorious for boasting about how awesome Lebanon is. One of my favorite is of course, the possibility of hitting the ski slopes and the sandy beaches in the same day. It’s feasible theoretically, if you’re in Faraya, you can make it to Kaslik in about 30 minutes. Question is, has anyone actually done that?

Poll of the Week: FSA or Regime? + Last Week’s Results

So Lebanese politicians are somewhat evenly split between Syrian regime lovers and protectors, and regime haters and conspirators. Where do you lie, the real people of Lebanon and the Arab world? I know it’s a tough question and there are many factors to one’s answer, but, humor us with this poll and let us know if you’d rather see Bashar stay or the rebels come into power.

Last Week’s Results: ONLY 12% believe Homosexuality should be ILLEGAL

Check the original thread here

Poll of the Week: Should Homosexuality be Against the Law in Lebanon?

So, this is NOT a referendum on what you believe is right or think on homosexuality according to your religion/upbringing/etc. This is a simple yes or no question on whether or not it should be illegal to be homosexual in Lebanon.

Gay and Lesbian people undergo regular harassment, humiliation and even torture from none other than the government itself, an entity that is supposed to protect individual rights and protect you from harm, not infringe upon your unalienable rights and cause you severe physical and psychological harm.

This does not mean that you believe homosexuals should be able to marry/adopt children. Anyways, remember: personal status laws in Lebanon are governed by ancient, medieval religious courts, not the government. This just means that the government shouldn’t jail, fine and torture you if you like someone from the same sex and are open about it.

Poll of the Week: What Flags Do You Own?

Lebanon is swamped with German, Italian, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and just about every type of flag whose country has a decent enough football team. Makes me wonder how many of us own a good old Lebanese flag! If not one of those, it’s a colorful flag for a political party. What kinda flags do you keep behind your closet?

Some 70% of you guys wouldn’t mind leaving the country. Only 28% would stay if given the choice….